An Ultimate Guide to Zinfandel Wine

An-Ultimate-Guide-to-Zinfandel-Wine.Do you like a nice glass of wine but your not familar with the types of zinfandels. If you’ve ever tried Zinfandel wine, you know it’s a versatile wine. It comes in different styles and flavors, but there are some critical differences between the different types of this wine. This article will go over Red Zinfandel, Oeil de Perdrix, and Italian Primitivo. Hopefully, you’ll find this helpful information.

Red Zinfandel

The wine grape makes both robust red and sweet white wines. The white variety is delightful and low-alcohol, while red Zinfandel is rich and full-bodied. Fruit flavors begin in the red spectrum and turn into black fruit as the grapes ripen. There is an earthy aroma and pronounced blackberry and plum flavors. The wine also has hints of tobacco, vanilla, and spiciness.

This grape is grown in California, considered the grape’s birthplace. It is one of the oldest and best in the country, and one of the oldest wineries in the country, Buena Vista, is home to some 50+-year-old vines. Old vines, as they are commonly called, make better wines. As a result, the grapes used to make Zinfandel from California vary from those in other states.Pairing-Wine-With-Foods.

Foods to pair with red zinfandel wine include boldly-flavored dishes such as pork, peppers, and pizza. It also goes well with savory foods such as stews and beef. It also goes well with chicken, pork, and beef. Spiced foods, like curry, also complement a full-bodied wine. A medium-bodied Zinfandel goes well with grilled chicken, smoked meat, and sausage.

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Oeil de Perdrix

Oeil de Perdrix is the French term for white wine made from red grapes. This wine was a novelty for the time, so its name, “eye of the partridge,” stuck. However, its name is now part of the Smithsonian Wine Library, and it’s a great example of what Zinfandel wine can be.

Oeil de Perdrix: It’s an essential term in the wine world. Once upon a time, it was used to describe champagnes. It relates pale pink to the bronze color of a wine. Montevina and Sutter Home White Zinfandel are examples of Oeil de Perdrix-style wines. These wines are sweeter and more delicate than their California cousins.

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The white version of the iconic Zinfandel grape has a rich history in California. Oeil de Perdrix was a hybrid of the Mourvedre grape, which originated in Spain. Its fruity and floral flavors are often complex. It goes well with fish in water.

White Zinfandel: In Amador, Bob tried to make a more robust wine. He allowed some free-run juice to ferment into white wine, but the wine turned pale pink, thanks to its red skins. The new variety was named Oeil de Perdrix, meaning “eye of the partridge.”

Italian Primitivo

Are you looking for a new favorite red wine; look no further than Primitivo, an Italian varietal. Primitivo is a popular grape in California, but what makes it unique is its distinctly Italian flavor. Primitivo is so similar to Zinfandel that many wine enthusiasts mistakenly think it’s an entirely different grape.

Initially grown in Croatia, Primitivo was brought to the United States by the 19th century, when it was sold as Zinfandel. But its origins are complex. DNA analysis in 1994 confirmed that Zinfandel was a hybrid of Primitivo. Its popularity led to many debates among wine experts in Italy, and a movement to uproot the grape almost destroyed Italy’s vineyards. The California version, however, continued to thrive.

Although Zinfandel is a red wine that can be enjoyed all year round, Primitivo is better for newcomers. However, its characteristics make it an excellent choice for novice wine enthusiasts. It’s also effortless to grow, with over 71,000 acres planted worldwide. So whether you’re new to wine or an experienced wine connoisseur, you’ll enjoy this delicious grape!

The Art of Pairing Fine Wine With Desserts
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The Art of Pairing Fine Wine With Desserts

A Complete Guide To Dessert And Wine Pairings Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

A Complete Guide To Dessert And Wine Pairings

Desserts are dishes and courses which conclude a specific meal. Most desserts you can find are composed of sweet ingredients. It may either come as fruit, cakes, cookies, etc. to make sure that your taste buds get a perfect balance of taste. Moreover, each dessert serves either in any form must complement the main course you took.

