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A family event takes time for planning for a perfect day

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How to choose the perfect engagement ring Are you getting ready to take the next step with your significant other? You’ve probably already planned the perfect proposal in your head. You’ve chosen the venue, the background music, and you’ve probably rehearsed what you will be saying. The only thing missing now is the engagement ring.  Choosing an engagement ring is […]

4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings
Useful tips for engagement ring shoppers Shopping for the perfect engagement ring is almost as challenging as getting married. However it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, as you can make it a lot easier on yourself by keeping these simple yet useful tips in mind when shopping for that perfect ring. Here is some sound advice for those […]

Tips When Shopping For Engagement Rings For Your Loved One

Occasions for Dancing If you want to scare people, mention one of three things: death, public speaking, and dancing. If you mention all of them at once, you’ve got the plot to a horror movie. People are scared of dying for obvious reasons. Public speaking is hard because many of us fear big crowds. Dancing, however, is another matter. Our […]

How Do You Feel About Dancing?

Top 6 Tips You Should Remember Before Buying Your Wedding Band
There are many factors one should consider before buying a wedding band. But these factors often lead to confusion as you get various suggestions from your relatives and friends. Here are 6 important tips that might get you the best wedding ring that you are entitled to. 1)    The size of your band Is your band too uncomfortably big for […]

Top 6 Tips You Should Remember Before Buying Your Wedding ...

Cultures Weddings and More Across The World
Weddings (and More) Across the World  Completely different cultures all around the world celebrate some of the same major life events, such as weddings, births, funerals. It’s amazing to take a look at the different and similar ways people around the world. honor these events.  Marriage Rwanda: Whereas in the US it’s popular to hire out high-end wedding venues, in […]

Cultures Weddings and More Across The World

How To Prepare For a Special Occasion Without the Stress 2 comments
Holidays, weddings, the arrival of a new baby, graduations, travel, and reunions are all examples of special occasions in our lives that we welcome.  They are also examples of events in our lives that bring massive stress. For our example, we are going to use a wedding as the stressful occasion. However, these tips can help in all stressful events […]

How To Prepare For a Special Occasion Without the Stress