Want to get a better night’s sleep during summer? These 5 tips could help

 Summer is a delightful season. Many things make it enjoyable, from the long walks on the beach to sitting in a hammock while enjoying your favourite book in the sunlight.

But as thrilling as it is, summer also has a downside – it can highly affect the quality of your sleep. Due to the high temperature, you can either have trouble falling asleep, or you might wake up repeatedly during the night.

As research has shown, our sleep pattern is affected by prolonged daylight hours. This leads to changes in your circadian rhythm, making it difficult to get a good night’s rest.

But our sleep is not only affected by the delayed secretion of melatonin – our lifestyle can also influence it. During summer, we invest more in our social life: we hang out with our friends more frequently, have dinner at late hours and stay up late. This way of living – although pleasant – impacts our sleep in the long term.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your health. But how can you achieve that when so many factors stand in the way of quality sleep?

Here are some tips that could help.

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Set up the right environment

If you want to ensure you will get a good night’s sleep, start with preparing the ideal environment in your room. There’s a simple formula for getting in the state of sleep. If you are in a dark room, melatonin is produced. If melatonin is produced, you get sleepy. It’s simple: you have to block out any natural or artificial light from your room. That’s easy when it comes to artificial light, but what can you do about outside light? You might want to try blackout shades. Besides preventing light from entering the room, they can also decrease external noise, thanks to the thicker fabrics they are made of. Eye masks are another excellent option for deep and peaceful sleep. Besides being cost-effective, they can also protect your eyes from getting dry.

Using your smartphone before bed can also interfere with your sleep – this is why it’s crucial to put them away a few hours before going to bed. The blue light produced by your device has a negative effect on your brain, influencing the secretion of melatonin. Plus, checking social media before bed can also make you feel restless. Thus, if you want to get a good night’s rest, disconnect from your device at least one hour before heading to sleep. Creating a night routine might also be helpful, as it will get you into a relaxed state, and thus, you will sleep better.  

A hot bath can do wonders

Before going to sleep, show yourself some love by taking a hot bath. Now, a hot bath during a hot night might not sound exciting at first, but believe it or not, it can improve your sleep. Once you’ve finished bathing, your body loses heat and then gets back to its average temperature. This will naturally make you feel sleepy.

Plus, baths can also represent a form of self-care, as they help you calm your mind and release all that tension in your body. 

Drinking enough water is essential

Dehydration can mess up your body’s circadian rhythm, affecting your sleep quality. To avoid being thirsty at nighttime, make sure to drink enough water during the day. Put water into a bottle and keep it near you. In doing so, it will be easier for you to maintain healthy hydration. You can even set a reminder on your phone if you think it might help. Try consuming fewer beverages that contain sugar, such as juice. Make water your primary drink, and avoid having too much coffee or alcohol. Including a balanced diet in your lifestyle is also essential, as fruits and vegetables can contribute to your daily water consumption.

However, it is crucial to mention that drinking too much water right before sleep can have the opposite effect, causing sleep disruptions, such as nocturia. Make sure to stay adequately hydrated during the day and avoid drinking too many liquids at least two hours before sleep.  

In doing so, you will prevent both dehydration and frequent urination during the night.

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Get comfortable clothes

What you wear in bed will also influence the quality of your sleep. You want to feel as comfortable as possible, so finding what works best for you is crucial. Maybe you are the type of person who doesn’t really like to sleep with many clothes on. If not, you might want to consider giving it a shot, as it can lead to better sleep. You won’t have to worry too much about adjusting the temperature in your bedroom since sleeping naked allows your body to maintain a lower temperature.

However, if this is not your thing, don’t worry! It is possible to find the right clothes that will give you that comfy vibe for a good rest. You definitely want to avoid wearing thick clothes, as they will only increase your body heat and lead to perspiration.

An excellent solution against this is to pick moisture-wicking pajamas, whose fabric prevents you from sweating excessively. Besides, they are quite resistant, and you can fearlessly wash them with other clothes, as they aren’t prone to getting damaged!

Choose the right bedding

Choosing a suitable mattress and pillow can significantly affect how well you will sleep. To make the right choice for you, consider the quality of the fabrics they are made of. When it comes to mattresses, it’s crucial to avoid thick foams: by taking in your body temperature, they will only increase the heat. Instead, you can opt for mattresses made of ventilated latex, for instance. They will help you stay cooler while you sleep due to their capacity of providing better air circulation.

Cosabella Save upto 60% OFF our Sale itemsPillows can also determine whether your sleep will be serene and untroubled or restless and full of disruptions. Thus, it’s vital to ensure that you sleep on a pillow that will decrease overheating. When choosing, consider their components and how thick they are. The best pillows are those which provide breathability and greater control of your body heat.

Besides latex, wool and ventilated foam are other excellent options for top-quality pillows.

Another tip for choosing the right bedding is to opt for natural fabrics instead of synthetic ones. For instance, cotton is better than polyester in terms of breathability. Bamboo sheets are another excellent option, as they are durable and soft. As a bonus, they also have hypoallergenic properties – so if you struggle with allergies, you might find this pillow ideal for you.

