4 Ways to Live a Smarter Life in These Modern Times

4-Ways-to-Live-a-Smarter-Life-in-These-Modern-TimesTechnology has improved a lot as the years go by. More and more people are looking and choosing the most convenient ways to live. It’s sad to know that others find their happiness through getting the things that these modern times offer. But if we come to think of it, is this really the way we should live our lives? The answer will solely depend on how you value happiness. Is having peace of mind enough for you to say that you are happy?

No matter what modern technology offers, we shouldn’t forget how to live a smart life. Instead of making impulsive decisions, we should learn to make wise decisions. If you don’t know how to do it, here are four effective ways to live a smarter life.

Save energy

Saving energy can mean different things. It can mean saving your physical energy and strength for more valuable things. It can also literally mean saving energy to save the environment. Living a smarter life is not only about ourselves. It is also about finding ways on how to contribute to making the world a better place to live. Consider starting at home. To save energy, you can choose to switch to solar. There are construction companies in Rockford, IL that install quality solar panels. You can ask for recommendations from your relatives and friends for reliable construction companies in Rockford, IL.

Spend your money wisely

Many people say that money can’t buy happiness, but in reality, sometimes it does. Buying your favorite coffee, getting yourself new shoes, and buying new clothes will surely make you happy. But are these worth it? Living a smarter life also means you have to spend your finances wisely. Choose to spend on something that will make you live a better life. It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while, but keep in mind that everything has limitations.

Ensuring that your savings go to worthy investments is also spending your money wisely. Instead of buying new clothes every week, why not save that money to build your own home.

Always set realistic goals

Wherever you are in life, you must know what your goals are. Setting some realistic goals will make your life more purposeful. When you know your goals, you will always have something to look forward to. You’ll have a better reason to wake up and work hard. Whether you want to get married at a certain age or build your own business, setting goals like these will require you to make smarter life choices.

These are a few of the many ways on how to live a smarter life. Once you know how to live a smarter life, you will also live a happier life. And to live our life to the fullest, we should do our best to make smart decisions. Whatever your goals are, whether they are big or small, always think wisely. It’s not always about what would make you happy. Sometimes it’s better to think of what would make you live better.

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How to Use Completely Denatured Alcohol CDA 12A?

How to know if CBD is working for youMost people don’t even know what CDA 12A means, even though they might be using similar products on a daily basis. It is a chemical common among sanitation companies, health technicians, and industrial staff. The substance is regarded as one of the cheapest cleaning chemicals on the market, which makes it ideal for a larger surface area.

Oftentimes, people falsely presume that completely denatured alcohol can be used for botanical and, in particular, cannabis extraction. They believe that the substance can be utilized for making CBD gummies and other CBD items.

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However, this is not the case. The liquid is toxic, and you need to avoid ingesting it at all costs.

 The main reason why companies change their formula in the first place is so they can avoid high taxes that come with food-grade alcohol. Denatured alcohol has a specific smell and color, preventing users from ingesting it or mistaking it for regular alcohol.

 Once a company creates this liquid, it will be very hard to separate its initial components. So, even if consumers want, they cannot restore it to its previous state and utilize the chemical as a food-grade product.

What is the point of denatured alcohol?

Truth be told, regular, food-grade alcohol can be used for much more things than denatured one. However, not all companies want to use it in such a capacity. In some cases, they just need it as a cleaning agent or for some other purpose.

In order to avoid high taxation that comes with a food-grade substance, they will alter its chemical composition. Once a company adds other ingredients, it can no longer be utilized for consumption, plant extraction, or anything else that justifies high taxation.

As there is no longer a basis for high taxes, the government will reduce it, allowing the company to save a lot of money in the process.

How do denatured liquids look like?

Not only are denatured alcohols altered as a way of repurposing, but they are also changed so that a person wouldn’t make the mistake of ingesting it. Depending on what a company added to the mix, they can become very stinky, taste awful, or have a completely different color. Oftentimes, blue and purple dyes are added to alcohol so that a person can easily notice there is something wrong with ethanol.

The way of repurposing/altering can vary from country to country. In some parts of the world, specific dyes will be used. In various countries, there will also be a hazard label notifying the potential consumer that the chemical isn’t for drinking.

What are the dangers of denatured chemicals? 

Denatured alcohol can be a very complex substance. It can combine several volatile chemicals together. In most cases, a company will put a list of ingredients on the product so that a person knows what’s inside of it.

Almost in every case, regardless of a denatured substance, a person will have a very negative experience. The range of consequences can vary significantly depending on the chemical, the quantity of a substance that affected your body, as well as how you got in touch with it. Needless to say, ingesting the liquid is most problematic, and, in some cases, it can even lead to death. Milder side effects include dizziness, fainting, vomiting, etc

Anyway, in order to avoid potential issues, it is very important to have a highly skilled staff on premises so they can handle denatured alcohol properly. You will likely need a good ventilation system, special fire extinguishers, and protective clothing.

What kind of chemicals can be found in CDA 12A?

 As mentioned, there are various ways you can alter these substances. So much so that it is really hard to make a simple list of potential ingredients. Companies will sometimes shuffle ingredients based on how they’re promoting the substance.

For example, if an alcohol is utilized as a fuel, a business might use 5% of methanol as its main denaturant. This chemical is highly flammable and can present a major fire hazard within a workplace. It can also go through skin tissue and is highly toxic. Because of that, you should always wear protective gear when dealing with denatured alcohol that utilizes methanol.

