Strappy Heels Or Flip-Flops- Right Footwear For Right Occasion

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When you intend to dress to impress, it isn’t just about wearing a perfect outfit that drapes your form effortlessly and feels comfortable. You need to think about the whole ensemble, right from top to bottom. So your footwear deserves as much attention as your attire, jewelry, and other accessories. Is there a proven formula for choosing the perfect footwear for a specific occasion? How do you opt for a pair that looks good and gives you all the comfort you need? What factors should you consider while picking a pair from your shoe rack for today’s dressing? Here are the answers to all your footwear queries so that you can nail the choice every time you step out.

Invest in the essentials

Even before you start guessing perfect picks occasion-wise, you need to have some essentials in your shoe rack. These are the basics that you cannot afford to miss out on- a pair of sleek black heels, colorful flip flops, strappy stilettos, classy high boots, and basic running shoes. Apart from the basics, you can shop a few colors and styles that match the outfits in your wardrobe and your personal taste. For example, you may pick a pair in animal prints if you love dressing your feet that way on special occasions.

Match with your outfit

When it comes to creating a complete look for any occasion, matching the footwear with your outfit is the key. After all, you cannot expect to match a pair of sneakers with a formal gown and flip flops won’t work with a professional office suite. Getting some wardrobe inspiration from JustFab is a great idea while you can just listen to your instinct to nail the look. And there are some basic casual and formal matching rules that you can follow to make the choice easy and fun.

Choose according to season

The choice of footwear also depends on the season because that is the practical side of things. Obviously, you would want something easy and airy for the summer and warm and comfortable for the winter. Casual loafers and moccasins are ideal for summer outings, while vibrant flip-flops are just right for a beach holiday or a shopping trip. For a night out, strappy heels make the perfect companion for any outfit. During the freezing winter, your fancy sandals and pumps won’t be good enough. Rather mules and knee-high boots are great for keeping your warm.

Comfort should be the top priority

Even as you want to pair your attire with an ideal match in footwear and get it right for the occasion as well, do not compromise with comfort for style. If you expect a busy day at work or outdoors, walking around with high heels may not be practical. Look for something that fits nicely and is soft on your skin so that you don’t end up with a show bite. Don’t hesitate to carry an extra pair and change if you need to.

The choice of the right footwear for the right occasion may take some good thinking but is still easy to handle. Just find something that blends a good match with your outfit, comfort, and awesome looks and you are good to go!

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Skate Shoes – An Explanatory Guide for Your Understanding

Skate-Shoes-An-Explanatory-Guide-for-Your-UnderstandingWhen you hear skate shoes, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A certain brand? A casual look? In the end, what differentiates normal shoes from Skate shoes is the use that will be given and the technology with which they are built.

Double stitch, vulcanized sole or supertype. In this post, we will explain the different terms and their meanings to help you the next time you go to buy skate shoes.

What Makes Skate Shoes Special?

Good Skate shoes from West 49 are manufactured taking into account the needs of the skaters and the intensive use they are going to give them. Just like running shoes or trekking boots, they are made for walking or running on different terrains. Skate shoes are specifically made for riding comfort and a good touch with the board.

Also, they should be more resistant than other sports shoes because of continuous abrasion. Protection, reinforcement, and strength in the areas that need it, all this plays a key role in the making of good skate shoes.

Materials of Skate Shoes

Materials play an important role in the potential life of a skate shoe. Materials such as canvas or hemp do not have the hardness or resistance of suede or leather but offer other kinds of features such as lightness and breathability.

Your decision on the purchase will be based on the type of Skater you are. If cruising is your thing or you simply use Skate as a means of transport, canvas or hemp will work well for you.

If you are a technical skateboarder that you like to do Street and give incredible “gaps” you will opt for Suede or Leather sneakers. These materials are more resistant and better withstand the wear of the shoes against sandpaper or asphalt.

That the seams are hard.

The sewing on your Skate Shoes is the reinforcement of them.

A full seam will help your shoes avoid opening and breaking and also offer support in key areas.

The vast majority of Skate Shoes come with double and even triple stitching around your “big toe” (thumb) and in the area with which you push the Skate to kick. These high-impact areas will interact with rough materials so they need additional support.

