6 Tricks to Fake an Expensive Style

 6-Tricks-to-Fake-an-Expensive-Style.jMost of us dream of looking expensive, classy, and incredibly stylish every day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about keeping up appearances, as simply allowing us to look more polished and put-together, and giving us the opportunity to leave a great first impression wherever we go. However, not many are aware that your daily outfits don’t need to be actually costly in order to appear expensive.

If you want to look more chic, fashionable, and high-end, all it takes is some smart and intentional tricks that will allow you to fake that effortlessly elegant and expensive style:
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1.      Opt for a neutral color palette

Neutral colors are often considered to be timeless classics, and for a very good reason. Subtle and toned-down shades such as white, beige, brown, gray, and black have a tendency to look incredibly elegant and stylish, allowing you to look much more expensive than when wearing bright, trendy colors. What’s more, if you opt for a head-to-toe monochromatic outfit in one of these neutral hues, such a look can help to elongate your figure while ensuring you appear intentional, put-together, and refined without too much effort. Prioritize-good-tailoring.

2.      Prioritize good tailoring

If you’ve ever wondered how an incredibly simple outfit can look quite so elegant and stylish, the answer lies in great tailoring. As long as you opt for simple cuts and classic silhouettes that perfectly suit your figure, your daily outfits can effortlessly look more polished and high-end. And in case off-the-rack garments don’t tend to suit your body all that well, simply taking that few extra steps to have your local tailor adjust the fit of your clothes can instantly elevate your everyday looks beyond their initial price tag. Wear-simple-bags-and-wallets

3.      Wear simple bags and wallets

True opulence often lies in the beauty of simplicity, something that can be applied particularly well to your most used accessories. For instance, while most women won’t have enough in their budget to invest in designer bags, they can opt for structured leather handbags in neutral colors, along with matching wallets, in order to complete their outfits with the sleekest and most stylish additions. Men, on the other hand, often won’t have that option, which is why they might want to consider choosing elegant money clips for men instead of their more common alternatives. Besides being incredibly handy and practical, such an accessory will help to prevent any unseemly bulkiness in your pockets, allowing you to look more polished and put-together every day. Choose-your-accessories-wisely

4.      Choose your accessories wisely

Apart from handbags and wallets, there are other accessories that can help you achieve that elegant and expensive style. For example, while men can match their dress shoes to a stylish leather belt in order to achieve a more cohesive and polished look, women can opt for a printed silk scarf that will add some interest and dimension to their beautiful outfits. Similarly, sunglasses are a wonderful accessory anyone can wear. As long as you opt for a neutral color and a classic shape, sunglasses can easily elevate your outfits to the next level, allowing you to look that much more fashionable and luxurious every day. Go-for-classic-clothing-items

5.      Go for classic clothing items

When all else fails, you can always attempt wearing those classic, timeless clothing items that are the trademark of a refined style. Whether it’s a simple turtleneck, a well-tailored coat or trench, an elegant blazer, smart trousers, or a crisp white button-down shirt, there are certain pieces virtually anyone can wear, which will undoubtedly look great no matter the outfit. Even though they are considered to be basics, these classic items are the building blocks of any high-end wardrobe that truly never go out of style, but always help you appear more stylish and sophisticated. Pay-attention-to-details

6.      Pay attention to details

While this might seem obvious to some, details are easy to overlook when it comes to fashion. However, simply taking good care of your clothing and footwear can go a long way towards making you look more expensive and high-end on a daily basis. This means cleaning your bags and shoes regularly, ensuring your items are properly washed, ironing your clothes before leaving your home, and taking any other precautions to ensure your pieces always look pristine. Although a small effort, such care is evident to anyone who might examine your daily outfits.

Evidently, looking expensive and luxurious doesn’t necessarily mean wearing designer labels and overpriced garments. The same look can still be achieved with the right color palette, elegant tailoring, as well awesome intentional accessories.

7 Things to Look Out for When Looking at High Schools for Your Children

How-Choosing-The-High-School-For-Entering-The-Next-Phase-of-Their-Careers.We often don’t realize just how important high school is and what a big effect the high school your child goes to has on their life going forward. Many people view college as the start of their children’s future, but the truth is that planning for your child’s future starts earlier than that – it starts in high school.

The type of high school your child goes to may impact what they want to do with their lives, as well as teach them certain methods of learning, which can put them at either an advantage or a disadvantage later in their life, depending on the quality of teaching. So, you can surely see how important choosing the right high school for your child is. However, this can be a tough thing to do with so many options. We’ll be guiding you through a few of the important things to look out for and take into consideration, and hopefully, this will aid your decision.

College preparation

Your child may or may not want to go to college after high school, but it’s a good idea to at least prepare them for college, in case it is a route they want to follow. While you as a parent will do your best to guide them, you may not always know how to do that. Since most students join college directly after leaving high school, they must learn certain things throughout their high school career to help them as they enter the next phase of their lives, and to make the transition smoother. So, if any high schools around you offer college prep, or college counseling, like this Sandy high school, it may be worth your time to have a more in-depth look at it.

