Inspiring Women Plus Size Clothing Style Worth Knowing

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The internet provides women with fashion inspiration as there are tons of daily uploads on fashion styles, fabrics, and colour options, and design. You can never run out of options to find the right piece to rock any event, whether it be a wedding or an evening date. If you are looking for fashion ideas, simply visit sites, like YouTube and Instagram, and you will be surprised at the number of fashion classics and trends that flood such platforms. However, before you do, here are some things you need to know about finding the best fit.

Dressing to Kill Should be Your Fashion Mantra

Take a deep breath and relax. Of course, you’re not sneaking a knife into your purse to cause harm at that upcoming function. Speaking of bags, finding the right piece that is proportional to your body size makes you create a striking impression. Rocking an extremely small bag is not ideal, especially one that is not visible in your hand at night. When shopping for a handbag, do not centre your attention solely on the design, price tag, and colour scheme. Consider the size as well.

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Large-size clothing may seem ideal for indoor activities. However, if you want to make a fashion statement that aligns with your body shape, such clothes are a no-no. When your body shape becomes a priority, you can highlight your strongest assets and conceal those unwanted areas. Your physique may fall in any of the following categories: pear, rectangle, hourglass, apple, and oval. If your outfits seem out of shape for you, tailor them to match your body. Several clothing stores offer this service.
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Selecting the Right Fabric

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A piece of cotton-elastane fabric would look better on you than a tight polyester tank that will induce static shock, that is why another factor to consider when shopping for your plus size clothing is the fabric. Take time to understand fabric composition; it will aid your shopping experience. Choose outfits with a good memory (clothes that can return to their original form after being worn).

Sweat pants may offer you enough room when engaging in specific activities. However, they will not create a long-lasting impression on special occasions. Make clothing choices that will accentuate your curves, revealing more of your femininity. Your shoes should be complementary and comfortable. For example, your dinner gown should go with a pair of stilettos, or something similar. Not only will you look sexy, but you will also appear taller, especially for short females.

While trendy clothes are great, they don’t last long in the fashion industry, which may result in more expenses. On the other hand, vintage outfits look great anytime, any day. Additionally, they provide a great investment, which means that you don’t have to go on a shopping spree all the time.

In Summary

There are no set rules or one-size-fits-all plus size clothing for women in the fashion industry. You just have to find out what works best for you. While you strive for a dress that matches your style, shape, size, and occasion, comfort should remain your number one priority. Wear a dress that makes you comfortable, any time.

5 Plus-Size Fashion Myths and Misconceptions, Debunked

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6 Tricks to Fake an Expensive Style

 6-Tricks-to-Fake-an-Expensive-Style.jMost of us dream of looking expensive, classy, and incredibly stylish every day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about keeping up appearances, as simply allowing us to look more polished and put-together, and giving us the opportunity to leave a great first impression wherever we go. However, not many are aware that your daily outfits don’t need to be actually costly in order to appear expensive.

If you want to look more chic, fashionable, and high-end, all it takes is some smart and intentional tricks that will allow you to fake that effortlessly elegant and expensive style:
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1.      Opt for a neutral color palette

Neutral colors are often considered to be timeless classics, and for a very good reason. Subtle and toned-down shades such as white, beige, brown, gray, and black have a tendency to look incredibly elegant and stylish, allowing you to look much more expensive than when wearing bright, trendy colors. What’s more, if you opt for a head-to-toe monochromatic outfit in one of these neutral hues, such a look can help to elongate your figure while ensuring you appear intentional, put-together, and refined without too much effort. Prioritize-good-tailoring.

2.      Prioritize good tailoring

If you’ve ever wondered how an incredibly simple outfit can look quite so elegant and stylish, the answer lies in great tailoring. As long as you opt for simple cuts and classic silhouettes that perfectly suit your figure, your daily outfits can effortlessly look more polished and high-end. And in case off-the-rack garments don’t tend to suit your body all that well, simply taking that few extra steps to have your local tailor adjust the fit of your clothes can instantly elevate your everyday looks beyond their initial price tag. Wear-simple-bags-and-wallets

3.      Wear simple bags and wallets

True opulence often lies in the beauty of simplicity, something that can be applied particularly well to your most used accessories. For instance, while most women won’t have enough in their budget to invest in designer bags, they can opt for structured leather handbags in neutral colors, along with matching wallets, in order to complete their outfits with the sleekest and most stylish additions. Men, on the other hand, often won’t have that option, which is why they might want to consider choosing elegant money clips for men instead of their more common alternatives. Besides being incredibly handy and practical, such an accessory will help to prevent any unseemly bulkiness in your pockets, allowing you to look more polished and put-together every day. Choose-your-accessories-wisely