Types of Cane (High-Mid-Low)

The type of cane of a skate shoe is a personal preference of each Skater, but we will indicate the benefits of each type of cane.

The most classic is low cane or “low top” which will offer us unparalleled comfort and does not restrict movement.

The half-round or “mid-top” is also a very popular and appreciated option because they offer us more ankle support than a “low top” but they are not as bulky as high-top ones.

The “high top” or high cane shoes from West 49 offer complete protection for our ankles but they are also much bulkier.

The best option is to try all types of cane and choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

Types of Soles

There are two types of soles that are vulcanized and cupsoles. They are two terms of which not much is spoken and as a general rule, we each opt for one type of sole or another. Do not believe everything they tell you or blindly trust what colleagues tell you.

The best thing you can do is try them yourself skating. Each one has its advantages and since there are not two equal feet, each Skater will work better than the others.

Vulcanized Outsole

Vulcanized soles will offer us a better touch on the table thanks to its rubberiness and flexibility. The drawback of a vulcanized sole is that they lack heel support due to their super flat shape.

For technical tricks and Street, vulcanized soles will stand out. If your thing is to give inhuman “gaps” of 20 steps the same way you are more interested in a cupsole. The manufacturing process of a vulcanized sole is relatively simple.

The rubber sole of the shoe melts, which creates elasticity and resistance, and then adheres to the top of the shoe. This technique creates a stronger bond than a traditional tail and gives us the advantage that between our foot and the skateboard there is only one rubber sole which gives us an unequaled touch.

Cupsole Sole

The Cupsole construction is also very popular among many Skaters. The way to remember the difference between cups and vulcanized ones is that the cups offer us greater protection. The Cupsole construction offers us a harder feeling, greater support of the foot and ankle creating a thicker barrier between our board and us. The disadvantage of this is a lower touch.

When cupsole shoes are made, the bottom and top of the shoe are two independent pieces that are joined by tails and seams. This process allows several companies to add all kinds of features at the bottom of the Shoe before application. The characteristic of a cupsole will be much more support and protection.

Your shoes will always be constantly worn by sandpaper and asphalt.

Final Words

So, choose the shoes that fit you best and start skating until they are destroyed. And you know: we all need to do some madness once in a while.

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5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs to Transition from Summer to Fall

5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs to Transition from Summer to FallWhen the long summer days come to an end and the weather starts to cool off, but it still isn’t quite cold enough for your favorite chunky sweater, it’s nice to have functional items that can easily transition between your summer and fall wardrobes. The answer to dressing effortlessly at the beginning of fall is to invest in a few key pieces that will bring more versatility and practicality into your wardrobe. So, here are the most essential items every woman needs to transition smoothly into the upcoming season:

1. A pair of denim jeansA pair of denim jeans

Regardless of the season, a great pair of jeans should always be a wardrobe staple, but it’s especially helpful during transitional weather. Easily paired with almost anything in your closet, denim jeans can be worn in a million and one ways, whether they’re combined with a classic trench and a pair of stilettos for an office-appropriate look, or a bomber jacket and some basic sneakers for a relaxed casual outfit. Since it’s a staple item you’ll probably get a lot of wear out of, it would be wise to invest in a high-quality pair. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boyfriend or a mom cut, or even skinny jeans – just choose a pair that fits your figure perfectly, and you will have the ultimate transitional piece.

2. A beautiful maxi dressA beautiful maxi dress

A long-sleeved maxi dress is a surprising secret for successfully and fashionably dressing for fall. Even though a dress like this is usually worn during cooler summer nights and milder fall days, it often gets overlooked as a transitional piece, since it can very easily look too summery to be worn in fall. But as long as you choose a dark, neutral color, a maxi dress can easily take you through several seasons. All you need to do is add a pair of sleek leather ankle boots, as well as a cool biker jacket, and it’s a look that can easily take you from the office to a date night in comfort and style. For a truly on-trend look this season, opt for a maxi dress in beautiful dark florals.

