8 Ways to Improve Your Spirituality

We could all benefit from improved spirituality. While many associates the word “spirituality” with a religion, it’s often defined simply as “becoming a better you.” Spirituality is about getting in touch with yourself, realizing your inner energy, and becoming more aware of your interconnectedness. An enhanced spirituality will improve your self-love and your love for the world around you. 8 Ways to Improve Your Spirituality

Spirituality can be improved in a number of ways, most of them simple. Each one can be practiced in everyday life, so without further ado, here’s a list of 8 ways to improve your spirituality.


One of the biggest aspects of spiritual life is taking time for meditation. Whether it’s prayer, yoga, meditating, or just sitting and savoring a good meal, we should all take time out every day to be alone with our thoughts. Rather than running from grief or frustration, we should accept our feelings as they are, and take time to experience them every day. Many people like to meditate first thing in the morning, sometimes focusing on a candle or a totem-like a Buddha statue. Others like to pray right before they go to bed. And others end the day with a reflection journal.


Just as it’s important to take time to know yourself, it’s also important to know others. Having a community has been shown to greatly improve people’s overall well-being, so when it comes to spirituality, a community can improve your energy and your sense of interconnectedness.


We seldom extend forgiveness to ourselves. We may or may not be good at exercising compassion, but we’re almost certainly bad at extending compassion to ourselves. Rather than obsessing over failures and mistakes, we should give grace to ourselves and celebrate the wisdom that comes through failure.


Regular thankfulness helps improve a positive mindset. In order to go through life focusing less on the negative, try instead to express gratitude daily for things you’re authentically thankful for. That regular boost of positive thinking will grow and grow, until your cup of happiness is full.


Nature has a calming effect on all of us, and it can help remind us of our interconnectedness. Spend time regularly outdoors. Even just a few hours a week spent in nature can help improve your spirituality, so whether it’s watching the waves, sitting under a tree, or gardening, find a way to regularly interact with nature.


One of the best ways to improve your spirituality is through giving to others. Regularly serve those around you, taking unselfish actions. You can give materially, of course. The next time you need a gift for a friend, look for quality items that are produced ethically with a focus on social change and are handmade. Give artisan-made bohemian jewelry to your friend–now your friend has a unique piece of art with a story to tell. There are non-material ways to give, as well. You can give service by volunteering with a local group or cleaning a sick friend’s house. You can give compassion by lending a sympathetic ear to someone in need and letting others know you are thinking about them.


Besides practicing simple techniques for improved spirituality, you should enlarge your knowledge of spiritual practices. Try reading books on spirituality, or grow in the knowledge of your own religion. That enhanced knowledge will help grow you, even further, into the individual you want to be.


Spirituality is deeply linked to love, so there’s no better place to start than with yourself. If you take time to properly groom yourself, exercise, rest and think positive thoughts about your appearance, you’ll see your spirituality blossom.

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