4.      Choose your accessories wisely

Apart from handbags and wallets, there are other accessories that can help you achieve that elegant and expensive style. For example, while men can match their dress shoes to a stylish leather belt in order to achieve a more cohesive and polished look, women can opt for a printed silk scarf that will add some interest and dimension to their beautiful outfits. Similarly, sunglasses are a wonderful accessory anyone can wear. As long as you opt for a neutral color and a classic shape, sunglasses can easily elevate your outfits to the next level, allowing you to look that much more fashionable and luxurious every day. Go-for-classic-clothing-items

5.      Go for classic clothing items

When all else fails, you can always attempt wearing those classic, timeless clothing items that are the trademark of a refined style. Whether it’s a simple turtleneck, a well-tailored coat or trench, an elegant blazer, smart trousers, or a crisp white button-down shirt, there are certain pieces virtually anyone can wear, which will undoubtedly look great no matter the outfit. Even though they are considered to be basics, these classic items are the building blocks of any high-end wardrobe that truly never go out of style, but always help you appear more stylish and sophisticated. Pay-attention-to-details

6.      Pay attention to details

While this might seem obvious to some, details are easy to overlook when it comes to fashion. However, simply taking good care of your clothing and footwear can go a long way towards making you look more expensive and high-end on a daily basis. This means cleaning your bags and shoes regularly, ensuring your items are properly washed, ironing your clothes before leaving your home, and taking any other precautions to ensure your pieces always look pristine. Although a small effort, such care is evident to anyone who might examine your daily outfits.

Evidently, looking expensive and luxurious doesn’t necessarily mean wearing designer labels and overpriced garments. The same look can still be achieved with the right color palette, elegant tailoring, as well awesome intentional accessories.

5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs to Transition from Summer to Fall

5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs to Transition from Summer to FallWhen the long summer days come to an end and the weather starts to cool off, but it still isn’t quite cold enough for your favorite chunky sweater, it’s nice to have functional items that can easily transition between your summer and fall wardrobes. The answer to dressing effortlessly at the beginning of fall is to invest in a few key pieces that will bring more versatility and practicality into your wardrobe. So, here are the most essential items every woman needs to transition smoothly into the upcoming season:

1. A pair of denim jeansA pair of denim jeans

Regardless of the season, a great pair of jeans should always be a wardrobe staple, but it’s especially helpful during transitional weather. Easily paired with almost anything in your closet, denim jeans can be worn in a million and one ways, whether they’re combined with a classic trench and a pair of stilettos for an office-appropriate look, or a bomber jacket and some basic sneakers for a relaxed casual outfit. Since it’s a staple item you’ll probably get a lot of wear out of, it would be wise to invest in a high-quality pair. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boyfriend or a mom cut, or even skinny jeans – just choose a pair that fits your figure perfectly, and you will have the ultimate transitional piece.

2. A beautiful maxi dressA beautiful maxi dress

A long-sleeved maxi dress is a surprising secret for successfully and fashionably dressing for fall. Even though a dress like this is usually worn during cooler summer nights and milder fall days, it often gets overlooked as a transitional piece, since it can very easily look too summery to be worn in fall. But as long as you choose a dark, neutral color, a maxi dress can easily take you through several seasons. All you need to do is add a pair of sleek leather ankle boots, as well as a cool biker jacket, and it’s a look that can easily take you from the office to a date night in comfort and style. For a truly on-trend look this season, opt for a maxi dress in beautiful dark florals.

3. An essential fall coatAn essential fall coat

Whether it’s a classic trench coat or a checkered blazer coat, the power of essential fall outerwear truly can’t be underestimated. Because of their timelessness and versatility, staple coats like these should be an essential part of every transitional wardrobe, and the good news is, you can find a beautiful fall coat almost anywhere you look. There are many great Melbourne fashion labels, for example, that offer some incredible coat options in neutral shades and classic shapes and cuts, making them the perfect investment piece and an ideal addition to your transitional wardrobe.

