How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

how-to-turn-your-bathroom-into-a-spaWe know that going to the spa for our pampering needs can be a bit pricey. Just the same, we all need to indulge ourselves every once in a while to get our energy recharged and our bodies ready to take on the business of everyday living. This is what spa treatment can provide. It is one of the best ways to unwind and provide your body with the much-needed pampering it needs.

You will be happy to know that you can recreate the comforts of a spa in your very own bathroom. These are some suggestions to give your bathroom that spa look, with all of its amenities.

Keep your toiletries well-organised

Our bathrooms can get so cluttered with toiletries and other personal items we keep there. If you are trying to transform this space into a spa, you need to remember that one thing it is not is messy. There is no way you can relax and enjoy your pampering experience when your surroundings are cluttered and untidy. Make sure that all of these items are correctly stored.

Earth colours work best

There is something about earth colours that provide a feeling of peace and tranquillity. This is why a spa will typically have their walls painted in earthy hues. However, if your bathroom area is smaller than usual, subdued and lighter colours can work fine too. They can invoke calming feelings, as well.

Lighting makes a difference

Your lighting will always play a significant part in creating your bathroom spa. You may want to install lights with dimmers so you can adjust them for your desired effect. The glow of candles evokes warmth, and they are one of the most essential elements in producing a peaceful atmosphere.

Furnish your bathroom

One of the best things you can have in your bathroom/spa is a bathtub. Your spa experience will not be complete without a nice warm bath. Choose one of the superbly luxurious freestanding baths available to install, and then add your favourite aromatic oils to leave you fully refreshed. If you have space, a charming wooden bench could hold your other spa accessories and enhance the look even more. Keep fresh, warm towels handy. Avoid overcrowding your room with various adornments. Create the zen feel of minimalism to help you declutter your mind too.

The magic of music

Get yourself in the perfect mood for relaxation by playing soft and calming music in the background. Music has its own magical way of soothing the nerves and helps you de-stress yourself from all of the pressures outside. Keep it sweet and low, just for you to be able to enjoy it as you relax.

You deserve to be pampered after working so hard. You need to be able to unwind because stress can significantly affect your total well-being. Having your spa in your bathroom will be the best way of indulging yourself without having to leave the comfort of your home. You can also enjoy the luxury of your spa treatment any time of the day you feel the need to loosen up.

How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa
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Make Taking A Shower A Most Enjoyable Experience

Make Taking A Shower A Most Enjoyable Experience

Taking that morning shower or showering after a workout can be a very mundane activity, looked upon as a task that just needs to be done. Get in, get out, and get it out of the way. This activity, though, can be made much more pleasant if you’re stepping into your own custom steam shower. Make taking a shower a most enjoyable experience.Steam Showers Increase The Value Of Your Home

If you’re not too familiar with steam showers that you can personalize in a number of different areas, check out what some dynamic, leading manufacturers in the industry, like Thermasol, have to offer. People checking these showers out for the first time are surprised, and often amazed at how they can put their own shower together to get exactly what they’d most enjoy having in the shower area.

Thermasol, again, is a fine example of a company that really turns out superior products, giving the customer a world of options in which to select from. Their procedure is a step-by-step process to building your own custom shower, ultimately resulting in a fabulous system you can be happy to say you put together yourself. In this order, your selections on their particular site are as follows:


Control & Steamhead: the many options here include:

  • MicroTouch Control
  • Signature Control:
  • SignaTouch 5″ LCD Control
  • ThermaTouch 7″ LCD Control
  • ThermaTouch 10″ LCD Control
  • Total Wellness Package
  • Wellness Shower Package
  • Wellness Steam Package

Exterior Control: Modern (15 choices) or Traditional

Fog-Free Mirrors: choose from Avant, Cupola, Eclipse, or Rhombus

Shower Speakers

Shower Light: a wide variety of housing colors surrounding the round light

Shower Seats: Folding or Corner Install

Why steam showers?

