Refresh Your Look to Brigthen Your Outlook

Time-to-change-your-appearanceSometimes you need more than a funny internet video or a good cup of coffee to cheer you up. You’re not miserable, just bored and maybe a little restless. If you feel like life has settled into a tedious routine, you might benefit from the personal equivalent of a spring cleaning. A little tweak to your personal style could mean that you get a bit of an uplift every time you look in the mirror.

Look to Your Locks

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As many stuck-in-a-rut people have done for generations, you may reach for the tried and true spirit-lifting update of a new hairstyle.  Color and cut are the two factors most people play with. Maybe now is the time to go bold with a color you never dared to try before. With today’s temporary color products, you could even go for a wild rainbow or pastel shade without too much risk or commitment. Also, keep in mind that getting a chop isn’t the only way to give your hair a new length and shape. Clip in extensions are proof that you can get a significantly different look without a major commitment. Even if you’re feeling really adventurous, this could be the time to explore the wonderful world of wigs!

Refresh-Your-Look-To-Brighten-Your-OutlookMaking Up Is Fun to Do

If you’re one of those people for whom makeup is as much about fun as it is about grooming, a refreshing change could be as close as your local drugstore’s cosmetics aisle. It’s always a little bit of a thrill to pick up your favorite lipstick or that mascara that never fails you. When you’re looking for a real pick-me-up, however, your best play is to color outside of your usual lines. Forget whether your skin tone is “autumn” or what shadow “brings out” your eye color. Grab something silly or shocking that seems to call out to you from the shelf. Give yourself a laugh while giving yourself a makeover, and you may just discover some new favorites.

Time to Play Dress Up

Investing a little time and money into your wardrobe can help boost your mental resilience in more ways than one. Buying a quality garment that’s a bit fancier or more expensive than your usual clothes can boost your confidence or inspire your ambition. On the other hand, a colorful top or sassy shoes that are a break from your boring workwear can be a needed reminder that there are many facets to your personality. Newness is the point of this pursuit; why settle for just a new garment when you can go for a whole new style?

Of course, you feel good when you look nice, but that’s not the end of the story. Making a few minor alterations to your look may seem like a frivolous way to boost your mood. The frivolity is actually the point; when you’re just feeling a little dreary and bored, all you need to brighten up may be a small change that’s infused with humor and fun. That’s the reason that a new dress, lip color, and haircut will always be reliable ways to pump up your attitude as well as your appearance.If-you-are-bored-Time-to-tweak-your-style

Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50 to Look Younger in 2020


If 2019 was the year of self-love and self-care, then this year will be all about self-acceptance and confidence. Being older than 50 can be challenging at times, but it also has its perks. One of the big challenges comes from deciding on how to wear your hear on a daily basis, and unfortunately, many women tend to make various mistakes that make them look older than they really are. Of course, every woman should be proud of her age, but also, there are ways to make yourself look graceful and beautiful, and choosing the appropriate hairstyle can help you a lot.

So for that reason, here are best hairstyles for women over fifty that will make you look younger:

1. You don’t need to go short when you get older


There is a belief that women over a certain age shouldn’t wear their hair long, and even though that seems logical from a certain perspective, it also doesn’t mean that you automatically have to chop off your locks in order to conform. Sadly, a lot of women tend to forego longer and more interesting hairstyles as soon as they turn 50 or so, which is a shame since there are plenty of mid-length hairstyles that can look good on women of all ages. Now, wearing traditional hippie long hair might make you look older and unkempt, but there is no reason to grow a few inches if you feel like it. The main point is to keep your hair in a good shape and trim it regularly so you won’t end up with split ends.

2. Consider getting a bob


Bob is a very versatile hairstyle, so feel free to experiment with different ones until you find what works for you. For example, a Cleopatra bob is a great choice for those who love regular visits to the hair salon, as it gives you a professional and elegant look, while those who prefer shorter hairstyles can opt for an inverted bob which was popularized by Victoria Beckham back in 2007. If you want a perfect balance between short and long hair, then wearing a bob can be the right choice for you.

3. For fancy events, wear an updo


An updo is a wonderful hairstyle for fancy events that require you to be stylish and elegant. There are a lot of buns to choose from, but keep in mind that you don’t need to have long or thick hair to wear one. If you’re longing to get your hair in an updo, consider getting seamless clip in hair extensions for thin hair that will instantly give you rich luscious locks perfect for an elegant bun. Of course, be careful and make sure to get extensions that go well with your hair colour.

4. If you really love short hair, then go for a pixie cut


It is well-known that women over a certain age tend to favor short hairstyles, but let’s be honest: they’re quite practical and easy to maintain. The pixie cut is probably the most popular short hairstyle, for a good reason: it is versatile and can be worn even if you have curly hair, which is always a plus. So, if you truly love short hairstyles, feel free to get a pixie cut, and in order to spice things up, you can dye your hair platinum blonde, pastel pink or misty lilac. Opting for a slightly unusual hair colour will surely make you look and feel younger.

5. You can never go wrong with a lob and side-swept bangs


Lob, or long bob as it is also known, is a great solution for women who wish to have long hair but aren’t ready to take care of it on a regular basis. Besides, a lob with some side-swept bangs is a great idea, since it’s modern and suitable for all ages. Also, if you’re someone who loves bangs but can’t commit to trimming them every other day, then side-swept bangs are a perfect replacement, so with these types of bangs they can be pulled away from the face while still being there to add something special to your hairstyle. This will surely make you look younger, especially if you decide to use a curling wand to add some glamour for fancy events.

Final thoughts

Next time you’re making an appointment in a hair salon, feel free to consider one of these hairstyles as they will definitely make you look younger, more modern and stylish. In case you start doubting your decision, just remember that being of a certain age should never stop you from wearing your hair as you please.
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