Upgrades To Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

How To Get a Better Nights Sleep Get-instant-upgrades.

There are many things one can do to improve the quality of their sleep – avoiding caffeine and nicotine before going to bed, not working out late in the evening, avoiding heavy meals before bedtime, creating a regular bedtime routine and much more. But if you do everything by the book as far as getting a good sleep is concerned, and you avoid the comfort of your bedroom, it is possible that may not get the kind of sleep you had yearned for.

The bedroom comfort is key, and it is imperative that you make it as sleep-friendly as you possibly can. Suggested below are some powerful upgrades you can make to instantly transform your bedroom to the most welcoming room in the world and which you will look forward to going into every day-:

Remove the Clutter Remove-the-clutter-from-your-bedroom
A cluttered bedroom is a congested bedroom and as such, it won’t create the right environment to enjoy your sleep. It will have all manner of things that will make you distracted, thus robbing you of the peace and relaxation you need to sleep well. Things such as workout equipment, paperwork, dirty clothes, extra furniture etc. should not find their way into the bedroom. You should strive to have a neat and clean bedroom, with everything put in its rightful place, so that you create some space and give the bedroom some breathing space. This will help you relax a lot and make it easy for you to fall asleep and enjoy a deep sleep.

Paint with one color or warming colors 
Painting your bedroom with one color is a sure way to make it cozy, but not just any color. You should go for colors that are powerful enough to enhance the mood and the energy of the room, and which will help to transform the room into the perfect retreat. Earthy colors such as hues of soft greens, watery blue and earthy browns are highly recommended for the bedrooms. You should, however, note that there is no one-size-fits-all for colors since different people have different color preferences and what will work for you may not work for another person. Just be sure to have colors that will elicit warmth in the bedroom, and don’t turn the bedroom walls into an artist’s color board by painting it with all the colors of the rainbow.

Ban electronics from the bedroom

Electronics are known sleep stealers and one may wonder why some people complain of lack of sleep when they have to watch TV late into the night or use their phones after getting into bed. The bedroom is not a place to catch up with your favorite television series or chat with friends on social media websites. The only activity in the bedroom body should be sleep, and probably a few extracurricular activities for the married couples. Therefore, banish electronics such as laptops, TV, phones and other mobile devices that can easily make you lose your sleep.

Keep the room dark

Your bedroom should be a perfectly dark room if you want to get the most experience out of it. This is important in helping you tune the circadian rhythm by asserting to it that it is night time and so it should help send the body to sleep. Any form of light from the outside is guaranteed to interfere with your sleep. This means that you should have very good curtains to completely black out the room and if that is not enough in creating the perfect dark conditions, then don’t be afraid to invest in a decent face mask.

Invest in high-quality bedding

Any form of bedroom upgrade cannot be complete without a quality set of bedding. These are what will directly impact the comfort level you will need not just to sleep soundly, but also to fall asleep faster. Think about investing in a high-quality mattress, bed sheets, and pillows. The bed should also be sturdy enough since the last thing you want is to be constantly woken up by the squeaking of the bed with every turn. There are lots of quality mattress brands you can go for, including purple mattress which. But before you make up your mind on the bedding to go for, be sure to research and check out the purple mattress reviews so that you are well pleased with the bedding you end up with.

Introduce a desk

Add a desk to your bedroom for last minute thoughts before sleep
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Adding a desk to your bedroom should not be viewed as a way of creating a workspace where you can proceed with some office work at home. A desk will give you an additional surface which you can use for a myriad of other productive things. You can use the surface for your purse or wallets if you don’t want them to occupy the bedside table, you can also use it for updating your journal or diary or doing a little writing other than work before you go to bed. Additionally, if you have a special someone and you want to treat them to breakfast in bed, the desk will be the most ideal space to place your trays and other servings.

Keep it quiet

Add a soothing sound to sleeping environment for a good nights sleep
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Noise is an asleep distractor, especially if you live in a place with a lot of noisy neighbors or street traffic. Though sometimes it is inevitable, you should try as much as you can to block out noise from the bedroom. If there is a lot of noise coming from the outside, you can think about having a white noise machine or a fan to drown off the external noises. It also implies that you must do away with music systems in the bedroom unless you prefer using soothing sounds or cool music to fall asleep.

Reconsider your alarm

Start your day with a Wake Up Light
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Sometimes it is annoying to be jolted from a deep sleep with the disgusting sound of an alarm clock. There are very many less annoying options you may consider to replace such alarm clocks. For example, you can use wake up lights that will gradually increase in brightness within a set duration. For example, you can set the wake-up light thirty minutes before your actual wake up time to wake you up naturally at the preferred time. You can also use wearable fitness trackers that will wake you up more gently.

