5 Unique Ideas To Set Up Your Wassily Chair

5 Unique Ideas To Set Up Your Wassily Chair

The Wassily chair has a very unique make a build. It defies the typical midcentury modern chair aesthetic by being al chrome edged lines and classic black seating. So, many homeowners don’t really know how to incorporate it seamlessly in their homes. This is why further we’ve compiled some excellent ideas on how you can set it up in your home interiors with flair. Let’s take a look:

  1. Fill up that empty corner

5 Unique Ideas To Set Up Your Wassily ChairClothes and Pizza

If you’ve got an empty corner in your home that you just don’t know what to do with, then simply set up the Wassily chair in it for both functional as well as a visual effect. The chrome and black aesthetic of the chair can also be accompanied by some accent furniture and accessories like the ones featured in this image. They can either complement the color scheme of the chair by being just as modern or you can choose contrasting accessories with vintage metal accents like the ones in this image.

  1. Try out a formal set-up

Herne W York

The thing about the Wassily chair is that it has a very formal vibe. It rarely ever looks like a casual chair if you don’t construct a decidedly informal ambiance around it. But you can use it in all of its formal glory by creating certifiably officious surroundings like the ones featured in this image. The unique stature of this chair stands out in all its glory by being used in pairs and situated around a simple table set-up with a very formal backdrop to make it feel ceremonial.

  1. In an office of sorts

In an office of sorts with the Wassily chairInterior Style

The Wassily chair has the kind of body and design that would look epic in an office environment. The sleek chrome lines of its structure, the slanted seat, the comfortable backrest, and the unique designing – everything would look pretty amazing in an office space. It can either be used as a freestanding object or you could even use a cluster of these to surround your in-house coffee or conference tables.


  1. A modern living room design

A modern living room design with the Wassily chairDana Dame Wood Photography

The overall design and make of the Wassily chair is the epitome of modern chic. It’s neat, sophisticated, clean, and absolutely stunning. And you know what? It would make an excellent addition to a living room of a stark, modern variety – just like the one featured in this image. You can use its simplicity-in-complexity concept to embellish plain surroundings with flair and panache.

      1. 5. Paired up

    with the Wassily chair

Paired up with the Wassily chair

Galleria Bellucci

More often than not, the Wassily chair is used in pairs because not only does it enhance its impact, but this decision also makes it feel more approachable. So, whenever you have the need for accenting, a pair of these chairs can make a huge impact on your surroundings. Just look at this image for inspiration – it definitely sets the tone right.

So, these are some of the different ways that you can incorporate the Wassily chair in your home interiors. We hope this helps unlock your own ideas for some clever layouts.

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