5 Best Makeup Products to Fake a Glowing Complexion

5 Best Makeup Products to Fake a Glowing ComplexionAlthough we all crave and do our best to achieve that ‘lit from within’ glowing complexion, sometimes it’s just not possible to get that JLO glow without a little help from the wonder that we know and love as makeup. Of course, we should really try to nourish our skin with the best products for our skin type, layer them in the right order – due our due diligence. However, we all know that that flawlessly radiant complexion is a difficult feat to achieve, so why not fake it ‘till you make it?

Makeup companies have done wonders in the ‘glow’ department, especially since this season is all about the glow – from highlighters, glittery and metallic eyeshadows to ultra-shiny holographic lip glosses. Let’s face it – this is the year of the glow, so let’s see which products we can snag and let it shine, let it shine.

A cult favorite

 A cult favorite

This first product is amazing on so many levels, but since it has been on the market for so long and already holds an iconic status, people rarely mention it anymore, which is a shame, because it deserves to be in the spotlight at all times. The product we’re talking about is the MAC Strobe Cream. It comes in a variety of shades – to suit different skin types and glow preferences, but this is where things get interesting.

This is one of those amazing double-duty beauty products that can be used in so many different ways. As its first and foremost, as a moisturizer it nourishes the skin and can be used alone to give you that illusion of a natural glow because it contains iridescent particles, so even when you decide to go makeup free, or foundation-free for the day, just slather this goodness, and glow, baby, glow. You can also mix it into your foundation to make it less matte and more radiant, and finally, it’s so good that you can actually apply it to the high points on top of the already finished face to add to the glow intensity, and unlike the powder highlighters, it won’t give away the fact that you’ve used something at all as it blends into the skin like a charm.

Lit from within Lit from within

No matter what foundation you’re wearing, as we all have come to know, a primer can make or break your look. Now, many people opt for the mattifying ones, but the trick to the ‘lit from within’ makeup look that won’t even require powder highlight is a radiance boosting primer. There are many amazing ones on the market, but the one that we have fallen head over heels with is the Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Primer by Napoleon Perdis. It promises a Cinderella-esque radiance, and boy, does it deliver.

You can play with it in multiple ways – as a primer that will ‘beam’ through your foundation. What is more, if you want that ‘visible from space’ glow, you can also gently dab it over your foundation anywhere you want – the tops of your cheekbones, the tip of the nose, under the brow-bone – just take it and see where your glow goals take you.

Don’t underestimate a good foundation Don’t underestimate a good foundation

As said, the makeup industry has done a darn good job in the radiance department, and foundations are no exception. Now, there are plenty of sheer to medium coverage radiant foundations, and we have put many to the test, but the one that won by a landslide is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Many foundations out there claim they’ll give you a look of ‘your skin but better’ but this one actually lives up to the promise.

It evens out your complexion flawlessly, giving you that baby-smooth radiance – especially with the right primer, and the best thing about it, you look impeccable but no one could ever tell you’re wearing foundation. If the JLO glow complexion is what you want, this is your product. It does come with quite the price tag, but a little goes a long way, so this truly is a great investment.

 More, more, more  More, more, more

If you want to glow like a goddess, but still don’t know how to make those powder highlighters work without highlighting your fine lines and end up looking cakey, stick or drop highlighters are here to your rescue. We’ve tested out numerous ones, and as we couldn’t pick just one, we’re giving you two incredible options. Number one belongs to Fenty Beauty’s Shimmer Skinsticks.

These babies are so creamy, you can apply them using a sturdy brush or just gently dab on your high points, and they melt into the skin like a charm. There are different shades – the most neutral being the Confetti. It’s an iridescent opal shade that will give you those slight ‘unicorn vibes’ and you can even apply it before your foundation and the specs will beam through. The other product is the Iconic London Illuminator – which is a liquid highlighter. This will give you a glow so intense, the world won’t be able to handle it. You can go for the more subtle usage – use your beauty blender and dab on highpoints, or add a few drops in your foundation for a glow that just doesn’t quit.

Seal the deal Seal the deal

Settings sprays are supposed to hold everything in place, and they do – some more some less successfully. However, once we heard MAC was dropping a glowy version of the FIX+ called Fix+ (Shimmer), we simply had to give it a try. Just like the original, it doesn’t disappoint in the setting department, but the pearlescent particles with which it’s infused give you that all-over glow, but not like you’re covered in body glitter, just like you’re naturally radiant. And, much like the old one, you can wear it as a setting spray, or simply put on your new favorite strobing moisturizer, spritz Fix+ generously and be the ultimate glowing girl of summer.

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Drugstore Setting Powder For Acne Prone Skin

Drugstore Setting Powder For Acne Prone Skin
Image Credit: Pixabay

Shopping for makeup products that best suit your needs might take forever depending on the kind of woman you are. Some women go through hundreds of makeup brands throughout their lifetime in search for the most suitable one for their skin. It is no longer news that, to achieve a flawless looking skin, you will need a foundation, primer, concealer, and setting powder. These makeups come together as a whole to give you a perfect finish.

