Why Should I Hire Security For My Wedding?

When it comes to hiring security services for special events, weddings might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. Hiring-Security-for-a-Wedding-Can-Help-With-Safety-Issues

But think about it? It’s the biggest day of a young couple’s life, with all of their friends and family there to witness the event. Hiring a little extra security can, at the very last, provide peace of mind for all involved in the special day.

Just knowing there’s a dedicated team of security professionals on-site who can deal with possibly rowdy guests, wedding crashers or even medical emergencies can really ease a couple’s anxiety on their wedding day.

Let’s talk about a few of the reasons why you might want to security hire in Melbourne for your wedding.Let’s talk about a few of the reasons why you might want to hire a security team for your wedding.

Can Help With Safety Issues
Particularly if your wedding and/or wedding reception is hosted in areas where guests need to park off-site and shuttle to the festivities, having security officers nearby will add a certain level of safety at the end of the evening.

They can walk guests to their vehicles, if needed, and just generally keep an eye on things during the course of the day and night.

Acting As Peacekeepers
Especially if alcohol is a part of the event, things can get out of hand on a moment’s notice. And the last thing you want is for the bride and groom’s big day to be remembered for something negative that could have been easily prevented.

If guests know there are security professionals at the event, they’ll probably be extra cautious anyway. But if the alcohol and/or tempers do take over, having a dedicated team devoted to safety on-site can be a huge advantage. “Believe it or not, emotions can seriously run wild at a wedding, I’d say one out of ten weddings have some sort of physical altercation,” says Abraham Gonzalez, chief of a Security Services Austin TX firm.

Monitoring Wedding Crashers
Particularly when it comes to more upscale events, wedding crashers may just make an appearance and act like they belong. I mean, think about it? Did you know every single person who attended your wedding?

Wedding crashers generally like to show up unannounced so they can listen to the band, eat some free food or maybe even hit on eligible singles at the party.

Security guards are trained to notice people who may not belong, particularly if they have a guest list provided to them ahead of time. Woman’s Day magazine shared the top ten wedding guest etiquette fails

Can Act As Emergency Responders
Now this isn’t something that every security firm can do, but do your homework ahead of time and ask plenty of questions.
Some security guards are in fact trained in CPR and first aid and can handle many medical situations while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. This is definitely a plus and adds another level of security to your big event.

At the very least, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that there’s a designated person on-site who can quickly recognize certain types of emergencies and call an ambulance or paramedic team immediately.

It’s unlikely you’ll need this type of service at your wedding, but again it’s just another level of service that can provide peace of mind to the guests on your special day.
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How to Spray Paint Doors: the best ways to handle an Airless Sprayer

Welcome my fellow renovation enthusiasts. Spray painting isn’t a hard job, the difficult part is to make sure your work has the fine finish touch that every enthusiast aim to achieve. How to Spray Paint Doors: the best ways to handle an Airless Sprayer

Nobody likes a bubbled up and uneven surfaced door, especially us enthusiasts. The sight of them severely grinds our gears to the point of self-destruction.

That’s why I am writing this article to show some tips and tricks on how to professionally spray paint your doors with an airless sprayer. 

Without further ado, let’s begin. 

How to spray paint doors using an Airless Sprayer

What is an airless paint sprayer

An airless paint sprayer pump paint through the hose and allows the painter to spray paint an object with ease. However, unlike conventional paint sprayer, airless sprayers use hydraulic pressure rather than air pressure to atomize the air. It is because of this difference that an airless sprayer has many advantages. 

I know this article is about how to spray paint using an airless sprayer, but it is also important to understand your equipment. Hence I will just briefly mention them here.

Reduce paint waste

The hydraulic system of an airless sprayer pushes the paint out of the hose without the use of atomizing air. That’s why paint is less likely to be impacted by airflow, spraying more than it should and a droplet of paint landing elsewhere rather than the object 

High accuracy

The tip of an airless sprayer can break down the spraying paint into a fan shape. The fan shape is very efficient in ensuring the object can be spray painted evenly as long as it is done properly. Of course, this article will also tell you the proper to spray paint with an airless sprayer, so keep reading! 

