A Life-Altering Ouch: Personal Injury

 A-Life-Altering-Ouch-Personal-Injury We’ve all seen the movies: The patient is wheeled into the emergency room on a gurney. Paramedics are shouting vital stats to the intake nurse: “65-year-old female. Store’s floor was wet. She slipped and fell. Suspected hip fracture. BP is 175/90!” 

Cue the greasy-looking, business-card bearing “attorney-at-law” — or, as they’re portrayed on film, the “ambulance chaser.”

The fact is, scenarios like slipping on a wet store floor, being rear-ended by a texting driver, being bitten by the neighbor’s unleashed dog, and even wrongful deaths due to negligence happen in real life. Daily. The legal term is “Personal Injury.”

I’m a Victim of Personal Injury — I Want Compensation!

If it were as simple as this, every person would be on the benefit bandwagon. It would be chaos. Fact one: In order to initiate a personal injury claim, you have to furnish proof that you’re entitled to the reimbursement.

The best way to go about this is to approach a reputable law firm with specialized expertise in the field of personal injury law. You’re already vulnerable because of the trauma you’ve suffered, so you want legal assistance from a dedicated person (or team).

Where Do I Start Looking?

Good question! After all, type “Personal Injury Lawyers, Toronto,” into Google, and you’re hit with almost 3 million responses in less than a second.  Our recommendation is to skip past the ads and check the star ratings of the first page. Or do your research with the Canadian Bar Association. 

Fact two: a personal injury can happen at any time, anywhere. You don’t want to wait until an office opens to get help, do you? Some personal injury firms, like Diamond & Diamond in Toronto, are manned 24/7, via telephone hotline or online chat. Others offer a no-charge first consultation to discuss your case and expectations with you.

What Will the Attorney(s) Do?

The best personal injury attorneys will do everything they can to help their clients. They will treat your case as a unique one — because that’s what it is. One slip and fall is not the same as another. 

Dedicated attorneys will advise their clients of their rights as well as what compensation they may claim. Examples include (but are not limited to) loss of income (both current and future) and medical expenses. 

Excellent personal injury lawyers will investigate every aspect of the incident thoroughly and keep their clients abreast of developments while encouraging them to focus on their recovery. 

Any personal injury can have irrevocably life-changing effects on the victim. Seasoned professionals understand this and treat their clients with empathy. It doesn’t make them “softies,” though — they will doggedly gather evidence to compile their client’s claim. 

How Will I Afford the Services of a Personal Injury Attorney?How-will-I-afford-the-services-of-a-personal-injury-attorney

As mentioned earlier, some law firms offer a free first consultation to their clients, and expectations are established. If you visit such a firm and decide that you’re not comfortable, or that they won’t be able to fulfill your needs, you are under no obligation to procure their services.

All firms have different billing structures. Be sure to obtain the fees and conditions of payment from your attorney before entering into a contractual agreement. Will they be charging a straight fee because the settlement amount will be low? Or will they be privy to a percentage of a large settlement in the case of a win?

At the end of the day, if they are determined to fight for you, their client, and do everything they can to get you the settlement you are entitled to, and deserve, the fee will be worth it.

Don’t settle for an “ambulance chaser” — rebuild your life by joining hands with an attorney who would do as much for you as they would for a member of their own family.

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Social Media Posts and Your Workers Comp Benefits

Social-Media-Posts-and-Your-Workers-Comp-BenefitsFor many of us, social media is the best way to stay in touch with our friends and family, especially if we need to let many or all of them know when something serious happens. Many people use this in the wake of natural disasters, for example, so they can keep in touch with those missing, displaced, or otherwise impacted. 

However, social media can affect personal disasters, too. For example, you may have been injured in a work accident, and you’re due work comp benefits. Unfortunately, the insurance company may try to use your online posts about your injury to hurt your future. 

If you’re concerned about protecting your compensation from being reduced or dismissed, you may need to avoid posting or sharing online after your accident. 

Your Posts Can Be Used against You

Unfortunately, your social media account isn’t always useful for good things. If you’ve posted about your injury, the insurance company may use that against you. If you’ve claimed online your injuries were lighter than what you told your doctor, for example, you could lose part or all your benefits. 

You could lose your benefits even if you don’t mention your worker’s comp agreement. The insurance company may try to claim you were in better health than you claimed to be. 

For example, you may have posted pictures of yourself playing football or tending to your garden on a day you were suffering less pain. Your worker’s comp provider may see this as evidence that your injuries aren’t as severe as you originally claimed since you were doing well enough to get back to normal tasks and fun. That could hurt your chances for work comp benefits. 

Addressing Social Media in Your Work Comp Hearing

When you’re accused of lying about your condition, and the other party brings up your social media posts in your hearing, it could hurt your chances of compensation. Without an Iowa workers comp lawyer, it can be tough to prepare for how your words will be used against you. 

Your Iowa workers comp lawyer can help you deal with that. If you’ve been injured in a work accident, your attorney can help you gather evidence that defends your online statements or contradicts it with physical evidence. 

Using Social Media for Your Work Comp Benefits

If you’ve been hurt in a work accident, your social media accounts may not be all bad. While it’s best not to post if you’re concerned about social media hurting your claim, your social media posts could help you prove that you were injured in a serious on-the-job accident. 

