How To Have a DIY Spa Day That Feels Like The Real Thing

 How-To-Have-A-DIY-Spa-Day-That-Feels-Like-The-Real-Thing.If you crave a good pampering but don’t want to give money to have an expensive spa day, don’t feel sad. With only a few soft things, aromatic hygiene products and some soothing music, you can recreate even the best spa experience right in your home. So, ditch your bad habits and embrace habits of having a home spa day once a week.

Get Luxe towelsFor-your-best-spa-get-Luxurious-Towels.

Before you hop into the bathtub, there are a few things you need to have to bring your spa experience up to the level. The first is towels. Opt for big and soft types, but if you really want something special, you can get towels with Microban.  Microban prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on your towels, and keeps the material cleaner and softer for a long time. Towels with Microban come in all sizes and colours, so pick one that matches your bathroom palette.

Surround yourself with amazing productsContinue-with-a-healthy-face-mask

Before your home spa day, make sure to go do some shopping. There are two things you can’t do without some good natural soap and some scrub. For instance, opt for a big bar of soap made with natural ingredients such as dairy cream, olive oil, and shea butter, and you’ll feel amazing after a good rub-down. Also, get some body-exfoliating sugar cubes that will provide you with an invigorating and aromatic soak, and rid your skin of all impurities.  After you finish your shopping, it’s time to hop into your robe and give these products a try.

Engage aromatherapyAromatherapy-smells-is-always-relaxing.

Spas always smell subtly relaxing, just enough to let you know it’s time to let go of all your worries. You can create the same atmosphere in your home by getting scented candles. Lavender, chamomile, rose and sandalwood will wrap you with a gentle aroma and boost your relaxation, while also providing your space with some romantic light. On the other hand, if too many smells make you nauseated or trigger your allergies, you can turn on your handy air purifier instead and give your home spa a little detox. It will clean out the air and let you enjoy your pampering session to the fullest.

Play some soothing musicPlay-music-before-you-start-the-your-spa-experience

Silence is good, but it lets your mind get cluttered with all sorts of negative thoughts. So, play some gentle background music that will boost your relaxation. Spotify, iTunes and YouTube all have various Zen playlists perfect for your spa experience. Play the music before you start the rest of your spa experience.

Open up your pores with essential oils and herbal teas

Taking A Steam Facial
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Before enjoying your DIY beauty treatment and relaxing bath, you might want to open your pores and prep your skin for other treatments. The best and easiest way to do so is to simply boil some water, add to the pot (after a couple of minutes of cooling), put in some essential oils (lavender or sandalwood are a good choice) and a bag of herbal tea. All herbal teas will work, but lemon and ginger are great if you haven’t been feeling very upbeat and vigorous lately. After the concoction is ready, place your face over the pot and cover your head with a towel. Breathe in deeply and let your skin soak up all the beneficial ingredients for about 10 minutes. After you’re finished, your skin will be ready for the next spa stage.

Continue with a healthy face maskContinue-your-spa-experience-with-a-homemade-facial

A face mask is not a very luxe spa experience, but it will definitely be beneficial to your face. You can get various products in the stores, but making your own mask is sometimes better. For a simple homemade mask mix three spoons of orange juice and honey, and leave it for half an hour. Rinse with water and hop into the bath.

Finish off with a bath Finally-finish-with-a-warm-bath-with-essential-oils.

After your treatments are over, enjoy the hot water on your skin that will relax your muscles, relieve any skin conditions and provide you with a good night’s sleep.

No matter how big or fancy your bathroom is, it can quickly turn into a home spa with these products and beauty routines. The soothing atmosphere will help you relax, while good beauty products keep you looking fresh, young and beautiful—the perfect spa combo right in the comfort of your home.

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Do Tarot Cards Work, for a Person That Isn’t Officially Psychic?

