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What To Do When You Get a Diagnosis
What to Do When You Can’t Get a Diagnosis The human body works beautifully–most of the time. While we all wish we could be in perfect health 100% of the time, sometimes unexplainable symptoms come along and disrupt our daily living. Many health issues can be diagnosed by a healthcare professional. What happens, however, when your doctor says, “I don’t […]

What to Do When You Can’t Get a Diagnosis

Oh My Heartsie GIrls Weekly Linky Party For All Blogs To Share Their Latest Posts
Visiting Canada Canada is a beautiful country. Whether you’re visiting for the first time, or it’s your third of fourth trip, planning an excursion to the wide-open possibilities of Canada is always a wonderful idea. Though relatively small in population considering its size, Canada is filled with beautiful cities, gorgeous nature, and breathtaking opportunities. To see Canada as it was […]

What To Do When In Canada

Couples Need Alone Time To Destress
Stress-Busting Activities For When You’ve Got Time Without The Kids It’s a slightly taboo thing to say, but every parent appreciates the feeling of muted elation after dropping their kids off for a weekend with their folks, or having them stay over with a friends’ children for an evening. The freedom from responsibility and constant vigil is itself a stress-reliever, […]

Stress Busting For Couples Without The Kids