5 Essential Travel Tips for Your Trip to Australia

It’s that time of the year, work has been stressful, and you notice that you’ve not taken a few days off to Australia.  So, you open your calendar and start planning a vacation.  The wide landscape and then a change in scenery is the better part of the holiday, but often, there is something that keeps eating away at you, “THE BUDGET!”  Now the last thing we want that ruins your walk on the beach or your meal at a restaurant is the fact that your savings account plummets crashing down because of a vacation.  Here are the 5 tips that you should think about when you travel in Australia. 5 Australia Traveling Tips

Create a daily cash allowance

Other than your hotel, attraction and transportation costs in Australia you should still set aside some money for daily use. Maybe you’d go and pick up a memento or just shop for something you do not get back home, for that you need to carry pocket cash. You can go a step ahead and then divide that total amount by the number of days and put it in separate envelopes. Try sticking to one envelope a day and only use your credit card for emergencies or if there is an actual reason worth doing so.

One of the things that people who are vacationing abroad have to remember is that foreign money doesn’t feel like real money. It’s a psychological thing!  To avoid spending almost half of your money on a restaurant or cab tip, we recommend jotting the total amount of money in your home currency on the envelope and keep changing it to make sure you have a proper track.  Or just keep looking at the envelope to see how much is left for the day!

Live Like a Local

Why go to an exotic destination when you end up trying its local cuisine in a posh restaurant? The fun lies in trying out the local food at its street stalls and even inexpensive cafes or sandwich shops. It may not be ‘over the top’ like you would find in a plush hotel, but it will surely satisfy your hunger and keep you wanting more! Moreover, you can think to hire a limousine at low cost to make your journey for memorable and exciting.

Stay Space-Efficient

To avoid spending money on a new suitcase, always leave room for additional luggage in your current bags. This way, no need to purchase an additional suitcase piece during your vacation in Australia and get stuck with additional baggage fees. To make things easier, add newly purchased things to your handbag luggage.


Shopping in Australia can be extremely expensive or extremely cheap, or somewhere in between, depending on where you are shopping from. Designer boutiques and high-end sports stores are the best places where you can spend a lot of your money with relative ease. However, if you are looking to get some cheaper souvenirs, weekly markets in different cities are the best places for you? If you make a single transaction of more than 300 Australian dollars, you can get a tax refund under the Tourist Refund Scheme. From mass-production jumble to precious gemstones, everything can be found within different price scales.


You can easily get US dollars converted into Australian dollars before you set off for your trip. Another option is to get the currency exchanged at the airport once you land in Australia. In both cases, you will be required to pay exchange rates. On the other hand, if you have an ATM card from Visa, MasterCard or other international banks, you can easily withdraw money from an ATM machine. While a transaction fee will be charged, it will be the same for all amounts so you can withdraw a large amount of cash at once.

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