Do-Tarot-Cards-Work-for-a-Person-That-Isnt-Officially-PsychicTarot card reading is an ancient art yet still considered with a lot of seriousness. When reading most appropriately, the cards can actually be great for you. There are so many tarot decks out there. Which ones do you prefer the most? I know you have a number of them. So you probably believe in the art of card reading. However, you may be having some doubts. For instance, individuals have often been plagued with such questions as; do tarot card reading really work?

Between online and live reading, which one is better? Do tarot cards work for a person that is not officially psychic? Can tarot read reading be completely wrong? Is it possible to have inaccuracies in card reading? Perhaps some of these questions have crossed your mind. If this has been the case, you no longer have to worry about yourself. In this blog, we are going to give you comprehensive answers to these questions.

What You Should Know

Do tarot card reading work? The answer to this question is yes. Though it is based on divination, tarot reading work. It has worked for many in the past and at present, and it can also work for you. One of the main reasons why this ancient practice is still popular is its effectiveness. So, if you have the right mindset, tarot reading will work for you.

Between online and live tarot reading, which one should you exploit? Any of the options can work quite well. However, you have to be careful with online reading. Most sites use computer algorithms, and this may not work effectively. For this reason, we strongly recommend live reading.

Can tarot reading be completely wrong? It is hard for the reading to be entirely wrong. Nevertheless, the experience you are going to have depends more on the reader you are dealing with. For various reasons, a prediction may fail to pass, and this may not mean the reading was wrong. For instance, something may happen after the reading has been made and ultimately overturns the direction of the future. The future is subject to changes, for it wasn’t made in stone. So, what are you going to do when the outcome appears different from the prediction? Do not lose heart. Continue using the cards.

Can inaccuracies be made? Yes, it is possible to have inaccuracies. Again, it all depends on the person doing the reading and the prevailing conditions. With the professional and experienced reader, most accurate predictions can be made. Someone who is just starting the art of reading may not be having all it takes to make accurate predictions. Nevertheless, even the most experienced readers out there can have inaccuracies in their reading, and this does not mean they are not legit. What happens is that the interpretation of the cards was based on the condition then.

However, we also want to acknowledge the fact that there are many illegitimate readers. There are people out there who do not have a passion for reading. Instead, they do it just for many. Will you expect accurate predictions when dealing with such readers? So, the point is, inaccuracies can be made, but the reader you are dealing with plays a critical role in this regard.

We believe these responses are so convincing. If you look at them, it is evident that you also play a critical role when it comes to the overall reading experience. The choice that you make, especially on the reader to work with is vital. But you realized we have not answered one question. The remaining part of this discussion answers that question. Let us go back to it.

Do Tarot Cards Work, for a Person That Isn’t Officially Psychic?

Again, the answer is yes. The cards work, though several conditions influence them. While our abilities are different, we are all born the same. Even though some people’s abilities may have been rendered dormant, the spirit can still communicate to them. If the spirit radiates energy through the person via the tools, they can work. Various things can be used as tools in this regard, including a wedding ring or playing cards. It takes effort for one to be knowledgeable at reading. In all aspects of life, you are being talked to daily, including that moment when you saw a cow or a butterfly. You have to be in a position to interpret the symbol to get the message.

So, the cards work, though the tools cannot do anything by themselves. The energy of the person works, and that is what is essential here. What if they do not work? It happened to me before. The reason could be the spirit cannot communicate to you via that medium. Also, this is common when you are much used or addicted to the tool, or you are using the approaches that can actually hurt you.

As we mentioned earlier, there are several conditions you should pay attention to. While I am not a professional reader, I have had a lot of outstanding experiences with the cards. In fact, never have I been left confused.

Tarot card reading is never a gamer. Many individuals take tarot to be a mere game with several cards containing pictures, and that there is an explanation for each picture. It is true tarot has images, but the most crucial thing that translates to accuracy is an individual’s intuitive skills. These skills can be natural or developed.