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Ways in Which Your Choice of Water Filter Factors into Creating a Green Home

The future of building design lies in the protection of the environment. You will find that more and more homeowners are looking for ways of making their homes more environment-friendly. As you focus on energy saving and use of more environment-friendly building materials, you should not forget to apply the same concept to the water filtration system that you choose for your home. The good thing with running a green home is that you will save money in many ways while adding value to all the actions you take. Ways in Which Your Choice of Water Filter Factors into Creating a Green Home

You may wonder how your choice of water filtration system will factor in your efforts for a more environment-friendly home. The right choice of water filter will contribute to your efforts in the following ways:

  • Reduce the amount of chemicals making their way into the environment

The best water filter does not make use of chemicals. Such a filter is ideal as it will not introduce more chemicals into the environment. When you use chemicals for water purification, you will still be relying on chemical processes. A water filter such as that will ensure that you do not introduce more chemicals into your body. You can use AquaOx Filters USGBC.org Profile as this will guide you on environment-friendly solutions.

  • Add value to your home

The best water filter will add value to your home. A whole-house water filter will ensure that all taps in the house only dispense clean water free from any contaminants. This is a good selling point when you place the house in the market. The best water filter will require a one-time installation. Such will filter a high capacity of water without need of frequent replacing. The best water filter will add to the overall value of your green home.

  • Ensure a safe environment for all

With the use of water filters, you create a safe environment. You can drink water from any part of the house without worrying about disease-causing contaminants. Contaminants in water do not just enter the body through drinking. Using the contaminated water to bathe can also pose a threat to you. A whole-house filter system makes it ideal as all water in the house is clean. You do not need to install multiple filters in the house.

  • Cut down on your costs

The ideal water filter is great for cutting your overheads. As mentioned, a whole-house water filter will remove the need of getting multiple filters at all water outlets. This will help you save money this way as you will have total filtration. The other way can you save costs is if you get a self-cleaning water filter. This reduces maintenance costs. A water filter that filters a high amount of water is also great as you do not need to replace it after a short while. The best filter will not require much attention from you after installation. This is good as you will save on your overheads.

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Tips On Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors And Maintaining Its Beauty

Tips On Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors And Maintaining Its Beauty                                            Image Source

Hardwood floors are both beautiful and durable. They also need to be properly maintained, and this means knowing the right way to clean them. Everyone has a different method, many of which work well, even if they seem a little unorthodox. If you’re overwhelmed by the cleaning options and aren’t sure which will work best, here are some tips from a tile store Houston TX.

Make Sure To Pick Up All Of The Dirt

The very first thing to do when cleaning a hardwood floor is to sweep up any particles of dirt and debris that are lingering on them. These things can actually scratch the surface of the wood, causing it to dull over time. Ideally, you should run a vacuum over your hardwood floors every few days in order to pick up all of these little particles. Before you turn your vacuum on, ensure that it’s set for “hard surfaces” in order to be effective.

Don’t Let Spills Linger

It’s very easy to wipe spills off of your hardwood floor, so you really don’t have an excuse when it comes to this. Some things, such as mustard, pet urine, and even milk can remove the top coating of polish from your hardwoods. So, you need to be prepared. The second any liquid hits that floor, be ready with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth.

Use A Mop And Know All Of The Right Tricks

The mop is a simple invention that works great on hardwood floors. Make sure that the mop is damp, and not soaking wet, as that can cause some damage. There are also some tricks that you need to know to remove things like scuffs. If your floor has a few shoe scuffs, buff them out with a tennis ball.
Use A Mop And Know All Of The Right Tricks                                              Image Source

Use The Best Cleaning Solutions

There are so many cleaning solutions on the market that it makes people’s heads spin. For wood floors, make sure to pick on that has isopropyl alcohol in it. This makes the solution dry very fast.  Of course, you could always make your own solution from a gallon of warm water and a capful of white vinegar. This will take care of any remaining grime while leaving the overall finish alone.

What Not To Use

Do not, under any circumstances, use a steam cleaner on your hardwood floors. This device can damage the flooring! Also, any cleaning solutions that claim to add some polish or leave behind a shiny finish might be cleaning your floors, but they can actually make the dirt problem worse. The layers that these solutions leave behind can smudge, trap dirt and dust, and make more of a mess. Instead, stick with cleaners sold by the experts, such as tile store Houston TX.

Don’t Be Afraid To Have Your Floors Refinished

At a certain point, your hardwood floors will cease to be shiny, no matter how often they’re cleaned. This means that it’s time to have them refinished. This process involves sanding down the top layer and adding a new sealant. This should be done every ten years, or five if you have kids and pets.

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