Top 5 Hair Tips and Tricks

Beautiful hair depends on hair health. Healthy hair looks beautiful regardless of the hairstyle that you decide to go with. You just need a few things to maintain healthy hair: a good diet, nourishment and moisturizing hair follicles, and regular trims. This, in addition to the following five hair tips and tricks, will give you an amazing head of hair in 2018. THE TOP 5 NEW HAIR TIPS AND TRICKS OF 2018

  1.    Choose the right haircut

In 2018 one idea that is bound to be in the minds of many women is getting their haircut in order to achieve a new and fresh look. This trend may go horribly wrong if a person receives the wrong haircut that does not suit them. Therefore, when getting a haircut, pay attention to the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face, avoid really short bobs since they will create the appearance of a longer forehead. 

  1.    Use hair oils

Hair requires nourishment and treatment such as any other part of our bodies. One great way to do this is the use of hair oil. Once we take good care of our hair it will grow long and healthy with a beautiful shiny appearance. Hair oils help prevent frizz and breakage and also helps to provide nutrients to the scalp. Some of the best hair oils to use include, for instance, coconut oil and olive oil, which help in preventing dandruff and aid in the detangling of hair strands. Top 5 New Hair Tips and Tricks of 2018

  1.    Do not wash your hair too often

Washing your hair, a lot of times causes it to lose essential hair oils. This is because the shampoo traps the oils of the hair and causes it to dry out. This causes the hair strands to lack the healthy shine and creates a frizzy look. However, if your job entails a lot of sweating like for instance if you are a gym instructor or an athlete, then it is best to wash your hair daily.

  1.    Stick to one hairdresser

The best way to take care of your hair is to stick to one hairdresser. Having a long-term relationship with your hairdresser will give him or her time to understand and learn your hair, what works for it or what does not. This will enable your hairdresser to deliver perfect results every time you visit the salon, as well as enable them to give you new and emerging tips that will work excellently for your hair. Frequently changing your hairdressers will make your hair some sort of experimental thing, causing it to undergo all sorts of harsh treatment.

  1.    Have a good diet

What you eat has a direct impact on your body, including your hair, nails, teeth and so much more. Eating well will thus ensure that your hair grows healthy and shiny. Your hair requires a lot of protein, which can be obtained from various sources such as eggs and fish. Fruits and vegetables promote a lot of hair growth and create a healthy, beautiful look for your hair.

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  1. I agree with these points.
    Regular oiling especially argan and castor oil make your hair healthy and shiny.
    And yes I agree with your point washing your hair too often can produce more hair breakage.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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