A strong intuition is essential, though you can have appropriate readings even if you have low intuitive abilities. Also, the Tarot card is not just about the cards and what they mean. There are cases where a certain mix of some cards have entirely different meaning compared to the interpretations that could be made from the individual cards.

The Bottom Line

Do Tarot Cards Work, for a Person That Isn’t Officially Psychic? Yes, they work. However, there are important factors for consideration. Tarot card reading can work for anyone. With discipline and efficient practice, you can turn out to be one of the best readers.
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Learn How to Practice Meditation in 4 Steps

Meditation is a powerful tool that anyone can practice. Whether you’re working to prioritize self-care or you’re recovering from an illness, injury or drug and alcohol addiction, practicing meditation daily is a great way to maintain a sense of balance in life. Understanding its history, purpose, and benefits can help you learn to appreciate the practice as art and effectively integrate it into your everyday life. How to Practice Meditation: 4 Simple Steps

Meditation Defined

Meditation is a practice adopted by many cultures across the globe. Evidence of the first meditation practices was found in the Indus Valley dating all the way back to 5,000 to 3,500 BCE.

Meditation is an art that encourages the development of concentration, self-awareness, and clarity. It is defined by achieving a state of inner stillness while remaining awake. When practiced regularly, meditation promotes a deeper sense of peace and understanding of yourself and the world around you. These experiences transform your state of being with powerful insight and a renewed understanding of life.

Most of the world’s religions have adopted the basic concepts of meditation in one way or another, although you don’t have to associate with any sort of religion to practice meditation or enjoy its benefits. Many therapists within medical care centers or alcohol and drug rehab centers use meditation as a therapeutic tool to help their clients recover from traumatic experiences and addictive behaviors as they begin to reorient their thoughts and experience life in a different way. 

• Benefits and Purpose of Meditation

The main purpose of meditation is to look inward and achieve a sense of self-understanding and calm. Naturally, it comes with many other benefits that will ultimately transform your life in a simple yet powerful way.

• Manage the stresses of everyday life – Scientific studies have shown that meditation changes the brain. Some of these changes take place in the amygdala (the part of the brain associated with anxiety, fear, and stress) are correlated to a reduction in stress levels.

• Gain clarity – Taking the time to meditate each day allows you to examine what is inside of you instead of focusing the things going on around you. As a result, you’ll discover things you may not have known about yourself and can use this knowledge to modify negative thoughts and behaviors to improve your life. This is especially helpful for individuals in recovery at drug and alcohol rehab centers because they must learn how to modify their behaviors while learning how to live life in a healthier way.

• Improve mood – Meditation not only helps clear the clutter from your mind, but it can also improve negative emotions associated with mood disorders like depression. In fact, a study from Johns Hopkins University found that the effects of meditation rivaled antidepressants when treating depression and anxiety. Meditation may be a healthier alternative to dealing with depression, anxiety, and similar mood disorders.

• Practice discipline – The practice of meditation is frequently used within a rehab center setting because it serves as an opportunity to practice self-discipline. Even those who are not in rehab or another type of clinical setting can benefit from developing a healthy daily routine based on discipline.

• Improve concentration – Maintaining concentration is very difficult, especially in a day and age when constant cell phone alerts and emails are continual sources of harassment. Practicing meditation can help you learn how to block out constant interruptions and focus on the task at hand.

• Practice a healthier lifestyle – Meditation helps you relax, which in turn, opens your blood vessels and drops your blood pressure. Not only does it encourage cardiovascular health, but it also promotes an all-around healthy lifestyle as you prioritize the health of your mind, body, and soul and treat yourself with kindness.

• How to Practice Meditation: 4 Simple Steps

If you would like to learn how to meditate at home or while living in an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center, here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help get you started. Your counselor, yoga instructor, or doctor may have additional tips to help you improve your practice.

1-Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and assume a posture of meditation. This posture should be whatever is most comfortable for you. Keep your back, neck, and behind aligned as you sit in a chair or on the floor with a cushion beneath your behind.