The pass-rate

When it comes to a school, the main focus should be on academics. While balance is important, schools exist to teach children the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them either for higher education or for the “grown-up world”. So, having a glance at a school’s pass-rate should give you an idea of how well they’re doing at that job. If a lot of students fail every year, that school is likely doing something wrong. You can also look at more in-depth statistics, such as how many students each year get accepted into colleges.


Sports have been proven to do wonders for a child’s development, and that doesn’t end once they reach high school. Sport should especially be a priority if your child is very interested in a particular type of sport. Doing sports throughout high school is a great way of keeping your child healthy, while also teaching them important social skills and how to work in a team.

Extra-curricular activities

After having a look at the academic side of things, most parents move onto sports. And while sports can play a very important role in a child’s high school career, it’s not the only thing that matters. If possible, try to pick a high school that offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities – sports and otherwise. This will give your child many options to try new things until they find something they enjoy, and it will also teach them to balance various aspects of their life. Not to mention the fact that being able to list more than one extra-curricular activity will look great on a college application or CV. Many people make the mistake of thinking that sport is the only after-school activity that benefits children, but the truth is that music provides benefits that sport doesn’t.

Class sizes

In the past few years, there has been a lot of debate about what the ideal class size is. Here’s what we think: it depends on each child. Of course, you don’t want your child to be in a class with too many students – they won’t get enough individual attention. Nor do you want them to be in a class with too few students, as they may not grow socially. But when it comes down to the size of the class or school, you need to consider what’s best for your child. If your child is a social child who thrives off of stimulation, being in a big class may be good for them. On the other hand, certain children may feel overwhelmed if they’re constantly surrounded by people. If you’re unsure, ask your child directly. If they’re going to high school, they should be old enough to have a say in it.


Most schools offer basic subjects, but a few schools may offer subjects that other high schools don’t have. If your child is particularly interested in a certain field – whether that is music or science – it may be worth it to look into schools that offer more in-depth subjects in those fields. Your child will still be getting a well-rounded education, but it may be more tailored to their specific skill set. For example, some children may flourish in a more technical environment, while others need to be in a school that focuses on the arts to reach their full potential. No matter what you choose, make sure that your child still has various options in terms of subjects they can take.

Financial aid

Of course, one of the first things to look at when evaluating possible high schools for your child is the costs. This will help you to eliminate options that may be out of your budget. However, if a school looks promising but you can’t afford it, you don’t necessarily need to give up. If your child is particularly gifted – be that academically, culturally, or in a sports-related field – you may be able to get some help with covering their fees. Many high schools offer scholarships or bursaries for students who have proven themselves to excel in certain things that the school may value. If your child meets the minimum requirements for the bursary or scholarships, you could apply for it. just be sure to have a back-up high school that you can afford if they don’t get it.
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5 Looks for Female Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Want to Wear Heels

 5-Looks-for-Female-Entrepreneurs-Who-Dont-Want-to-Wear-HeelsApart from knowledge and professional expertise, a female entrepreneur is always expected to have an impeccable fashion style as well, which often puts women under a lot of pressure. However, the good news is that the fashion industry is all about comfort these days, which is why top designers and brands mix elegance with sporty vibes in their collections. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, you’re definitely at the right place!

Here are five amazing looks for female entrepreneurs who don’t want to wear heels, so check them out and enjoy!

Don’t be afraid to reach for your hoodie Dont-be-afraid-to-reach-for-your-hoodie

Yes, we know that it seems a bit silly, but you know what? This year’s fashion trends are all about feeling comfy yet super confident in the clothes you’re wearing, which is why a hoodie found its rightful place on our list! In fact, hoodies are everything you need – they’re warm, comfortable, and stylish at the same time, and the good news is that they aren’t reserved just for the lazy days. All you need to do is to match your favorite black cropped hoodie with a pair of sleek trousers (bonus points if they’re silky), and pointed-toe flats. This is a match made in heaven because the polished look of your trousers will balance out the relaxed vibe of your hoodie. A cool designer bag that matches your flats is the only missing piece, so get it right now and rock your fabulous combo!

Dress up your jeans like a true fashionista Dress-up-your-jeans-like-a-true-fashionista.

No matter what people are talking about, the only truth is that a good pair of jeans will never go out of style – even when it comes to the business environment! In case you didn’t know, having style doesn’t have to mean heels and dresses exclusively – it’s all about matching the unmatchable and making comfort your top priority, which is why preferred styles shifted towards the iconic jeans. For example, a cool pair of boyfriend jeans is a true wardrobe staple, so don’t be afraid to play around and match these with the controversial ugly sneakers everyone’s been raving about these days. These are a massive hit in the industry, and the fact that they’re so comfy makes them even more wanted. An ordinary V-neck T-shirt or a plain black turtleneck will be more than enough to complete this combo. So, if you’re up for a simple yet effective outfit, this is the one you should go for!

