How does Liposuction work and is it right for me?

Liposuction can help boost someone’s confidence and end their struggles of trying to lose stubborn pockets of fat but before you think about having it done, it’s best to know how to works and what possible negative effects their might be. 

As technology progresses, so do liposuction techniques. Currently the hottest tool in liposuction is called Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) which uses small but fast vibrations to help break down the fat issue and make it easier to suck out. This new technology reduces the amount of physical effort required during liposuction meaning the surgeon does not fatigue and can maintain better results throughout the procedure. With shorter procedures, recovery also tends to be better as liposuction is a big stress on the body and you will experience bruising in the areas treated.

To start, aesthetic fluid is injected into the target area which not only numbs the area, but also helps liquidise the fat and make it easier to remove. As a local anaesthetic is used, liposuction is generally only performed on specific areas at a time, rather than whole body.

A good surgeon will make sure you’ve gone through adequate attempts at losing fat through improved diet and exercise before resorting to liposuction and decline your request if you’re too big. Obese people aren’t suited for liposuction as a full body operation is not a viable solution, rather those overweight people with annoying pockets or folds they wish to have removed are far better suited. Liposuction is also referred to as liposculpture as it’s a process that not only removes fat from targeted areas but can also move it around to sculpt a desired look.

Once the fat has been sucked out, it becomes much harder to gain fat in that area again. We have a finite number of fat cells that grow and shrink as we gain and loss fat. Once these fat cells are removed, we then have fewer cells that can grow and get fat. This means after liposuction one is less likely to gain fat in the treated areas but if your diet and exercise start to slip, you may notice fat gain in places that you aren’t familiar with as your body looks to store energy where it can.

The recovery process from a liposuction surgery can take a few months as swelling and fluid retention slowly goes away. Results are typically not fantastic for the first month until proper healing has occurred and the changes become noticeable.

So if you’re considering liposuction, know that it’s not a long term fat loss solution. Try diet and exercise first and if you come across some stubborn, hard to lose areas of fat that you can’t stand, then liposuction could be right for you. Like any surgery it has it’s risks such as infections or allergic reactions to anaesthetic so make sure to find a qualified, experienced surgeon that knows what they’re doing.

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Choosing Athletic Wear Over Being a Fashionista

At one time or another we have needed fun athletic wear and when you go to buy and try them on, especially those bra tops, well they are less than attractive especially if you are well endowed. I dont know who actually designs sports tops but they have not in many cases talked to a women to get her feedback.

There are specifically design issues to consider:

1. Support
2. Comfort
3. Style
4. Wireless
5. Straps

Now taking into consideration the above, it shouldn’t be that hard to manage.

We want to feel confident when we go to the gym, I mean the whole reason we have decided to go to the gym is to improve our appearance and health, but we want to start out feeling good about our appearance. Now not that we need to be a beauty queen ready for a beauty contest with our hair and makeup done to perfection but we do want comfort, support style and design. Particular in the sports bra we want straps with minimal stretch to reduce up-and-down breast movement. We want adjustable straps that provide a customizable fit. The Band: As the foundation of the bra, the band should fit flat against your ribcage and fit more snugly than a lingerie bra.

When you go to the gym and depending the types of exercise your going to be doing, at some point there will be high impact, like jogging, running, dancing or aerobic exercise, which means even more support.

So what and how do you decide when buying sports clothes? It would be great if there was an expert to help us with our body types, styles that are best. But you always want to chose function or fashion, however, you still want to feel and look your best when you are embarking on your overall appearance. I found a website that talks about “bras”, products and the evolution called

Something to think about:
I feel it is important not to get overly obsessed and overly carried away with just the physical aspect. There is more to beauty than just the physical appearance. You are also a complete person, and a woman should have an identity beyond just the way she looks. Katrina Kaif

Sports Series: Zip Lining

Pennsylvania is a recommended destination for all whether you want to slide through the snow, want to golf, bike or hike. You will always find an opportunity to find outdoor activities there no matter what the time of year it is. You are definitely not going to get bored whether you want a fantastic adventure or planning to visit with your family. You no longer have to travel for hours away for zip lining near philadelphia. Everyone loves the rush of being above the ground overlooking the forest.

Zipline Image Elmwood Park Zoo Norristown
Image: Elmwood Park Zoo Norristown

The activities like Treetop adventures at the Elmwood Park Zoo are hard to beat when you are looking for fun things to do in Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County. You would get all the excitement through the zip lining as a best bet Treetop Adventures. As high as 50 feet above the ground, bring your kids, family and friends. The fun series of different games shall entertain and delight the youngest lovers of adventure at only a few feet off the ground. You can watch the activities form the operation deck or parents have the option to walk along with their children.

The beautiful sightseeing and scenic views Elmwood Park a worth-visiting place. Apart from the plenty of choices to enjoy an adventurous tour, you can also find some best eateries in the nearby locations. Treetop adventures in the park actually take the visitors to an imaginary world. The close-to-nature views and introduction with innumerable kinds of birds make you feel great all the time. The life above 50 feet of the distance from land can keep you amazed with the out-of-this-world natural beauty. Saying it a heaven on earth won’t be incorrect at all.

Fairmount Park is another best option in this regard. You can expect 17 zip lines spanning and 65 treetop courses with the suspended trampolines and balance beams. It’s either time to stay at home or face your fears if you are afraid of the heights. It has the distance of sixty feet from the land. People from different age groups have options to enjoy the course no matter what you feel about the heights. Even the kids from four to six ages have the different courses available. You can make the reservations starting at $49 if you’re 18+.

Zipline Image Fairmount Park Zipline Treetop Quest
Image: Zipline Image Fairmount Park Zipline Treetop Quest

Philadelphia is an exotic place to visit for the groups of friends, honeymooners, kids and even the elderly people. However, the adventure of zip lining makes this place worth to visit with no doubt. Take your adventurous spirit to the other level and get the chance to zip, leap and climb your way. You have numerous chances to fly above woodlands, parks and rivers by forgetting all the stress. Take some time and pay a visit to Philadelphia for the memorable zip lining experience. The adventure lovers would find this place a paradise on the earth.

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