Elegant finish

The hydraulic system and the fan-shaped spraying are the main contributory factors to an elegant finish. After the paint dries out, you will be able to see a smooth and perfect finish on the objects without any uneven surface.

Instruction on spray painting 

Step 1

Set up the doors so that they stand up straight with enough space for you to spray paint all sides including the front, the sideway, and the back too. You can do so by hanging them up on a rack, or screwing some gallon paint sticks on the wall and stabilize the door with them. 

Step 2 

Next is the spraying pattern. In order to ensure that the door is painted evenly and further reduce paint wastage, it is highly advisable to follow the spray paint pattern as per the illustration below. 

Start from the top right corner of the door, steadily go down to the bottom right, move to left and go up. Repeat until the one surface is fully painted.  

By the way, when you finish one straight line and moving on the next, remember to overlap the previous by 50%. The reason is that the fap shaped spraying of an airless sprayer produces more paint in the middle and less on the side. So, overlapping 50% of the spraying pattern with each other ensure that the intensity of paint is evenly distributed throughout the surface of a door. 

Step 3 

Painting sides of the door is pretty self-explanatory and intuitive. However, make sure that the center point of the fan-shaped spray pattern is where the sides of the door are getting painted. 

Step 4

Repeat step 2 for the backside of the door and voila that’s one door done easily and efficiently with an airless sprayer.

Important note


Remember to remove the doorknob before painting your door. Even if you want to paint doorknob too, it is better to do so separately. Otherwise, the spray painting pattern above will be screwed in the area around the doorknob. 


Always wear a respirator. If you do not have a respirator, a surgical mask or something to cover your nose is better than nothing. Although, ideally, it is better to use a respirator to be 100% safe. 

Painting multiple doors

If you have multiple doors to paint, line them up standing next to each other in a W shape. Leave adequate space between them so that you can paint the sides too. The tools needed to line them up can be easily found in almost any renovation shop. 

Avoid humid weather

It is better to avoid spray painting your doors during a rainy day. The humidity in the air might mess up the finish of the door when it is drying (bubbly finish). If you are living in a place that is humid throughout the year, get a dehumidifier and close all the doors or windows. 

If you are saving on budget, get a pack of charcoals and place them in the room where you are going to do your spray painting for at least half a day. There are thousands of DIY dehumidifier you can find on the internet so that shouldn’t be a problem. 

Practice first

If this is your first spray painting, you might want to try it out on a piece of cardboard first. Try to familiarize yourself with the feeling of spraying painting and how hard you should press the trigger, as there are paint sprayer’s that allows you to control the output based on the pressure applied on the trigger.

Bottom line

Spray painting isn’t as difficult as some might think once you have got the hang of it. Especially with an airless sprayer, it makes the job even easier. Follow our tips and guide above and you will become a spray painting veteran in no time.  Refresh Your Space

Remember to check out paint sprayers at https://gopaintsprayer.com/ and other related products and stay tuned for more tips and tricks on spray painting. 

Have fun and good luck renovating folks!
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4 Ways to Hold a Baptism Ceremony on a Budget

We all know that God doesn’t care much for materialism, so if you decide to hold a baptism ceremony without spending a lot of money, you are not going to be judged for it! Having a child itself brings quite a number of financial responsibilities with it. So, keeping the welfare of the child and the family in mind, here are a few tips to reduce the expenses of a baptism ceremony.

4 Ways to Hold a Baptism Ceremony on a Budget Royalty free photo

Keep It Small and Homely

The baptism ceremony is meant to be attended by people close to you, so only invite relatives and close friends to the event.

The actual ceremony will most likely be completed at your local church, but you can hold the celebrations later at home. This will keep the costs down and the environment homely.

Use Free Baptism Invitation Templates

It’s a digital age that we all live in, and technology can actually come in useful for the most devoted Christian baptism ceremonies as well.