Talking about setting powders, there is a long list you can pick from but the problem is many of them can make you look cakey and get trapped in your skin pores. Sadly, you would end up looking worse in the process of trying to accentuate your looks with makeup. A good setting powder should be oil-free and non-comedogenic while carrying out its full potentials to hide spots and smoothen your face without a crack or unevenness. To help you look great and stay healthy, we have searched through several thousands of reviews to bring you the top 5 drugstore setting powders for acne prone skin.

Before we begin, it is essential for you to note some tips that would keep you acne-free.

  • Using clean makeup tools cannot be overemphasized; asides making you achieve a more natural finish, they help you get rid of bacteria and excess oils.
  • Check the ingredients of every product before you plaster them on your face. If a product has ‘Non-comedogenic’, ‘Paraben-free’, ‘Sulfate-free’ or ‘Oil-free’ on it, then it is safe to use. However, some negligible substances like isopropyl myristate, isopropyl isostearate, lanolin oil, myristyl myristate, coconut butter or lauric acid can clog pores and cause more breakouts. Watch out!
  • The habit of going to bed without washing off or wiping your makeup would irritate your skin the more. Hence, do the needful.

Are you ready to move on to the products? If yes, let’s get started.

  • Youngblood Hi-Def Hydrating Loose Powder

This powder is designed with a unique milling formula which helps it to provide a lasting moisturizing effect. While retaining moisture, it helps to prevent excess oil buildup and spread shine imperfections. If what you are searching for is an entirely clean and natural setting powder then, we just found you one.

  • Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder

Revlon invested time, money, and technology to make this great, natural-looking powder that offers an adequate amount of coverage without making your skin feel so heavy and baked.

  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

If you don’t need a full coverage makeup, like when you just want to hang out with friends, try Maybelline’s Dream Matte Powder to combat oil with a soft and sleek finish.

  • Finishing Powder by Radiant Complex – Translucent Loose Powder

How easily this powder blends with your skin is the first thing you would notice. As time goes on, you would begin to discover its lasting hydrating and moisturizing properties which leave your skin fresh all day. The fact that it is talc and paraben-free is worthy of mention. Looking for a trusted and tested product, Radiant Complex has blessed you with one.

  • Laura Mercier Loose Setting Translucent Powder

All thanks to its high-quality talc contents, the loose setting powder formulated by Laura Mercier produces a natural and not cakey setting for prolonged wear. It is an oil-free powder made to provide a translucent shade that you wouldn’t need to apply another powder during the day. It is a perfect choice for those with oily skin type.

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5 Tips to Help Pick the Perfect Cosmetic Clinic

Whether you are interested in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, micro-needling or tattoo removal, you can get these services from a cosmetic clinic. These are basically beauty spas or skin care clinics focused on making you look and feel your best by providing medical grade cosmetic procedures that are tailored to your unique goals and needs. All in all, it is good to note that not all clinics out there have what it takes to make you feel and look good. Here are vital considerations you need to make when deciding on the clinic to use. Candid Cosmedics

  1. Don’t go on price alone

The most common mistake people make is that of choosing a clinic based on price. Most people go online and start searching through the websites of various cosmetic clinics in their area with price being the main focus. The point you need to understand is that cheap often means substandard. Newer clinics tend to entice new clients with low prices. This is because they are not as good in their work as they claim. Your choice needs to be based on experience and reputation of the cosmetic clinic.

  1. Location

It is common for people to choose cosmetic clinics that are far from where they live. This is because they don’t want to meet with people they know when getting dermal fillers or Botox. The problem with this choice is that it will get in the way since most treatments require follow-up sessions. The closer the clinic is to where you live, the easier it will be for you to access it. That will save you time and make it easy for you to adhere to the program. Doctor-patient confidentiality exists in these clinics so don’t worry about the doctor disclosing information about your treatment to other people.

  1. Free consultation

A good clinic will offer free initial consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to help you understand your treatment options. You will be educated on the available options before you spend a single dime. If free consultation is not available, there is a good chance the clinic is in it for the money. Candid Cosmetics is a reputable cosmetic clinic that offers free, no obligation consultations.

  1. Good reputation

You don’t want to get a life-changing treatment from a clinic that has a bad reputation, do you? You can get information online that will help you learn more about the clinic. Start with the online reviews. What are people saying about the services rendered? You can start with success stories from Dr William Mooney’s Cosmetic Procedures

Too many negative reviews are a red flag. Don’t forget to talk to family and friends who have had the treatment. What do they have to say about the clinic they used?

  1. Certified therapists

The clinicians and technicians in your clinic of choice must have proper accreditation to use the products and technology needed in the procedure. The clinic will proudly display their certificates on the walls. Take time to confirm the validity of these certificates.

These few points will help find the ideal clinic to use. Don’t forget to consider the professional experience of the clinician, the payment options and whether they accept your insurance carrier.

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