5 Websites for Finding the Best Deals Online

5-Websites-for-Finding-the-Best-Deals-OnlineMore than ever, we are staying at home and shopping online to keep our families safe. Many stores and restaurants have introduced contactless pick-up and employed the help of delivery services such as Grub Hub and Door Dash to fulfill our tastes for our favorite restaurants even if we stay home. However, sometimes we pay more than we should have to online. That’s why several websites exist for finding the best deal. Getting the best deal at an online store can be as simple as adding your selected item (like a Coach tote) to your shopping cart, clicking checkout, and signing up for Coach emails to get a discount code to apply to your order for a better deal! When you need to do online shopping, check out these 5 favorite websites to save your next nickel!

1. Moneygains


If you live in the Northern Ireland (compare ni) area, you need to check out Moneygains. Moneygains is a start-up price comparison website that will help you save money and find the best deals in the market on your electricity bill. Simply enter your email address, your current provider, how you pay, and how much per month. Upon submitting your answers (check out the privacy statement for more information), within seconds you will see all of Ireland’s electricity companies and how much you will save (or not) on your bill annually! How cool is that? Moneygains also hosts a community where you can read and contribute on a money-saving form! Simply create a Moneygains account and activate it to receive emails with money-saving tips. While you’re at Moneygains, be sure to check out their step-by-step guides on making your money go further. Some particularly useful guides include Understanding Credit Reports, Understanding Credit Scores, and Coronavirus- Your Financial Guide. Overall, Moneygains is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to save a nickel or two!

2. Outlet Sale


When you need a new cookware set or kitchen utensils, you should visit outletsale.com. Outlet Sale offers great quality cookware (like iron cookware and utensils, like forks) at an amazing wholesale price. Outlet Sale even prides themselves on their commitment to greener shipping practices. According to Alex, Outletsale’s creator, when creating the website, the response data showed brand name household items were a hit with customers who wanted fast shipping with a great deal. Also, if you need to call technical support, you can expect to be treated with respect and care. Before checking out, be sure to sign up for emails to get 10% off your order.

3. Honey


Honey: your smart shopping assistant is a Chrome or Safari extension and App that can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The platform helps you find the best coupon codes on over 30,000 sites. Simply add the Honey extension to your browser in two clicks, continue your haul at your favorite store, and save money! With the extension, you will see a red bubble with a number inside it. That number tells you how many coupons Honey has found for the store you are currently browsing. Click on the notification then “try now.” That’s when Honey gets really sweet! The application enters each coupon, and within seconds it will either apply the best one or tell you that you already have the best deal. For example, on the Amazon cart tested with 8 items, Honey took about 33 seconds to test 48 coupons. At no cost to you, Honey is an amazing application to help save money!

4. Slug Books


Attention college students! College is expensive enough and campus bookstores are notorious for severe price gouging on textbooks and even rentals! That is where SlugBooks comes in. Before classes begin, log in to your campus bookstore’s website to get a book list for your classes. Each book will have an ISBN associated with it. While you can type in the title of your book on SlugBooks, try to search for your book’s ISBN number to ensure you are getting the right edition of the book required for your classes. This is especially useful in English or Literature classes when you need to point your class to a particular passage in the book during discussion or even writing an essay. At the end of the semester when you need a little extra cash, skip the campus buyback program, and sell using SlugBooks. Simply hit the “sell” option and get prices from 3 different websites to get the most money back for your textbooks.

5. Groupon


Looking forward to a date night or a night out with friends? Want to save money so you can do even more? Check out Groupon! Simply log in on your computer or download the Groupon app, sign up with your email, fill out some personal data like your zip code, and agree to the privacy statement. With that, you’re on your way to saving money on your next fun-filled evening! Click on the coupon you would like to use and save up to 75% on your selected activity.

