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MUK LUKS Women’s Heeled Sandals – Was $78.99 – Now $21.99 + Free Shipping!
Was $78.99 – Now $21.99 – MUK LUKS Women’s Heeled Sandals | Free Shipping (1/12 to 1/14)

Cozy Winter Sweater | 3 Colors – Was $39.99 – Ships for $13.98!
Was $39.99 – Now $10.99 – Cozy Winter Sweater | 3 Colors (1/12 to 1/14)

Green Leaf Wreath Pillow Covers – Was $25.00 – Ships for $18.98!
Was $25.00 – Now $16.99 – Green Leaf Wreath Pillow Covers (1/13 to 1/15)

Long Length Soft Cotton Tees | S-XL – Was $19.99 – Ships for $10.44!
Was $19.99 – Now $6.95 – Long Length Soft Cotton Tees | S-XL (1/13 to 1/15)

Custom Home & Garden Flags – Was $19.95 – Ships for $13.94!
Was $19.95 – Now $10.95 – Custom Home & Garden Flags (1/14 to 1/16)

Valentine’s Buffalo Plaid Tees – Was $38.99 – Ships for $18.98!
Was $38.99 – Now $13.99 – Valentine’s Buffalo Plaid Tees (1/14 to 1/16)

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#2 Shopping: Jane’s Online Boutique

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Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

Mobile technology is, quite frankly, astonishing. In less than a decade we have gone from basic ‘feature phones’ that were capable of doing everything that you ever really needed a phone to do, to smartphones that are nothing short of miniaturized personal computers. Smartphones have redefined how we think of phones and gone are the days when all you really needed to do was make a call, set a reminder, or send someone a text message.Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

Today, smartphones do it all. From making calls and sending text messages, to planning the minutia of our daily lives, connecting with friends online through social media, watching movies or playing games on the go, taking razor-sharp images and videos and much more. Our mobile devices (including tablets) are everything to us and most of us could not imagine being without our beloved mobile devices. But, the burning question is, are you addicted to your smartphone? If so, what are the causes of the addiction?

Gaming and Social Media

These days, most smartphone users hardly use their smartphones to actually make calls, which would be the ‘phone’ part of smartphones. They use their smartphones to chat on Facebook or Whatsapp, follow interesting people on Twitter, check out cool pics on Instagram, and all sorts of other social media trends and options. Social media is playing a bigger and bigger role in our lives and for some, it’s becoming more important than the real world around them. You may have noticed this in a friend or even yourself, not being able to go longer than thirty seconds before checking your screen again. This has a lot to do with the dopamine, the ‘feel good’ hormone, which gets released every time someone follows you, likes your comment or picture, or adds you as a ‘friend’. Dopamine is a drug and, like any drug, is addictive.

The other aspect which can lead to smartphone addiction is playing games on the go using sites like newbingosites.net and other casino apps. There are thousands upon thousands of gaming apps available on various app stores, and many of these are actually casino gaming apps. Casino gaming apps are currently the number one downloaded gaming app in the world, as thousands of online casino gamers are making the switch to mobile casino gaming.

Now, mobile gaming apps like casino apps are not really the problem. As with anything that has the potential to create an addiction, it is ultimately up to the user. The really good news is that, in the case of casino gaming apps, responsible online casinos are committed to something called ‘responsible gaming practices’. This basically means that online casinos put certain measures in places such as self-regulation and user-enabled depositing limits, to ensure that you do not become addicted to online gambling.

As most online casino apps are simply mobile extensions of the regular online casino, these same safety and control measures are available through the app. This allows mobile casino gamers to easily self-regulate their gambling on the go, simply by clicking on a few options. So, while you may still run the risk of being addicted to social media, becoming addicted to casino apps on your smartphone is quite unlikely.

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How To Enjoy Being Pregnant

Being pregnant is life-changing, and you should try to enjoy every moment of it as much as you can! Pregnancy can be a test of your endurance; it not only takes you through emotional turmoil and hormonal changes, but it also changes your body shape. Too often the negative outcome of being pregnant is focused on, hindering one from focusing on the many joys of expecting a new baby.

Rather than going through your pregnancy being anxious, there are many ways you can enjoy the passing months; here are some of them. How To Enjoy Being Pregnant

Get Help From Friends And Family

Getting lots of support can help reduce stress during pregnancy. Loving support from friends and family can serve as a foundation of security and growth for an expectant mother and baby. It also significantly contributes to a healthy pregnancy, childbirth and parenting experience.

Practice Yoga And Meditation

Exercising while pregnant is very beneficial to both you and your unborn child. It is best to stick to light exercises such as yoga, which is safe to practice as long as you take certain precautions. Yoga calms down your mind and body and helps you breathe and relax, which enables you to adjust to the mental and physical demands of pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. It may also help to reduce postpartum depression according to some studies.

Also, through yoga, you are relieved of physical and emotional stress. By attending prenatal yoga classes, you meet other expectant mothers you can quickly bond with and take the pregnancy journey together.

Have A Baby Shower

Having a baby shower is a beautiful way of celebrating your pregnancy. A baby shower is a perfect way of bringing all your friends together and catching up with them without having to visit them individually. The baby shower is going to be about you and the baby, so you get to choose the theme you want from a vast number of baby shower theme ideas for girls and boys. It includes tropical baby shower theme and the bumblebee theme.

Do Not Stress Too Much

To enjoy your pregnancy, take time off specific activities to relax and generally cut back on chores. You need to focus on yourself and the baby to avoid any complication. During pregnancy, it is very common and usual to worry about the health of the baby, the food and drinks to consume and how the baby will change your life. However, it should not be all-consuming that it affects your daily functioning.

Socialize More

Socializing helps boost your confidence and protects you against the effects of stress and loss. You can join or create a support group, exercise group or any similar form of a community group. To enjoy your pregnancy, you need all the support and attention you can get to ward off loneliness and depression.

In conclusion, it is essential you take the time to fully relax and enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. After all, your new bundle of joy will be arriving before you realize and the journey of parenthood begins!

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Potty Training 101

Potty Training 101“When your child is finally ready to start the journey of potty training, it can be difficult to know where to begin, especially if it’s your first child. What equipment do you need? How can you ensure your child learns what to do in the best possible way? In this infographic all the basics of potty training are condensed into a clear and concise format to help guide and keep parents and tots stay on track.”

Source: Mom Bible

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