Choose one of the many free baptism invitation templates available and customize it till the invitation card is perfect for you. The next step is to send them out to your guest list via email, which is also free. Now, you’ve managed to save money by skipping the physical invitations cards and commuting to and from every address.

You may need to get a few physical printouts as well for those who are less tech-savvy, but even then, it’s a negligible fraction of what it would have cost you to take the traditional route.

Getting the Church Community Involved

Galatians 6:2-3 Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.”

If you live in a tightly knit Christian community, there is no way to keep baptizing ceremonies small. Therefore, take the word of the Holy Book by heart and involve your community in the whole process. When everyone starts to chip in with small contributions, the expenses of the ceremonial celebration will come down automatically.

Wait a Few Years If You Need to

There isn’t exactly a set age for baptism in general, and some are even of the opinion that a child should be baptized only when they are at least matured enough to make that transition with some understanding.

Even churches today agree that there is no rush to get your infant baptized, but it should be done before they are eight. There are contrasting views on this, and depending on the beliefs of your community, this may differ. But, the general idea is that it’s okay to hold off the baptism ceremony for at least a year or two until you are financially able to do it in the way that you want to or your faith dictates that you should.

Throughout the years, Christianity has been divided and subdivided into many interpretations and, consequently, different rituals. Therefore, you too have the right to interpret the laws of baptism from the Bible in the way that feels right to you and your beliefs.
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4 Features to Make Your E-Commerce Store Unique

4 Features to Make Your E-Commerce Store UniqueBusinesses selling products should certainly have an eCommerce platform. If you are offering a large catalog of products, it is going to make a huge difference in having your own online store. The number of people shopping online has increased at a staggering rate. At the same time, your competition has also grown dramatically. As the competition keeps growing, it is important to take a step to stand out from the crowd.

So what should help your eCommerce site stand out from the crowd? Here are 5 features or functionalities that should be added to your online store to make it unique.

1. Live Chat

It takes an unordinary online store to provide a live chat feature to its visitors and customers. If you can respond instantly to your customers, it can make a huge difference in user experience and their perception of your store.

Online shopping is much different than other forms of selling. Shoppers can have questions that need to be answered instantly. Even if your competitors have a live chat feature, most of them will be limited to business hour services. Only the biggest online retail stores are able to provide 24/7 live chat feature. If you can do so, it can instantly give you a huge edge. You can check volusion review to find out how to add the feature and benefit from it.

There are many features that make live chat so beneficial for your customers and for your business itself:

  • Convenience: They can easily reach you without having to search for your email address or phone number.
  • Instant: Live chat allows your prospects to get their questions answered instantly. They don’t have to wait hours or days to make a buying decision.
  • Human Touch: Interacting with a human user who answers their questions instantly can make a huge difference in your prospects’ perception of your business.

Among other benefits, the feature also gives you access to valuable data. The information gathered and organized from the chat history can be used to improve user experience and provide better product solutions.

2. Add Demo Videos

Adding a demo video along with each product can further make a huge difference to the experience provided on your site. Traditionally images were the mainstay in providing an insight into how the products looked. While you cannot do away with product images, adding demo videos can be a big addition.

Your consumers can learn a lot more from videos. These videos can show how to use a product. You can also show the product in action. It is recommended to follow these tips when creating demo videos:

  • Keep it short
  • Make it simple
  • Make it interesting

3. Provide 360-degree Views of Products

Another way to stand out with your eCommerce store is to add 360-degree views of your products. This is different from videos but provides a comprehensive view of the product, from every corner. Allow users to rotate the picture any way they want. It is again a unique feature in that most of your competition may not have embraced it yet.

4. Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts

This is a functional or transactional feature and every eCommerce store should have it. A significant percentage of shoppers can abandon shopping carts for so many reasons. In fact, leading online retailers report that almost 3 in 4 shopping carts get abandoned on their sites.

Make sure to allow your visitors to recover their abandoned carts so that they can complete the order anytime. Sending emails and text messages can help in recovering these sales.

So follow all these tips to make your online store unique and stand out from the crowd.
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