A New Wallet For Your Wardrobe

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Despite the direct purpose of a billfold, the storage of money, everyone agrees that a women’s wallet is also a stylish accessory and an important addition to your image. Usually, wallets serve their owners for many years, but only if they know how to spot a really good option. Here are some nuances you should keep in mind when choosing a women’s wallet.

  1. Material.

Since a wallet is used all the time, you should pay attention to the material it is made from. It’s better to opt for a billfold crafted of genuine leather. Such an item will serve you for many years and will not lose its attractiveness with time. Before buying, be sure to check how buttons, zippers, and clasps work. They should not seize up or be difficult to use. Also, examine the seams carefully. Straight lines without protruding threads or loops guarantee that a product will last a lifetime.

Today, women’s wallets made from exotic animal skins are one of the most popular items. Their popularity is explained by appealing appearance and durability. Here are some reasons to buy a pocketbook crafted from a skin of a reptile, snake or stingray:

    • An exotic skin women’s wallet passes a test of time with flying colors. It is wear and tear resistant as well as waterproof. Real leather is very elastic, soft, and it does not require special care. Thanks to incredible durability, such an accessory, even bought a long time ago, will remain chic and attractive.
    • Beauty and uniqueness. A variety of products and a wide selection of options allow you to buy an exotic leather wallet of any size, shape, and color. With the help of modern technologies, leather is dyed in any color while preserving the quality of the material. Real leather has a natural pattern appealing for everybody. Moreover, each pelt is one of a kind so patterns are never repeated. You can become an owner of a unique product!
  • Prestige and respectability. Wallets made of crocodile, ostrich, python or stingray skin are prestigious accessories that have always been considered a standard of luxury. Such an accessory will not stay unnoticed. It is also capable of making the right impression. If you are a business person who often visits meetings and negotiations, you need to radiate confidence and demonstrate success. In this case, you can’t do without expensive and status accessories.

    Functional wallet for the minimalist
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  1. Functionality.

First of all, a wallet should be very functional, roomy, and easy to use. It ought to have a bill compartment, pockets to keep credit cards, driver’s licenses and other necessary items. The selection of a proper model really depends on your need to carry all these things with you. Therefore, you can opt for a compact wallet, a large pocketbook or a clutch bag.

  1. Color.

When picking up a color, it is best to consider your mood and feelings to a particular tone. Also, each color has a specific meaning that you should be aware of.

Black color corresponds to the water element. Water is responsible for wealth and prosperity. Black is traditionally considered the best color choice for a wallet.

White, gray, silver, and gold are the colors of stability and consistency. They will help to improve your finances. Gold is almost always associated with luxury and wealth. It is capable of drawing money into your purse.

The shades of green represent growth and development. A green wallet also aids with finances. Another reason green is often chosen for a billfold is that it is the color of the American dollar.

Yellow or brown colors are associated with the element of the Earth. They will add stability, reliability, and confidence so that your wealth could increase in the future.

Summing up, a good women’s wallet should be made of natural leather, be roomy, quality crafted, and feature a money-drawing color. Now you know how to pick up a great billfold!

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Using A Touch of Glimmer in Your Home With Metallics

Matte finishes have been a huge trend for some time now, and if there is one thing that we have learned from that period, that is that too much matte can swallow up the space and send it to everything-is-boring dimension. However, matte can be great, but only when you up the glam with some metallic finishes. Introducing metallic accessories or even a full-blown metallic-finished accent wall can instantly make your home more luxurious. So, if we have your attention now, here is everything you need to know about adding a touch of glimmering metal to your home.
A-Touch-of-Glimmer-in-Your-HomeImage source: coloradostyle.com

Cool vs. warm

It makes a difference if you use silver or gold – these metals bring a whole different sensation to the space. Why is that so? Because one of them is cold and the other is warm. These variations in tones make all the difference in the ambiance. Cool tones work better with modern spaces, while warm tones go perfectly with a vintage style. Alongside gold, you have copper, brass, rose gold and bronze in the warm-toned family, while silver has the same tone as nickel, steel and chrome.

