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I am a +70 Blogger that loves connecting with other women through blogging. A new recipe always intrigues, finding a new craft, creating bracelets occasionally and gardening is a favorite and writing brand reviews is a favorite for my readers. But most of all the connection to other bloggers. Creativity, simple life and getting things done

How Do You Furnish Your Home Without Drowning Into Debt
When you move from a small apartment to a spacious home with four bedrooms, a living room, a garden, a dining room, and kitchen, you need more furniture. Furnishing a 2,500 square foot home is not easy. First, because you need to buy couches, chairs, tables, beds, garden furniture, and many more. Yes, you need the money to buy these […]

How Do You Furnish Your Home without Drowning into Debt

3 Ways to Make Use of a Debt Consolidation Loan Effectively
Are also suffering from the problem of paying multiple payments and installments of the loans you are taken? If yes, then you have landed at the exact location. Here you find the most appropriate way to get rid of the same thing easily. Not only you, but there are also hundreds and even thousands of people present who suffers from […]

3 Ways to Make Use of a Debt Consolidation Loan ...

Smart Tips for Saving Money from Financially Successful Small Business Owners
Raising capital and managing the finances can trip up even the most enterprising small business owners as they tend to be engineers at heart with a dream of changing the world with a revolutionary product. According to a report by https://www.inc.com, the inabilities to manage cash properly and raise the necessary capital are two of the principal reasons for startup […]

Smart Tips for Saving Money from Financially Successful Small Business ...

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!! Where we start early in week 157. This week our Co-Hosts have chosen from the previous week’s links and we have gone overboard and have chosen 8 blogs to feature. I am sure that you will find it both fun and interesting to meet and make friends with bloggers through our party and we appreciate your […]

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What Is Menoquil? Growing old is a blessing although it comes with its challenges too. Given a choice, women would love to stay forever young to avoid the effects of skin aging and menopause symptoms. Have you ever wondered how things will turn out when you get to menopause? Well, menopause comes with various undesirable symptoms. Menoquil is so far […]

Menoquil Review: Everything You Need to Know About This Supplement

Simple Kitchen DIYs to Reinvent Your Kitchen’s Look 2 comments
The most common concept of reinventing a kitchen’s look or simply spicing up the appearance of your outdated and rather boring kitchen space is to hire a professional kitchen designer service to do it for you. That, of course, comes with some significant price tag; but, who has got all that money to spend it on a kitchen renovation, right? […]

5 Simple Kitchen DIY’s to Reinvent Your Kitchen’s Look

How to Reach Your Financial Goals as a Blogger 1 comment
Becoming a blogger is one of the most rewarding career paths you can take nowadays, simply because of the numerous growth opportunities that saturate the blogging industry. Modern technology has made it easy for anyone with a dream and a computer to venture into the blogging realm and share their storytelling skills with the world. However, it’s not like the […]

How to Reach Your Financial Goals as a Blogger

Why it is good to be friends with neighbors
Devoted, emotionally attached, relationships that are going somewhere are certainly not for everyone. Not everyone is in the place or mindset where they can commit themselves to another person. Maybe they just got through a messy divorce or are really busy with their career and simply don’t have the energy required for a real-life relationship. Even so, this doesn’t mean […]

Why It’s A Good Idea To Become Friends With Your ...