There are many great reasons why homeowners opt for steam showers when newly building or doing a bathroom remodel. A couple of them relate directly to physical benefits. Steam helps you relax, improves circulation, and helps reduce muscle pain. Steam opens up the body’s pores and helps to release toxins through the sweating process. And steam has been known to help people get better quality sleep.

You can easily envision this. Instead of just getting up, stumbling into the boring old shower to get that part of the day done, you head to your new custom steam shower for that experience. Your digital shower’s design helps to create an environment of perfect water temperature (that you control), sound (through your waterproof speakers), steam and light. Who needs an expensive spa membership when you’ve got all this right in your own home? And this isn’t just some random special occasion. It can be every day, at any time, even more than once daily if you feel so inclined!

One other attractive feature to perhaps consider. Steam showers increase the home’s value by 31%. So that would be a wise investment, that would, in theory, pay for the new steam shower many times over.
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6 Quick Ways To Make A Rental Bathroom Your Own

6-Quick-Ways-To-Make-A-Rental-Bathroom-Your-Own.When finding our way in the world, often the quickest and easiest way to fly the nest is to share an apartment or rent a property. Indeed, for many, renting can become a flexible and cost-effective way of life.

There are, of course, pros and cons of renting a property. On the upside, you’re not tied down long term to the same location or lifestyle, but on the downside, you’re not yet on the property ladder and it can also be difficult to make wholesale changes to your home.

Many rental homes come with a fairly conservative décor and colour scheme, high enough in quality to attract potential tenants yet bland enough to bore even the most unadventurous home improvement enthusiast to tears.

So, how can you turn your new dwelling into a home that represents you and your own unique personality? Well, one place you can begin is the bathroom. Usually containing a bathroom suite set, including toilet and basin, plus bath or shower, it is the perfect place for some personalization.

  1. Get painting

One quick and easy way to transform a space into something with a touch of character is to add a lick of paint. As long as you clear it with your landlord beforehand, a fresh coat of on-trend grey, spring green or even a fruity raspberry, could inject some much-needed life into that tired old bathroom.

  1. Coordinate your styleCoordinate-your-style-in-your-bathroom

What kind of bathroom style are you looking to achieve? Many American bathrooms contain products with a contemporary theme. This means they follow the latest trends, with minimalist interiors and clean, unfussy fixtures. However, your style may be a little different. If your rental property is a little older, you may want to furnish in a traditional style with gold or copper coloured faucets and showers, combined with a quaint roll-top tub. If your style is a little quirkier (think Monica from Friends), why not combine different looks and create something that is more chic than shabby.

  1. Accessorize your bathroom with personal touches

So, you have your colours and style sorted, what’s next on the agenda? Well, it’s definitely time to add some personal touches to your bathroom with the right accessories. Just like buying a cute pair of heels to match a ballgown, accessorizing your bathroom is just the most amazing amount of fun.

As accessories don’t have to be permanent, they are ideal for rental bathrooms. First, think about all your bare essentials, like somewhere to store your toothbrush, a holder for toilet tissue and that all-important toilet bowl brush. Next, consider those slightly more decorative accessories, like houseplants, pictures and prints. Finally, don’t forget to buy some fluffy towels that match your chosen colour scheme.

  1. Get your green fingers out add houseplantsGet-your-green-fingers-out-to-add-plants-to-your-bathroom

Whilst we’re on the subject of houseplants, greenery is a craze that is sweeping the world of home interiors. As we all know, plants help to purify the air we breathe and add organic life into any living space.

Instead of simply throwing a few potted plants on to a shelf or window sill, why not be more creative and create a living wall (essentially, a vertical garden inside your home)?

  1. Increase your storage with extra cabinets

Living in a downtown apartment may mean you’re at the heart of everything that’s happening but it can also mean a complete lack of space in your home. To help reduce clutter in a small bathroom, why not add a bit of extra storage in the form of cabinets and units?

There are plenty of freestanding options which don’t need to be permanent, like ladder shelving, adding instant space for toiletries and bath time essentials. However, if you are on good terms with your landlord, you can easily fit some wall-hung furniture. Learn how to create spaces for your bathroom necessities

  1. Think a bit bigger

Are you good at home improvement? Why not have a chat with your landlord and see whether he or she is open to larger-scale works? After all, what have you both got to lose?