2-Close your eyes, relax your muscles, and let go of all the tension you’re holding in your body. Visualize the tension leaving your body and slowly let it progress up your body, from your toes, legs, stomach, upper body, and finally to your head. Let go of any worries, concerns, or painful thoughts.

3-Focus on your breath. Breathe deeply from your diaphragm (not your chest) and listen to the breath coming into your body and slowly leaving it. Try to keep your mind clear of any thoughts and just focus on breathing.

4-Free yourself from your mind and simply be. Be present and engaged. Try to avoid following the meandering thoughts of your mind, clear your head, and simply enjoy the moment.

The practice of meditation takes time and it will not come naturally. You’ll probably find yourself battling thoughts about things you need to do and judgments on whether you’re doing this whole meditation thing right or not, but that’s no reason to quit. Keep at it and you may soon find yourself looking forward to your daily meditation routine and experiencing life in a much more fulfilling way.

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4 Morning Habits that Will Help You Power Through the Rest of Your Day

Mornings—you either love them or hate them. For morning people, the hours right before and after the rising of the sun are the most productive of the day. For the rest of humanity, mornings usually start with a fight against the all-too-familiar urge to stay in bed. 4 Morning Habits that Will Help You Power Through the Rest of Your Day

Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and personalities start their day early; Richard Branson, Tim Cook, Howard Schultz, and Dwayne Johnson, just to name a few, are all up and about before 6 in the morning. But there are also many productive folks who start their day much later, like Mark Zuckerberg and Jay-Z, who both wake up at 8am. At the same time, many people point out that how efficiently you spend your time matters far more than what time you wake up or how many hours you spend working.

It can’t be denied, however, that how you spend your morning has a great effect on how the rest of your day will turn out. This is why many people, from business leaders to authors, have an established morning routine. Many agree that having a positive experience in the morning is a good start to having a successful day. A morning ritual, which is done just before you deal with all the stresses life has to bring, can help you have the right mindset and give you a better sense of control over your time. Some of the most common morning habits that can help you realign your thoughts include:

  1. Waking up earlier. You know you’re going to have a difficult day if you start it by waking up later than you’re supposed to. Wake up late and you’d have to hurry through or completely skip your morning rituals, leaving you in a state of disarray as you go about your daily tasks. Getting up earlier, either by just a few minutes or by an entire hour, gives you enough time to adjust yourself to meet the demands of your surroundings. Sure, getting yourself out of bed early will cost a bit of effort on your part, but think of it as investing a few minutes on yourself and making sure that you’re ready to face the world.
  2. You may not think that transcendental meditation is your thing, but remember that there are different ways of meditating. For some people, it involves maintaining a certain pose and chanting; for others, it may mean lighting a candle and concentrating on their goals for a few minutes. Regardless of how you choose to meditate, you can still benefit from the activity. Studies show that meditating for a few minutes can improve concentration, reduce stress and anxiety, and stimulate creativity, among many other good effects. It’s a good idea to calm your thoughts and refresh your mind before you tackle the affairs of the day.
  3. Reviewing your goals. Take a good look at your goals before you head out and, if possible, reschedule your biggest task in the morning. Tackling big jobs first may seem overwhelming, but it’s much better than delaying the entire thing and dreading it for the rest of the day. Besides, people often have the highest level of energy in the morning. Once you’re done with the first task, you’ll feel more determined to complete the smaller, more trivial ones.
  4. Exercising in the morning has plenty of benefits. It reduces stress, boosts confidence and the production of happy hormones, improves creativity and brainpower, and helps you stay fit, among many other positive effects. In addition, it also serves as a keystone habit that can help you develop other good habits. A few minutes of physical activity in the morning can go a long way in improving your day and the way you live.

Rising with the sun may be a struggle for many people, but starting your day with one or more of these tried and tested morning rituals may make it easier. These habits won’t make you a morning person if you’re not one, but they can help you gain control of your day and become more mindful of how you use and manage your time.

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