It’s always a good choice when adding items to your online shopping cart to sign up for emails so you always have a coupon or discount code to apply to your online store order. Whether you are a veteran homeowner or a renter, you can always save some money on a basic need like electricity or housewares to cook up something great in a new cast iron pot. If you are a student, buying textbooks does not have to be so scary or hurt your savings too much. No matter who you are, you can save money when you are shopping online. Just turn to these five favorite websites like Moneygains, Outlet Sale, Honey, Slugbooks, and Groupon that you can count on and can expect to save you more than just a nickel!

6 Skin Care Tips For Changing Seasons


How to Care for Your Skin When the Seasons Change

Have you ever noticed that your skin feels different when the seasons change? Our skin is a sensitive organ, making it highly susceptible to alterations in weather. This means that what works for you during spring or summer time might not be the right skincare to choose during the colder months – a good and sustainable skincare routine always has to adapt your skin’s needs and the changing seasons. So, from ways to prevent oily skin in the summer, to dry skin remedies to soothe in the winter ­– we’ve got the skincare solutions you need.

How to Handle Dry Skin During Autumn & Winter


The colder months can be seriously tough on your skin. It’s not just the freezing air outside that’s hard to handle – the intensity of indoor heating can leave skin feeling parched and in desperate need of moisture. But with a little preparation, you will be able to avoid the worst. If you are someone who suffers from dry, itchy skin patches year on year – why not take preventive measures? Ask your friends for advice on what they use on their skin, or search for dry skin remedies online! And with the following tips, you’ll be able to tackle winter skin head-on…

  • Exfoliate to get rid of flaky skin

To get rid of dead skin cells, use a gentle exfoliater. If you exfoliate too much, your skin might become more irritated and dry, so make sure you only do it once a week. If you already have dry, sensitive skin, choose a gentle exfoliater that won’t be too aggressive. And if your skin type is normal or even oily, you can experiment with DIY exfoliating solutions – sugar scrubs are a popular choice and a cheap alternative to pricier products.

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

After you’ve removed those dead, dull skin cells, it’s time to protect your skin with a moisturizer – ideally one that’s packed with nutritious ingredients to help rejuvenate tired and dehydrated skin. You can stick to a light, oil-free lotion during the day. Take advantage of the night hours to really restore your skin – look for night creams with natural oils and butter to hydrate your skin.

Cleansing oils and lotions are the way to go during the winter, so swap your foaming face wash for a gentle, creamy alternative that nourishes and protects your skin while you are cleaning it. There’s no need to worry about using intensive moisturizers like Vaseline, but if you have concerns about petroleum jelly dangers, read more here.

How to Look After Your Skin During the Warmer Months

 How-to-Care-for-Your-Skin-When-the-Seasons-ChangeWe usually have fewer issues with our skin during the warmer, sunnier months of the year. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your skin – sweat can also lead to breakouts, and rich moisturizers can leave skin too oily. Here are our top tips to help reduce shine, and increase your natural glow…

  • Pick a foaming cleanser

During the warmer months, you will sweat more than usual. It’s crucial to make sure you get rid of all the dirt and oil at the end of every day, so pick a foaming face wash to clean your pores without adding more grease to your skin. If you’re really struggling with excess oil, sulfur-based cleaners can work wonders to control oil production and deep clean your pores.

  • Protect your skin from the sun

You should be using sunscreen all year long to protect your face – sun lotion is one of the most powerful and underestimated anti-aging products at our disposal. But protecting your skin from the sun is especially important during the summertime. If you are prone to shininess and are worried about excess oil on your skin, try a tinted moisturizer with an SPF of at least 20.

  • Nourish your skin

You might not need to use the same moisturizer during the summer months as you do during winter, but it’s still important to moisturize! Opt for a lighter cream instead – or if your skin is particularly oily, use a mask once a week to combat the problem.

    • Protect your skin even if you have acne

Even when you have acne we still need protection from the sun and there is sunscreen for acne. So you will choose a sunscreen that still has USA UVB and is not oil-based to deter clogging pores and further breakouts.

So there you have it! Armed with these dry skin remedies and summertime solutions, you’ll be able to take good care of your skin – whatever the weather.

Author: John B

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