Getting a good night’s sleep during summer is a struggle, but there are some things you can do to change that. From creating a bedtime routine to staying hydrated and investing in the proper sheets and pillows – these are all excellent tips that will help you get off to sleep without tossing and turning at nighttime.
Sleep Well, Eat Well: Keys to Good Nights Sleep

This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.
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Sleep Well, Eat Well: Keys to Good Nights Sleep

Take-steps-for-a-good-night-sleepLiving in modern times can surely be rough. Work takes up half our lives, healthy food seems nearly impossible to find, and good sleep is merely a myth. Do you feel worn-out and run-down? Is waking up a miserable struggle? If this sounds like everyday life, it’s time to make a change. Diet and sleep are the absolute two factors you can control. Control takes responsibility and discipline for sure; it’s easy to stray from a goal. If you have trouble keeping on track, simply have a concrete reason to continue! If you’ve tried losing weight and have failed, it’s never too late to try again. Instead of simply dieting, add a supplement to your plan. Having a binder to your goals will help you achieve them. If you’re only sleeping four hours a night, you’re going to suffer. Make a plan for the bedroom and stick to it. If you can follow along with these rules, your happiness will increase exponentially.  Be-Comfortable-While-Sleeping

Eating healthy takes a small amount of planning. Saying no to processed foods and sugary treats is downright impossible sometimes. Did you know that sugar has the same brain chemical response as some drugs? Truthfully, changing the way you eat is tough. Here’s a simple plan to follow: cut out all pre-packaged food and give Ephedra pills a try. Ephedra is a safe and established enhancement to help you along your journey. Did you know Ephedra has been used in Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years? All natural and thoroughly researched, Ephedra provides the utmost in weight loss power. Have a look online at the great variety and find one that matches your needs. Take a supplemental pill daily while following a diet based in plants. You’ll be shocked to see how quickly and efficiently this combination works.  What-you-eat-at-dinner-could-effect-your-sleep

Don’t you just hate that feeling of waking up tired? Life is busy and missing sleep takes away from a productive day. Along with a solid diet plan, a sleep plan is absolutely crucial for a better quality life. Make it a point to get a concrete eight hours of sleep per night. To help you stick to your plan, buy yourself a new pillow.

Old pillows can be sneakily uncomfortable. Water-filled pillows provide the luxurious and refreshing sleep your body craves. With a water-filled pillow, you’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Over the years, many medical studies have backed up the health benefits of water filled pillows. Once you’ve purchased a wonderful new pillow, take another sleep tip: don’t take a smartphone into bed. The light from the screen is terribly confusing for our brains and makes sleeping nearly impossible. Follow these small ideas and you’ll wake refreshed and happy.
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It’s clear to see: good health requires a bit of planning. Don’t ignore the present tense. A healthy you today is an even healthier one tomorrow. Upgrade your diet and your old pillow to a new water-filled one. Get comfortable new bedding. Once you’ve started this program and feel so great, you’ll thank yourself forever!

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6 Ways to Distress Through Meditation and Exercise

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Health Improvement With 7 Tips

When someone wants to improve their overall health, it may require them to change certain key parts of their life. It could begin with an honest assessment of their daily routine. This could be followed by determining what changes are necessary. There are certain things essential to improving a person’s health. Overall-Health-Improvement-with-7-Tips

Fruits And Vegetables
When someone increases their daily intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds as well as whole grains and more, they can potentially lower their risk of developing a number of different diseases. This includes stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and more. When people change their diet, they feel better and are healthier. 

It is estimated that people need to drink between seven and ten glasses of water each day. Doing this is an excellent way for a person to keep their body hydrated and nourished. Water is able to remove toxins from a body and provide an improved sense of well-being. It has been shown to energize the mind as well as improve a person’s brain activity. Drinking the right amount of water also balances a person’s body temperature and helps prevent weight gain. 


This is an effective way for a person to strengthen their body and stimulate their heart. It has been shown to help a person become more motivated in their life. Studies have shown when someone has regular exercise, they experience improved overall health as well as increased longevity. 

Hand Washing 
This is a very important way to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. Many types of viruses and other diseases can be spread when someone touches their eyes, mouth, or face. Unwashed hands can also transfer germs to objects in a home or office like tabletops, handrails and more. Germs can be removed by thorough hand washing and help maintain a person’s health. 

Physician Visits 
Healthcare professionals always recommend people have regular physical exams. This is a good way to discover a health issue before it can become problematic. If problems such as STDs or other health issues are caught early, treatments are likely more effective. A regular visit to a doctor is an important part of living a healthy life. 

People who meditate experience improvement in various psychological areas. This includes everything from cognitive function, stress, eating disorders, depression, anxiety to addiction and more. Research involving meditation has shown it can also lower blood pressure, stress hormone levels and even improve a person’s cellular health. 

