Going Grey with Grace

Many women have complicated relationships with their hair. Over our lifetimes, the majority of us have dyed it, straightened it, highlighted it, or used chemicals to create entirely different textures. Short, shoulder-length, or long, we try to keep up with current styles and trends. How many of us tried to have “the Rachel” in the late 90s? No matter how much we pay or time we spend on our style and look, we think about our hair a lot. Source Via Pinterest

If you find your first grey hair, stay calm. You’re probably making a big deal about nothing and lots of people have grey hair! Women are now embracing their grey hair. After you find your first grey, you should treat yourself with a girls weekend to make you feel empowered.

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Women are showing their confidence by choosing to instead go grey gracefully. By letting nature takes its course instead of continuing to color hair, women are embracing their age. In recent years, grey hair has become trendy with even younger generations choosing to dye their hair various shades of grey. The perception that grey equals old is no longer the case. Meryl Streep showed us how chic grey can be in the film The Devil Wears Prada. 

Going grey is a hard decision, and most women aren’t afraid to admit they fear of looking older.  Stylists recommend finding a colorist who can help you transition your color. Often women will start with highlights and slowly add more grey color over time until the color is fully grey. Whatever transition process you decide to go with, include your stylist early on.

If you don’t want to dye your hair, stylists recommend cutting your hair and allowing the grey to grow out, continuing to keep up with haircuts every 6-8 weeks until the color evens out. Keeping your haircut up-to-date will keep your hair contemporary instead of old-fashioned. Do your research and look for styles you like online and in magazines.

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Once you’ve started to transition, it’s important to find hair products that work well with grey hair. Grey hair reacts differently to the environment and heat styling, particularly if you’d dyed your hair grey. Products formulated for grey hair will also prevent any yellowing of your hair and keep it a fresh, silver tone.

Grey hair is also prone to dryness. You’ll want to incorporate products that fight frizz and keep your hair looking nourished. Invest in quality products and use low heat when blow drying or using other heat tools. Your stylist may recommend a keratin treatment periodically.

Another aspect that many women miss when transitioning to grey hair is updating their clothes and make-up. Adding more bold lip or cheek colors will brighten up your face and give you an opportunity to play with your look. Accenting eyes, lips, or cheeks will keep you looking energetic. Updating your wardrobe and new jewelry (we love these affordable lab-created diamonds) to include more color will keep you from looking washed out.

Going grey doesn’t have to be painful. Work with a stylist to find your perfect look, and have fun updating your make-up and wardrobe! When done correctly, grey can be done on trend and keeping you looking chic for years to come!

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  1. I get a few greys here and there now but to be honest, it is very much so I pluck them out rather than dye my hair for a few greys. Eventually I know I’ll have so many that I’ll just have to incorporate them into my hairstyle. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

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