3. An essential fall coatAn essential fall coat

Whether it’s a classic trench coat or a checkered blazer coat, the power of essential fall outerwear truly can’t be underestimated. Because of their timelessness and versatility, staple coats like these should be an essential part of every transitional wardrobe, and the good news is, you can find a beautiful fall coat almost anywhere you look. There are many great Melbourne fashion labels, for example, that offer some incredible coat options in neutral shades and classic shapes and cuts, making them the perfect investment piece and an ideal addition to your transitional wardrobe.

4. A cute high-neck knitA cute high-neck knit

If your head is in denial about summer coming to an end, but your body is feeling the autumnal chill, a high-neck sweater is going to be your new best friend during this transitional period. Opt for a fine-knit roll neck or turtleneck sweater in a neutral color and a breathable material, such as cotton, to keep you cozy and comfortable. Easily paired with anything from denim jeans on a colder day to a miniskirt and bare legs during warmer weather, as a nod to recently departed summer, a thin knit like this is an ideal option for slowly transitioning into fall.

5. Staple ankle bootsStaple ankle boots

Swapping your open-toed summer sandals for over the knee winter boots can often feel like too much too soon, which is exactly why fashionable ankle boots are such a great option. Not only do these amazing boots keep your toes warm, without overheating you, but they can also be paired with almost anything in your closet. From your favorite pair of jeans to a maxi dress or a midi skirt, ankle boots can truly pull any outfit together and make it look more appropriate for fall. Although black is always a safe bet, any neutral color will be versatile enough to get you through the colder months.Dressing effortlessly with 5 wardrobe essentials from summer to fall

To ease the awkward transition into fall, stock up on these essential items that are friendly for both the end of summer and the beginning of the next season – your closet will thank you.
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Review: Gold Gladiator Sandals Open Toe Flat Strappy Sandals

About Funny She Jill Shoe Company ”  FSJ” is a shoe brand, synchronized with international fashion, taking super fashion design as well as an attractive price. FSJ means extremely “ Innovation “ or ” Adventurous “, which symbolizes the modern women’s life characteristics of pursuit for fashion and vitality. We aim to help women realize their dream of fashion and pursuit of quality.Funny She Jill Shoe Manufacturers

 Gold Gladiator Sandals Open Toe Flats Strappy SandalsOpen Toe Flats Strappy Sandals From FJS-FeatureOpen Toe Flats Strappy Sandals From FJS-Feature

Quick View
Synthetic Sole
Heel height: Approx ( varied slightly by size )
High quality with strictly handmade.
Always Full-Size US4-15 available. For additional size, width, colors, and material. We could also offer customized service.
Order handling: 2-7 business days.
Shipping time
DHL: 2-5 days
Free shipping: within 15 days.
30 days return
Images were taken off from the actual product, therefore, actual color may differ slightly due to different monitor display setting.

I received my choice of shoes and chose these fun Gold Gladiator Sandals Open Toe Flats Strappy Sandals gold_gladiator_sandals_open_toe_flats_strappy_sandals_1_

I was impressed that FJS’s shoes are handmade in their factor, and it actually took a bit of time to receive my sandals, but they are really well constructed. The workmanship and materials are great. When I put them on they are soft, no binding like some shoes and the fit is perfect, I ordered a size 7 and they do fit true to size. 

When you visit their website you will find an array of shoes, platform, heels, flats, sandals, both flat and heels including boots. In amazing colors and materials. There are polka dot, rhinestone, rivets, romance, low cute, high cut, lace up, open-toed, closed toe, etc. 

    • Here are a few examples of shoe heights:

Customize Your Own Shoes:
You can even customize a pair of shoes by uploading a picture, here’s how:
How to make your own shoes?
Step 1. Submit custom shoes require and images.
Step 2. Get Price offer from us & Place an order.
Step 3. Make approval with of your shoe completed photos.
Step 4. Receive your custom shoes.

I’ve never known a shoe company to make shoes for you, wow the possibilities are unlimited!! What would you have created, something with flowers or a favorite photo? It took me a while to choose a pair of shoes but I wanted something I would not normally buy, these will be fun to wear with skirts or dresses. If it was my granddaughter she would probably wear them with shorts and accessorize with a cute belt and purse!!

I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking an affiliate link at no cost to you.