4. A cute high-neck knitA cute high-neck knit

If your head is in denial about summer coming to an end, but your body is feeling the autumnal chill, a high-neck sweater is going to be your new best friend during this transitional period. Opt for a fine-knit roll neck or turtleneck sweater in a neutral color and a breathable material, such as cotton, to keep you cozy and comfortable. Easily paired with anything from denim jeans on a colder day to a miniskirt and bare legs during warmer weather, as a nod to recently departed summer, a thin knit like this is an ideal option for slowly transitioning into fall.

5. Staple ankle bootsStaple ankle boots

Swapping your open-toed summer sandals for over the knee winter boots can often feel like too much too soon, which is exactly why fashionable ankle boots are such a great option. Not only do these amazing boots keep your toes warm, without overheating you, but they can also be paired with almost anything in your closet. From your favorite pair of jeans to a maxi dress or a midi skirt, ankle boots can truly pull any outfit together and make it look more appropriate for fall. Although black is always a safe bet, any neutral color will be versatile enough to get you through the colder months.Dressing effortlessly with 5 wardrobe essentials from summer to fall

To ease the awkward transition into fall, stock up on these essential items that are friendly for both the end of summer and the beginning of the next season – your closet will thank you.
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Tips to Mastering the Feminine Style
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Tips to Mastering the Feminine Style

Tips to Mastering the Feminine StyleFashion trends evolve each year, and while unisex fashion has become popular, there is still something special about being a woman and dressing in a feminine way. Now, don’t get the feeling that being feminine means you have to wear short, tight pieces that reveal a lot. First of all, femininity is mirrored in behavior and attitude. But if you want to express the soft, gentle side of you, the next tips can help you master the feminine style.

Experiment with fabrics

Experiment with fabrics

The design of a dress, pants, or a blouse is not the only thing that can look feminine. Soft fabrics can also do that for you, and here is how. Silk is probably the most feminine fabric. It gently follows the line of your body, without being too much, which is just the perfect amount for an attractive feminine look. The perfectly effortless yet amazing look can be a midi silk dress in pastel color and two strappy high heel sandals. You can wear your hair up, and just pull out a few pieces of hair in the front. This is a classic feminine look. Another fabric you can do this with is tulle. Although it may sound like it’s meant for little girls to wear, it doesn’t have to be like that. Tulle skirts that go just below your knee, paired with either heels or flats and a basic cotton T-shirt tucked in, are both feminine and edgy. And it perfectly proves the point that you don’t have to wear revealing mini dresses to achieve that look.

Try feminine patterns and printsTry feminine patterns and prints

No matter the design and fabric, different prints give a certain look to every outfit. Instead of going with basic colors and not experimenting with it, you can start noticing the print of the pieces you buy. The ultimate girly and feminine print has to be floral, and lucky for all of us, it has been popular in the last few years. Since shirts can sometimes be associated more with men, let’s use that example to show how feminine it can actually look. A striped shirt with floral embroidery paired with high waisted jeans would look simple, yet effective. The great thing is that you can wear heels, either kitten or chunky, ballet flats or even wedges. Ruffles are also a detail that will make any look feminine, and it can look delicate and not over the top. Ruffles on the sleeves or just down your shirt are more than enough to give out the feminine vibe. Another interesting and fashionable choice you can wear to a formal occasion is ruffled pants.

Details and accessorizeDetails and accessorize

There is nothing that pulls the whole outfit together better than certain details and jewelry. Creating a feminine style can be done with just that. A silk scarf that you can wear with a dress or a cleavage blouse and pants is enough to create that look. It will bring the focus to your neck area, which is one of the most feminine parts on a woman’s body, but it will still look elegant and tasteful. As for the jewelry, can you think of something more appropriate than pearls? A pearl necklace and earrings are trendy right now, so you can use them to enrich your jewelry box. A floral, buttoned-up dress, or even a shirt or a sweater will create the perfect contrast with the pearls and show that you can combine it with something more casual.

50 shades of pink

Ever since we were little girls, pink was considered a girly color. And this time (even though it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case), we are going to refer right back to that. The color we have in mind is not bright, or neon pink, rather something more soft and subtle. Pastel pink is the hit of each season, and we see it on dresses, skirts, pants and blouses. An outfit you can try is pastel pink cigarette pants and a lace blouse. You can even wear this with a blazer and pumps for a more formal occasion or with ballet flats or oxford shoes for a casual look. If you don’t like to wear pink outfits, a simple pink lipstick with any other outfit will do the trick.

Being feminine doesn’t mean emphasizing your femininity. It means effortlessly being you. These outfits will hopefully find a way into everyone’s wardrobe, and if not, they can serve as an idea for creating your own feminine looks.

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