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The Best Tips For African American Hair You Can Do Today African American hair is gorgeous and unique. You don’t find just anyone having naturally curly and thick hair so you should be proud of your roots! But because of its thickness, it may be hard to maintain. You find a lot of girls struggling to keep their curly hair […]

Beauty Series: The Best Tips For African American Hair You ...

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Hair Styling With Hair Extensions Remember those days when people with scalp problem or hair loss problem had to don a wig to cover their baldness? They may cover their baldness but they cannot hide the fact that they were wearing a wig. Those days, the traditional wigs looked coarse and clumsy. Anyone can take a look and knows that […]

Beauty Series: Hair Styling With Hair Extensions

Disclosure This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I don’t usually espouse about affiliate programs but this one, well I just had to talk about and let you know you know more details. There are so many impressive things about this program I was introduced to, but first […]

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