Using-metallic-paint-for-accent-in-your-home.Image source: paintdrawblend.com

Choose your metal

Although there are many metallic finishes you can introduce into your home, here are some of the most popular ones and their shiniest moments:

  • Gold is the epitome of elegance and luxury. It looks majestic on centerpieces like striking chandeliers or cocktail cabinets. It matches perfectly with both dark tones and all-white rooms. Brass is very similar to it.
  • Rose gold is a subdued variety of the previously mentioned metal, and it introduces a breath of inconspicuous warmth into every home. It pairs up nicely with light neutral tones.
  • Bronze is the other name for sophistication. It has the power of enhancing other design elements such as upholstery, leather and lighting. It makes a perfect marriage with wood and stone.
  • Copper is less bold than gold, and it adds more rustic charm than elegance. It goes great with natural raw materials.
  • Silver introduces a contemporary sparkle, creating a clean, modern-looking space.Using-Metallic-Accessories-In-Your-Home

Keep the color scheme subdued

When incorporating a certain number of metallic pieces into your home, you should keep the color palette neutral to avoid overwhelming the space. Take your cues from Scandinavian décor, which uses this practice proficiently by adding glamour to minimalist, neutrally-painted apartments. Although you can make various combinations, you certainly can’t go wrong with brass and darker neutrals. Also, chrome and stainless steel go great with gray, blue and white.  Accenting-With-Metallic-to-give-a-Glimmer

Now that you know all the secrets to make your home shine, are you ready to bring in the bling and create a glamorous living space?
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How to Accessorize for a Dinner Party

How-to-Accessorize-for-a-Dinner-PartyWhether hosting or attending as a guest, a dinner party is a great time to relax with friends and share stories over delicious courses. If you are planning your look for the next event, your outfit would very much determine your accessories. We all want to look good while adhering to the dress code, and here are a few tips for accessorizing for a dinner party.

Traditional Black Evening Dress

Of course, the perfect choice is a black dress. If you don’t already own a classic black dress, check out the online boutiques for some real bargains, and if you’re stuck for style, Google image or Pinterest is your best friend. 

Slimline Silver Bracelet

Nothing too glitzy, a thin sterling silver bracelet is ideal. You can buy 925 sterling silver jewellery online from a leading jeweler. You have such a wide range of quality items, and you definitely want something delicate, such as a fine twisted rope or chain. The great thing about online shopping is the convenience of being able to browse at home, and if you haven’t finished choosing your order, the website will remember your cart items next time you login. If-you-are-going-with-an-up-hairdo-a-pair-of-elegant-sterling-silver-drop-earrings

Drop Earrings

If you are going with an up-hairdo, a pair of elegant sterling silver drop earrings will really highlight your facial features. The online sterling silver jeweler has it all, with so many designs, and all at affordable prices; they do not have the huge overheads of the traditional retail jeweler, and this is passed on to the customer, saving you up to 30%.

Clutch Bag

 You have a choice of black, white, red, or metallic silver. Make sure the clutch bag is large enough to hold your mobile device and the little bit of touch-up make up. Elegance is the aim, so avoid brash jewellery or very bright colours, which should be reserved for less formal occasions. When-preparing-for-your-night-out-make-sure-the-clutch-bag-is-large-enough-to-hold-your-mobile-device-and-the-little-bit-of-touch-up-make-up

To Wear a Belt or Not?

This is a purely personal thing; a silver belt would certainly go with the occasion, with the emphasis on slimline, and the online silver jewellery store would likely have a selection of silver belts. At the end of the day, you want to feel comfortable, so if you feel good wearing an outfit, that’s more important than how others may see you.


 Ideally, we would be wearing black high heels, depending on the level of formality, which is something that will help you decide on the right footwear. If you’re going to wear new shoes for the occasion, make sure they are broken in first.

Whatever outfit you choose, sterling silver jewellery goes with everything and for a dinner party, a touch of sterling silver adds style and elegance and can be worn at any event. Take your time choosing your outfit, then you can focus on your accessories, and if you are unsure about anything, ask a good friend for their valued opinion.
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Beautifully Designed Gold and Diamond Jewelry by AUrate

What girl does not love to look beautiful when dressing for a special occasion, I sure do, but I love jewelry, it puts the final touch on an outfit, casual or dressy. And when you do have a special event in the evening you are dressing for adding a delicate necklace, bracelet, earrings, and rings will add to the complete look. But my favorite pick is rings that can be put together and worn one finger.

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Need something that is really special?

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