A brand new bathroom can be purchased and fitted for less than you’d think. So, if you’ll be hanging around for a while, it may pay to think bigger.

If you’ve enjoyed these rental home improvement tips, let me know by commenting below.
Easy Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Haven
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Easy Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Haven
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Bathroom Products and Accessories

Easy Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Haven

Easy Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Haven

Are you dreaming of having a peaceful space in your home where you’ll be able to unwind and relax in complete peace and quiet? Now, you can transform your very own bathroom into your own home spa so that you can enjoy a relaxing haven at any time of the day or night should you happen to be in need of solace!

It might be difficult to imagine how your bathroom could become a spa, however with a few simple changes, you’ll be surprised at the difference you can make. Simply by removing the clutter, making some space, upgrading some appliances and adding some decorative touches, it’s simple to achieve an affordable and effortlessly stylish spa-like environment.

Here are our top tips to get you started with your home spa project:

Decluttering Your Space

The very first thing to do is to declutter your bathroom. You can’t relax and unwind fully in a cluttered and messy space. If you’ve got makeup, hair products and toiletries all over your bathroom, it’s time to get rid of it all. Some wicker baskets or storage racks can make a big difference to the feel of your space, ensuring that all your essentials remain close at hand without disturbing the zen-like environment of your room.

Don’t have enough storage? No problem! Think about ways of displaying and organizing items that are more spa-like. Clear glass mason jars are perfect for storing your cotton balls on a countertop for example. Wicker baskets filled with towels beside the bathtub and a tray on your toilet cistern to hold lotions and soap will help you store items away in a stylish and visually appealing way.

Unique DIY Ideas: Beautiful and easy bathroom shelves. using wicker baskets
Source: Pinterest Unique DIY Ideas: Beautiful and easy bathroom shelves. using wicker baskets

Choose The Right Colors

A spa always benefits from soothing and neutral shades that won’t interfere with the calming environment. Beige, blue and white are all good choices for a more welcoming environment. If you opt for colorful and bold accessories and accents, the spa-like atmosphere will be destroyed.

Using blue in a coastal bathroom
Source: Pinterest Using blue in a coastal bathroom

Choose The Right Shower Head

A massaging shower head is a great addition to any spa-like bathroom. This is an especially important addition if you don’t have a bathtub since it will help you to unwind without needing to soak in the suds. Choose a luxurious fitting with several different settings but a suitably user-friendly and simple design. Waterfall showers are always a good choice, with options for high pressure and the ability to hold it in your hand to for more directed and targeted massage functionality.

Add A Touch Of Nature

Nature is an essential element in any spa, so incorporate some flowers and plants into the bathroom environment to make it healthier and to add more life into space. Indoor pot plants are an effective and simple way of turning your bathroom into a setting which is a lot more tranquil and comfortable. Fill up a vase with some fresh flowers, hang potted plants from your ceiling or add some trailing plants to the windowsill or countertops to add more natural elements to space.

Choosing plants for the bathroom
Source Pinterest: Choosing plants for the bathroom

New Textiles

A fluffy bath mat is perfect for resting your feet on when you get out of the tub or shower, and having some luxurious towels that you can wrap yourself up in will make a much more spa-like environment. Throw out all your old textiles and upgrade to some fresh new ones. Think about buying a towel warmer too – this will give you the extra luxury of heated towels right to hand when you need them.

Add A Calming Aroma

Aromatherapy is the final touch for any home spa. Scents evoke emotions, relieve stress and boost relaxation using essential oils, scented lotions, soaps and scented candles to set a relaxing mood. Lavender, vanilla, and jasmine are all ideal for promoting calm and peace.

Follow these top tips and you’ll find that each one is a great addition to your bathroom, creating a more relaxing and luxurious setting. You’ll never need to splash out on a spa day again with your very own home spa in the comfort of your bathroom! You won’t be able to wait to jump in the shower or tub!

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