Besides, most people tend to crave a bowl of dessert after a meal because it’s the only way to satisfy our appetite. Ingesting more sugar into our body can increase our good mood, and one way to acquire it is by eating ounces of sweet desserts. Desserts also play a significant role in producing happy hormones to our body; that’s why we crave even more when we get the chance to eat some.

Everyone inevitably loves desserts so as wine. If wines can pair with meats, veggies, and fish, it may also pair with several desserts. Indeed, wine deems the most versatile type of beverage you can find which can blend with different kinds of dishes. Hence, in this article, we would like to give you the different dessert categories and the wine labels they may perfectly combine. Rest assured that once you learn the art of dessert and wine pairing, your desire of fulfilling your sweet tooth at the same time, your wine tasting experience is brought to a higher level.

Candies and Confectioneries

Some people who want to make a simple dessert course after a meal would love to choose candies and confectioneries. If you are one of those people, who wanted to take this kind of dessert, make sure you pick a wine label that will thoroughly cut. That means you have to select a wine which may come sweeter than candies and confectioneries.

Hershey Bars and Classic ChocolateSokolin Wines such as Merlot best fit chocolate bars. It comes to a light taste and sweeter flavor that’s why they blend perfectly.

Toffee Bars and Dark Chocolates – the best wine label you can pair with this is Cabernet Sauvignon.

Sweet-Sour Candy – you need to get an aromatic and colorful wine like Pinot Gris.

Peanut Butter Candy – you should get a wine which is fruity like Emilio Sherry.

Apple Candies and Caramel Candies – you need a wine that will complement the butter flavor. Technically, a buttery wine like Chardonnay deems a perfect mix for this kind of dessert.

Frozen Desserts

It is one of the top desserts that most people love. Frozen desserts give a refreshing flavor in your palate at the same time cools down every taste you took during your main course.  Most frozen sweet dishes are also best when you pair it with a glass of wine. Here are some frozen dessert and wine pairings you must try.

Fruity Ice Creams – the best wine you may pick for this is Zinfandel. The reason why they come as a perfect blend because they are fruity flavor which comes in a medium-bodied type. Make sure only to pick a medium-bodied Zinfandel wine because it only deems the best fit.

SorbetMoscato d’Asti wines are a perfect choice which can combine Sorbet desserts.

Nutty and Chocolate Ice Creams – for chocolate ice cream, you may pick a sparkling red wine that is full of berry flavor. On the other hand, for nutty ice cream flavor, Sherry wine entails the perfect choice because it comes in a buttery flavor.

Vanilla Ice Cream – it’s a typical ice cream flavor you can find in a desert and matured Zinfandels wines combine with the dessert excellently.

Cookies and Cakes

For people who wanted to experience a full sugar rush dessert, cakes, and cookies entail the best choice. Believe it or not, everyone loves cake so as cookies. As you may have observed, there are many types of cakes and cookies you can find, and each has its distinctive flavor. So, if you want to get the best taste out of these desserts, you need to pair it with a chilled glass of wine. Here are some.

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cakes – it’s the most common flavor that most people would love to taste after a meal. There are many wine labels you can pair with this; however, the most popular ones include Banyuls, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel.

Jelly-brimmed Cookies – you need to pick a sweet, fruity, and frizzier wine such as Moscato.

Strawberry-flavored Shortcakes – this is the second cake flavor most dessert lovers choose. For this kind of dessert, you can choose to pair it with super dry Prosecco wine.

Red Velvet Cake – This dessert deserved a perfectly matched wine to pair. Since this wine comes in red velvety flavor, you may pair it with a luscious red wine such as Banyule.

Peanut Butter Cookies – it is a type of dessert that needs a strong wine flavor. Since these cookies are mostly made of peanut butter, you also need to pick a buttery wine flavor like Madeira.

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