4 Ways to Make Your Life as a New Mom Easier

 4-Ways-to-Make-Your-Life-as-a-New-Mom-EasierThe pure bliss of being a mom is certainly more than enough to inspire you even in your most confusing and worrisome moments – up to a point. Then there are the sleepless nights, the potential baby blues, and not to mention all the unknowns that no book could ever fully prepare you for, no matter how well-meaning the advice might be. This is where new moms find themselves feeling overwhelmed despite being absolutely in love with their little bundles of joy.

This feeling of being unable to manage it all doesn’t just go away. New challenges surface, and you can prepare for them, but you can also spot opportunities to adapt your life and live it with a little bit less stress, despite all the unknowns. There are certain tried and tested methods new moms have been using for years now. Let’s impart some of that wisdom so that you can use it in your everyday life and hopefully enjoy momhood more than ever.

Feed-your-body-right-and-in-timeFeed your body right and in time

New moms devote the majority of their time to their infants, naturally so. However, to have that energy and zeal to care for your bundle, you also need to focus on your own wellbeing, starting with healthy nutrition. Whether or not you’re looking to shed a few pregnancy pounds, or even if you just want to stay energized and resilient, food is the only way to achieve your health goals.

The best way to do that is to meal-prep and plan it all in advance. Ask your spouse or family for help in getting the groceries. Thankfully, you can also get it all online these days, so having it home delivered is another option. There are even healthy meal delivery services you can use to cut down on meal prep time. Whichever option you pick, just give yourself those regular meals and your energy will slowly be revived.

Use-your-smartphone-to-your-advantageUse your smartphone to your advantage

Social media is fine and dandy, but now that you’re a new mom, you should look for smarter, less distracting ways to put your phone to good use. This is especially important when you need support and advice from other moms just like you. You can start using the Mumli app that helps moms connect, share ideas and hacks, and just be there for one another.

It also allows you to commemorate those special moments, take notes of your own, and research relevant motherhood topics to learn more about the whole process. Being a social network and a helpful tool for your own momhood processes, the app can help you navigate the strange and often surprising waters of motherhood.

 Discover-a-new-way-to-practice-self-care.Discover a new way to practice self-care

Moms quickly learn that having a spa day or grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend spontaneously isn’t always doable now that you have your little one to care for. You also figure out that self-care isn’t always what it used to be.

Find an activity you can easily introduce into your day or your week without disrupting your schedule, the kind that helps you unwind and be with yourself for a few moments. A herbal bath is a good example, or even a great shower can do the trick. Consider enjoying a cup of tea on your own, or reading a chapter of a book. Self-care shouldn’t be disruptive, but support you on this journey.

Dont-be-afraid-to-ask-for-helpDon’t be afraid to ask for help

Being a mom often feels lonely, since there is no way to learn the ropes before you actually become a mom, and nobody around you can completely understand every single emotion you’re going through. The bond you have with your child is unique. However, the responsibilities of caring for an infant shouldn’t be just yours, and your partner should share them with you.

Creating a support system often depends on your willingness to ask for help and support. People around us sometimes feel that we have it all under control, even when that’s not really the case. Don’t be scared to ask for help and take a break. Being a mom is a permanent life role, but you should give yourself the freedom to rest regularly and ask for support.

Despite even the best advice out there (and in here), there will be days when you just want those few hours of sleep, and not worry about food. The tips listed here serve to give you that extra energy nudge in those precise moments when you need them most, when all hell breaks loose around you. As a new mom, you’ll find yourself exploring your new role with great care, and these bits of wisdom should help you pave your own motherly road. Use these tips and make the most of the journey, together with all the unknowns.
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A Message For All Moms

Happy Mothers Day
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I wanted to take time to wish all  my friends that are Moms a “Happy Mothers Day”!  Sometimes the simplest message says it all!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.
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What Science Says: Is the Pregnancy Glow Real?

What Science Says Is The Pregnancy Glow Real

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At some point in your pregnancy, you probably got comments about your skin’s glow or radiant appearance. Prior to having a baby, you’ve been so religious with skincare routines, but you still get a pimple here and there. Who knew growing a bump will be the fix, right? But is the pregnancy glow truly real? Or are people just too kind towards the pregnant lady? And you’ve gotten carried away by people’s praises that you start to believe it, too?

The Real Deal about Pregnancy Glow

The short answer is that pregnancy glow is real. But contrary to what your aunt says, it has nothing to do with your baby’s gender. It’s also not your own happiness creating this. There are many factors as to why you’re radiant. For one, it’s the changes in the hormone levels. When you get pregnant, estrogen, progesterone, and human chorionic gonadotropin increase. Inside your body, these body chemicals help prepare the uterus and nurture the baby into further development. On the outside, they give off that flushed-look on the skin.

Another reason for the glow is the fact that your body pumps more blood to support the growing baby. As noted by a doctor of obstetrics in Provo, this increased blood volume causes blood vessels to dilate, again leaving a nice, warm blush in your appearance. Both the hormone changes and stronger blood flow cause the body to produce more oils, making for the blooming look. There’s no specific time as to when women get the glow. It’s simply when the peak of the pregnancy changes happen. For most people though, it’s during the second trimester.

Absence of the Glow Absence of the Glow

Not all pregnant women will get the glow though. If you don’t experience it, that shouldn’t be a cause of concern. It just means your skin responds differently to what’s happening inside your body. As mentioned earlier also, given that sebum production increases, there’s also the possibility of developing acne. If you had pimples in the past or experience breakouts at the start of your menstrual cycle, you’re most likely to develop this while pregnant. Resist the urge of self-medications. Some acne treatments may be harmful to the baby, so make sure to consult your doctor first before applying or taking any treatments.

Aside from acne, other pregnant women may also notice brown spots on the skin. The stark contrast of pregnancy glow, this is called the ‘pregnancy mask.’ This happens due to hyperpigmentation as the body releases more melanin, again, as a result of hormone changes. These should go away after giving birth. But do note that too much sun exposure can exacerbate them. So apply sunscreen every day. Choose products whose active ingredient is zinc oxide and/or titanium oxide, because they’re hypoallergenic. Those that offer SPF 30 and up will do. Re-apply it every three hours.

Is pregnancy glow real? Yes, it is. It’s one of the natural changes you can expect while expecting. But at the same time, you can also expect the pregnancy mask, the not-so-pretty aspect of having a baby. All the same, for a healthy nine-month journey, welcome and embrace the changes, whatever they are. Good and bad.
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