Getting proper sleep helps to maintain many important functions of the body. When a person sleeps, their cells and tissues spend time recovering from what was experienced during the day. It is recommended adults get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night. Protein synthesis, as well as muscle growth and more, occur only during sleep. Must Check out this neurological specialty Tampa Florida

Counting Blessings 

The research was conducted that showed individuals who were grateful for things in their life felt better about their lives and themselves. These people were very optimistic about their future and had fewer health problems. They also have better overall health when compared to people who were ungrateful for the things in their life. 

It is not necessary for a person to make huge changes in their lifestyle all at once to be healthy. When someone wants to improve their health, gradual steps are the best way. It can take time, but it is worth the effort. Eventually, healthy living will become a way of life.

Health Optimization 101: Strategies That Promote Wellness
Individualizing Health and Taking Responsibility

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12 Hacks to Help Your Baby Sleep at Night 

12 Baby Hacks To Helps Your Baby Sleep Through The Night
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There’s no denying that babies are adorable little bundles of joy that change your life forever. That is, until you try to get them to sleep and they’re up all night crying. If that situation sounds familiar to you, then you aren’t alone. Many parents have to deal with fussy little ones that would rather do anything than sleep through the night. Here are 12 hacks to help your baby sleep at night to help baby and parents alike get some much-needed rest.12 Hacks to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Extreme Swaddling

Swaddles are a great way to get kids to sleep, but they aren’t always effective. If you aren’t having much luck with a swaddle, then consider an extreme swaddle such as the Zen Swaddle. It’s got weighted pads on the sides and chest to simulate being held by a parent. There are also baby sleepsuits that are designed for weaning a child off of swaddles. They offer a snuggly sleeping sack complete with arms and legs. Think of it like some kind of Snuggie for babies. Just be warned that these are for uses in cribs and shouldn’t be used with rockers.

Leave the Diapers Alone

As tempted as you might be to change their diaper every time they wake up, you should resist the urge. Changing a baby’s diaper makes them more alert and awake and makes it harder for them to fall back to sleep. Use absorbent diapers and change them if they poop. Also warm baby wipes in your hands a little first so they aren’t jarring.

Use a White Noise Machine

Lots of parents swear by white noise machines. White noise can help soothe a baby to sleep and keep out the other noises from around the house. They’re also great for parents too! If you don’t have a  white noise machine, then a hairdryer can get the job done in a pinch.

Try Sleepy Tunes

White noise machines aren’t the only sleep aids that help parent and child. Instrumental zen sounds can help too. If you have an Amazon Echo, then why not ask Alexa to play a lullaby or some classical music to help your baby sleep? Music is a great solution. While you’re dealing with Amazon, check out the Renee and Jeremy Amazon Music station, which plays music for naps.

Keep the Room DarkKeeping The Room Dark Helps Baby Sleep

If you have to change or feed your little one in the night, you should try to keep the room as dark as possible to avoid overstimulating them and waking them up more. There are smart LED bulbs you can buy that can be controlled from your phone. You can set it up so that the room is already little gently by the time you walk in. Another option to consider is blackout curtains, which stop light from outside getting in.

Rock ‘n PlayThe Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

The Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is considered by many parents to be an absolute must have. It gently rocks your baby to sleep on an incline that keeps them comfortable (particularly helpful for kids with reflux) and gently vibrates to keep them calm. Even better, it’s completely portable and makes any time or place the right time and place for a nap.

Bounce Around

If you have an exercise ball and are familiar with how to use it, then you can consider gently bouncing your fussy little one to help them relax and get to sleep. Many parents swear by exercise balls. Much like the Rock n’ Play Sleeper, these are also completely portable and handy to have on you. Just be sure to follow the proper safety precautions with it, including ensuring that the ball is inflated properly.

Place Pacifiers

One reason that babies wake up in the night is that they lose their pacifier. If it falls out and they can’t find them, they could wake themselves up looking for it. Avoid this risk by placing some around the crib to make it easier for them to find one when they need one.

Nix the Naps

Try to avoid overdoing it with the naps. Don’t be afraid to make a little noise or have the lights on in the room they use for naps. It makes it easier for your baby to transition between day and night, ultimately making it easier for them to stay asleep through the whole night.

Consider Getting a Magical Doll

There are many great gadgets available for parents. One such gadget is a magical doll that plays recordings of an adult breathing and their heartbeat. These little things can work wonders for kids and they have straps for car seats and cribs to prevent having loose things around your sleeping baby.

Keep Them Warm

Putting your kid down on chilly sheets after feeding them isn’t likely to lull them to sleep. One solution is to put a hot-water bottle in their bed when taking them out for feeding. This keeps their sleeping spot warm ready for when you put them back down. Just be sure that the sheets are a safe temperature for kids before putting them back to bed.

Have a Chill Nightlight

Nightlights are a great parenting tool for children of all ages. There are some that go above and beyond the rest though, including ones that display stars and other shapes and images onto the ceiling.

These distract kids, but in a friendly and fun way that helps them to sleep. You can even make your own at home using a mason jar and some twinkly lights.

Better Sleep for All

Not getting enough sleep is bad for all involved. A sleep-deprived parent is more likely to make a mistake, and sleep deprived children can develop problems of their own. Use these tips and tricks to ensure everyone in your house has a great night’s sleep.
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