Keep in mind that not every denatured alcohol will be toxic. Some of them are even utilized as healthcare items. This is why you need to inquire about a product and its properties before using it.

About the writer: Nikolay Stoyanov is an experienced cannabis content writer with over 10 years of professional experience in the field of SEO and content marketing for cannabis companies.

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Streaming Rights for Life Theater Performances

Important Information About Streaming and Licensing Live Theater Performances

Streaming-Rights-for-Life-Theater-PerformancesSome industries are starting to return to “business as usual” amidst the pandemic. However, some industries will remain changed because of COVID. One of these is live theater.

Even with some shows reopening and offering live performances again, there are still safeguards, social distancing, and other factors to consider. As a result, theater professionals, producers, and creators have to find inventive ways to monetize the work they do and keep the theater alive even with the new legal challenges present.

Unlike television or film entertainment, the live theater is just that – live. This means it is dependent on a live audience. However, while people remain at home, it doesn’t mean the theater has to die. With some help from an entertainment attorney, it may be possible to provide shows and experiences via live stream.

Streaming Theater Performances

Even though most stage productions are not designed to be seen on-screen, those creative minds in the industry have been finding ways to perform live and take advantage of online streaming.

While this is a viable option, as John Branca, an entertainment attorney, explains, there are some licensing things to consider.

Streaming Rights for Life Theater Performances

Before the COVID pandemic, platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Broadway HD were streaming recorded theater performances, along with some musical films, that attracted dedicated theater-goers who wanted to watch their favorite performances over and over again. After the pandemic, these services became popular for those who were casual theater fans, too.

If you decide to stream a production, it is necessary to balance the necessity of appealing to a large audience and bring in money and meet the requirements of all licensing and copyright requirements in place.

Getting the Needed Streaming Rights

Similar to the licensing process used for other mediums, the performances of musicals and plays typically require approval from the author to help avoid cases of infringement. Usually, the rights required are called underlying rights. This includes the rights to the copyrighted work, including the characters, storyline, dialogue, songs, and more. Usually, the underlying rights include life rights, grand rights, trademarks, and copyrights.

If you are unsure how to get the required permissions and rights for the theater performance you are interested in live streaming, speaking with an entertainment attorney is a smart move. They can help ensure you follow the rules and that no issues arise because of the stream of the performance you offer to the public.

Compensation for Emotional Distress After a Car Accident

Compensation-for-Emotional-Distress-After-a-Car-AccidentA survey published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that a car accident injury occurs every 10 seconds. Although most car accidents aren’t fatal, they usually result in serious injuries, mental anguish, and emotional distress.

If you get injured in a car accident in New York City, you may qualify for emotional distress compensation. However, before you contact your NYC personal injury lawyer, you need to understand what emotional distress entails.

Understanding Emotional Distress

Compensation for emotional distress is meant to ease your mental suffering after an accident. Understand that the negligence of another party leads to the said accident, which usually results in trauma.

Emotional distress during a car accident includes humiliation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and torment. However, what qualifies as emotional distress within the law is subjective. People react to different situations in unique ways, making it difficult to quantify the subject.

For example, mental anguish has been known to last for several years after the accident in some individuals. What this means is that you need a qualified personal injury lawyer to prove emotional distress.

Proving Emotional Distress

Before you can get compensation for emotional distress, you need to prove your case in a court of law. The relevant documents that can help you are the doctor’s notes, medical records, and photographs. In some cases, a medical professional may be requested to testify on the psychological effects caused by the car accident.

Some of the factors that will be considered by the jury include the duration, intensity, and underlying cause of your emotional distress. Related bodily injury will also play a massive role in establishing the level of psychological distress that you are experiencing.

During a meeting with your personal injury lawyer, you will need to discuss any psychological symptoms that you might be experiencing openly. Tell your lawyer how the symptoms you exhibit have directly affected your life.

After the meeting, your lawyer will help you determine whether your case qualifies for compensation on the grounds of emotional distress. You will also get a rough estimate of how much you are entitled to get from your claim.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Win

Battling insurance companies is a colossal nightmare, especially when you lack any support. Most of the time, insurance companies don’t take physiological injuries seriously. Many of these companies adopt an attitude of “sorry this happened,” and then go ahead to throw a few thousand dollars to cover physical injuries only.

Insurance companies take advantage of the fact that most people do not file for emotional distress claims after an accident. Although classified as a low-ball tactic, it has proved quite efficient.

What you need is an experienced personal injury lawyer who has the required skills to navigate through the complex process of handling insurance claims. It would help if you had someone who can fight your battles while you take the time to recover after the accident.

How much are you entitled to receive? Determining the value of your emotional distress claim depends on several factors. Understand that there is no set value that you are entitled to receive. As stated earlier, people react to these situations differently.

The value of your claim will depend on the facts brought forward by your lawyer. Since the court also allows compensation for the change in lifestyle after an accident, these can help determine the amount of damages incurred. An experienced lawyer can help you establish a rough estimate by comparing your case to similar cases in the past.

Take note that the amount can also be dictated by whether the accident was partially your fault. The amount of compensation you receive will be reduced proportionally to your degree of fault.

However, since there is no compensation amount set in stone, the sky is truly the limit. Getting a certified lawyer in the first step to ensuring that you get a reasonable amount that is proportional to your emotional distress.


There is no denying that car accidents cause emotional distress. However, if you have been involved in an accident in New York City, you need to find a certified personal injury lawyer to prove your claim. It is only fair that you get compensation for all the emotional distress that you are undergoing as a result of negligence.

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