Transform your couch sweats into going-out pantsTransform-your-couch-sweats-into-going-out-pants

Speaking of comfort, we mustn’t skip the athleisure trend which is still going strong today. Of course, we aren’t saying that wearing yoga pants in the business environment is desirable. We can all agree that this may be a bit too much, but guess what? Your couch sweats can be easily transformed into going-out pants, but remember that the entire combo depends on the top you’ll choose. So, if you want to create a perfect balance between chic and casual, all you have to do is to pick an elegant loose-fitting button-down and pair it with your fave sweat pants. As simple as that! As for your footwear, a pair of ordinary white sneakers will do the trick and provide an extra dose of comfort, which is what every female entrepreneur needs in her life!

Half-tucked loose-fitting shirt to the rescueHalf-tucked-loose-fitting-shirt-to-the-rescue.

As mentioned above, loose-fitting shirts are an excellent addition to any casual combo, and we can freely say that these can save the day whenever you’re in a rush and have no time to think about your clothing combos. First of all, you can match such a shirt with the aforementioned boyfriend jeans and a pair of leather flats for a simple yet effective everyday outfit. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something even comfier yet much more attention-grabbing, you should probably opt for a colorful pair of silky wide-leg pants (aka pajama pants). Trust us when we say that you’ll absolutely adore this combo, and you know what? It’s quite eye-catching at the same time, so you won’t remain unnoticed wherever you show up!

A simple maxi dress is a real game-changerA-simple-maxi-dress-is-a-real-game-changer.j

Last but certainly not least, a maxi dress is another wardrobe staple every female entrepreneur should have in her wardrobe, and you are no exception. Truth be told, this garment is everything you can ask for in terms of both comfort and coverage, so give it a try if you already haven’t and you’ll see what we were talking about. As for prints, floral ones are always a good idea, but you won’t make a mistake even if you pick a monochromatic one. A cute, thin belt will emphasize your waist and enhance your figure, whereas knee-high leather gladiator sandals will allow you to feel super stylish yet so powerful at the same time. If you ask us, that’s exactly what every business lady should look for!

As you can tell, each of these five looks is beyond perfect for every female entrepreneur who doesn’t want to wear heels on a daily basis. You won’t make a mistake whichever you choose because these are super trendy yet so comfortable, so pick one according to your preferences and wear it today!
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A New Wallet For Your Wardrobe

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest

Despite the direct purpose of a billfold, the storage of money, everyone agrees that a women’s wallet is also a stylish accessory and an important addition to your image. Usually, wallets serve their owners for many years, but only if they know how to spot a really good option. Here are some nuances you should keep in mind when choosing a women’s wallet.

  1. Material.

Since a wallet is used all the time, you should pay attention to the material it is made from. It’s better to opt for a billfold crafted of genuine leather. Such an item will serve you for many years and will not lose its attractiveness with time. Before buying, be sure to check how buttons, zippers, and clasps work. They should not seize up or be difficult to use. Also, examine the seams carefully. Straight lines without protruding threads or loops guarantee that a product will last a lifetime.

Today, women’s wallets made from exotic animal skins are one of the most popular items. Their popularity is explained by appealing appearance and durability. Here are some reasons to buy a pocketbook crafted from a skin of a reptile, snake or stingray:

    • An exotic skin women’s wallet passes a test of time with flying colors. It is wear and tear resistant as well as waterproof. Real leather is very elastic, soft, and it does not require special care. Thanks to incredible durability, such an accessory, even bought a long time ago, will remain chic and attractive.
    • Beauty and uniqueness. A variety of products and a wide selection of options allow you to buy an exotic leather wallet of any size, shape, and color. With the help of modern technologies, leather is dyed in any color while preserving the quality of the material. Real leather has a natural pattern appealing for everybody. Moreover, each pelt is one of a kind so patterns are never repeated. You can become an owner of a unique product!
  • Prestige and respectability. Wallets made of crocodile, ostrich, python or stingray skin are prestigious accessories that have always been considered a standard of luxury. Such an accessory will not stay unnoticed. It is also capable of making the right impression. If you are a business person who often visits meetings and negotiations, you need to radiate confidence and demonstrate success. In this case, you can’t do without expensive and status accessories.

    Functional wallet for the minimalist
    Source Pinterest
  1. Functionality.

First of all, a wallet should be very functional, roomy, and easy to use. It ought to have a bill compartment, pockets to keep credit cards, driver’s licenses and other necessary items. The selection of a proper model really depends on your need to carry all these things with you. Therefore, you can opt for a compact wallet, a large pocketbook or a clutch bag.

  1. Color.

When picking up a color, it is best to consider your mood and feelings to a particular tone. Also, each color has a specific meaning that you should be aware of.

Black color corresponds to the water element. Water is responsible for wealth and prosperity. Black is traditionally considered the best color choice for a wallet.

White, gray, silver, and gold are the colors of stability and consistency. They will help to improve your finances. Gold is almost always associated with luxury and wealth. It is capable of drawing money into your purse.

The shades of green represent growth and development. A green wallet also aids with finances. Another reason green is often chosen for a billfold is that it is the color of the American dollar.

Yellow or brown colors are associated with the element of the Earth. They will add stability, reliability, and confidence so that your wealth could increase in the future.

Summing up, a good women’s wallet should be made of natural leather, be roomy, quality crafted, and feature a money-drawing color. Now you know how to pick up a great billfold!

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