For example, you may have let your family know or made a comment about your work injury on the day of the accident. That gives you evidence that you were hurt when you claimed you were. You may also have posted updates about your progress or lack of progress. When keeping an honest track of your injuries, these posts may help jog your memory and show a timeline of your injury progression. 

If you’re concerned about the effect of your social media posts, talk to your lawyer about your options. They may review the content you’ve posted and helped you work with or around your statements.
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Understanding Florida’s Claims Process for a Slip-and-Fall Injury

 Damages-You-Can-Recover-as-a-Slip-and-Fall-VictimWhen you’re out running errands in Lakeland, Florida, you likely aren’t expecting that you’re in any danger. Accidents, however, happen unexpectedly and can occur in the most unlikely places. A slip-and-fall injury may seem minor but can often lead to severe injuries that require extensive recovery periods and large medical expenses. 

If you get injured in a slip-and-fall accident in Lakeland, filing a claim against the property owner where your accident occurred can get you the money you need to treat your injuries and move on with life as normal.

Property owners are liable for any accidents that occur on their land because of premises liability law. This law can be complex to understand, so it’s important to speak with a Lakeland personal injury lawyer if you want the best chance of winning your case in court and obtaining the maximum settlement. 

How Slip-and-Fall Accidents Occur in Florida

Slip-and-fall accidents can occur in Florida because of spilled liquids, loose floorboards, uneven rugs or mats, and unsalted ice if it gets cold in the winter. Usually, a property owner or their staff will put warning signs around a hazard in a walkway and remove the hazard as soon as possible to prevent slip-and-fall injuries from occurring; however, a negligent property owner may not think to do so.

Obligations of a Property Owner

Property owners have an obligation under premises liability law to exercise due care in maintaining their properties and preventing accidents from occurring on their property. Although property owners can’t be expected to prevent all injuries, the law expects them to try. 

For example, if a liquid is spilled and a guest slips on the liquid immediately after the spill, then there’s no way a property owner would have been able to warn the guest of the spill; however, if it’s proven that the spill was on the floor for a reasonable amount of time before the guest slipped, then the property owner could be held responsible. 

Proving Liability in a Premises Liability Claim

To prove liability in a premises liability claim, you must prove that the property owner failed to exercise due care in warning of or preventing the hazard that caused your injury on their property. You can use video footage, photographs, medical records, witness statements, or other evidence to prove your case. 

An experienced attorney can negotiate on your behalf in court and convince the judge and jury that you deserve a settlement for your damages. 

Damages You Can Recover as a Slip-and-Fall Victim

You can claim both economic and non-economic damages in your premises liability claim for the ways the accident financially and non-financially affected your life. Economic damages may include medical expenses, lost wages from missing work, and property damage. Non-economic damages may include emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering. 

You shouldn’t hesitate to fight for the money you deserve after your accident because the law holds property owners liable for the negligence and so should you.
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Things to Know About Being Injured in a Boston Car Accident

Things-to-Know-About-Being-Injured-in-a-Car-AccidentNo one is prepared to be seriously injured in a car accident, but when it happens to you, it can be helpful to know what your next steps should be and how to go about holding the person responsible for causing your injuries to account for their negligence. Continue reading to learn more about securing an insurance settlement and bringing your case to court for a car accident in Boston. 

You’ll File a Claim with Your Own Insurance Company

Massachusetts is a no-fault state for auto accidents. This means that, as an MA driver, you’ll need to carry personal injury protection on your vehicle, which then enables you to file a claim with your own insurance company after an accident, no matter whose at fault. 

But, just because you are dealing with your own insurer doesn’t mean it will be easier to secure the compensation you deserve.

The insurance adjuster is going to search for any possible reason to reduce the amount of your insurance settlement, as this prevents the company from losing more money than it might have otherwise had to. Your lawyer can handle the insurance company for you so your award won’t be at risk. 

Insurance Might Not Cover All Your Losses

Your auto insurance only covers certain losses, as well. If you are able to obtain a settlement from the insurance company, it may not fully cover your financial and non-financial damages. In these cases, your best option will be to head to court and file a personal injury lawsuit against those liable for your injuries. This way, you can seek full compensation for your suffering. 

Shared Fault Laws Could Impact Your Injury Settlement

Contributory negligence laws can have a dramatic influence on your car accident claim. Massachusetts follows modified comparative negligence laws, which refer to how a lawsuit is handled when an accident survivor is partially responsible for causing the accident. 

In MA, if you are partly liable for your injuries, you are still able to file a lawsuit and be awarded compensation for your damages. However, before you can collect a settlement, your award will be reduced by your portion of fault. Here’s an example of how a Massachusetts car accident claim could be impacted by a shared fault:

Susie was struck by a drunk driver. During the investigation, it was discovered that Susie was driving over the speed limit when she was struck. The judge presiding over her case found her to be 10 percent at fault for the accident and ordered that her $200,000 injury settlement be reduced to $180,000.

Meet with a Car Accident Lawyer in Boston

There are many more details that go into obtaining an injury settlement for a car accident. If you are feeling intimidated or overwhelmed at the thought of pursuing compensation for your suffering, consider reaching out to a qualified Boston car accident lawyer for help with your claim.
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