Using A Touch of Glimmer in Your Home With Metallics

Matte finishes have been a huge trend for some time now, and if there is one thing that we have learned from that period, that is that too much matte can swallow up the space and send it to everything-is-boring dimension. However, matte can be great, but only when you up the glam with some metallic finishes. Introducing metallic accessories or even a full-blown metallic-finished accent wall can instantly make your home more luxurious. So, if we have your attention now, here is everything you need to know about adding a touch of glimmering metal to your home.
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Cool vs. warm

It makes a difference if you use silver or gold – these metals bring a whole different sensation to the space. Why is that so? Because one of them is cold and the other is warm. These variations in tones make all the difference in the ambiance. Cool tones work better with modern spaces, while warm tones go perfectly with a vintage style. Alongside gold, you have copper, brass, rose gold and bronze in the warm-toned family, while silver has the same tone as nickel, steel and chrome.

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Choose your metal

Although there are many metallic finishes you can introduce into your home, here are some of the most popular ones and their shiniest moments:

  • Gold is the epitome of elegance and luxury. It looks majestic on centerpieces like striking chandeliers or cocktail cabinets. It matches perfectly with both dark tones and all-white rooms. Brass is very similar to it.
  • Rose gold is a subdued variety of the previously mentioned metal, and it introduces a breath of inconspicuous warmth into every home. It pairs up nicely with light neutral tones.
  • Bronze is the other name for sophistication. It has the power of enhancing other design elements such as upholstery, leather and lighting. It makes a perfect marriage with wood and stone.
  • Copper is less bold than gold, and it adds more rustic charm than elegance. It goes great with natural raw materials.
  • Silver introduces a contemporary sparkle, creating a clean, modern-looking space.Using-Metallic-Accessories-In-Your-Home

Keep the color scheme subdued

When incorporating a certain number of metallic pieces into your home, you should keep the color palette neutral to avoid overwhelming the space. Take your cues from Scandinavian décor, which uses this practice proficiently by adding glamour to minimalist, neutrally-painted apartments. Although you can make various combinations, you certainly can’t go wrong with brass and darker neutrals. Also, chrome and stainless steel go great with gray, blue and white.  Accenting-With-Metallic-to-give-a-Glimmer

Now that you know all the secrets to make your home shine, are you ready to bring in the bling and create a glamorous living space?

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CellularShades = Energy Efficiency

Window coverings can reduce loss of energy through the windows, they can also lower heating and cooling bills for you and improve the comfort of your home. Approximately 30percent of a home’s heating energy is lost via windows. During the cooling seasons, about 70 percent of sunlight which falls on standard double-pane windows enters to be converted into heat. A lot of window treatments will result in energy savings. The exact savings, however, depends on the type of attachment, the season of the year, how the attachment is used and the climate.Cellularshades are a type of window treatment that is used to block or filter light just like Roma shades but they also insulate windows to save energy. The cell sizes usually vary in every type of shades and these are the cells used to hold trapped air and create a barrier between the surface of the window and the room.  

Doors, besides windowscontribute to about one-third of the total thermal loss according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.When air in the rooms comes into contact with windows it is cooled or warmedand by convection this air circulates around the room. The cell shapes in theblinds as mentioned earlier then do the work of trapping the air. Cellularshades can be constructed as double cell, single cell or triple cell shades.  The single cell fabric has an R-value between 0.28 and 0.44 while the double cell fabric has a metric R-value between 0.49 and 0.70. A 6 mm thick single pane window has a metric R-value of 0.16.

R-Value and Windows

R-value is the measure of a give material’s resistance to heat flow and how it can resist heat or lose heat gain. It indicates that when a cellular shade has a higher R-Value, it will provide better insulation for your home.  Ordinary windows usually have an R-Value assigned to them with a typical window having an R-Value of anywhere from .9 to3.0. A modern home’s insulation has an R-Value in the low 40s. In cellular shades, he well-accepted range of R-Values for their cell shades is 2.0 to 5.0. On the low end of the range means that cellular shades more than double the insulation value in your windows. At the high end, they even more than quintuple this insulation value. This is what makes cellular shades the most energy efficient window coverings you will get in the market. They can be found in a variety of fabrics as mentioned and therefore the R-Value is entirely based on which type of fabric used.

In winter, warm air from inside the home tries to escape through the windows and in summer the sun heats up your home and the rays flow through windows. Eventually, you will end up paying for all the extra energy consumption. Go make sure this does not happen, use cellular window treatments. Here is our quick guide to the energy saving effectiveness of cellular shades.

There are many factors that influence the R-Value of your windows including the process of installation, the type of material used for glazing, the number of layers of glass there are and the amount of air space between the glass layers of your windows.

Energy Saving Effectiveness of Cellular Shades

There are two numerical values that help you to easily compare the relative energy saving strengths of any kind of window treatment which are the R-Value and the Shading Coefficient. An example of a cellular shade with a high R-Value is the honeycomb cellular shade such as the Symphony line which has upper insulating values that can result into substantial energy savings year after year.

Shading coefficient is significant especially in hot weather. It is used to show the ability of a fabric to reduce heat flow from the outside through a window shade to inside the house. A shading coefficient of 0.35 means that 65 percent of the heat stays outside. During hot days, heat that comes in the house through window scan raise the room temperature by 15-20 degrees and result into an overworked air conditioner.  A lower one how ever translates into lees gain of heat, more reflected heat and lower cooling costs for you.

When selecting your blinds and shades there are two more comfort-factors to consider first, the light transmission, UV and the light transmission, Visible.  Light transmission UV may be invisible to the human eye but ultraviolet light that comes from the sun can fade wood floors, furniture and carpets after prolonged exposure. UV blockage ratings measure the ability of a fabric to prevent the harmful rays from passing through the shade. Light transmission Visible is the measure of the amount of light that pass through a shade that can be visible to the eye. When the value is low, then the shade will be more room darkening making it less likely for light to pass through it.

Cellular shades operating on side tracks can be the most effective at increasing the R-Value of windows, while those that open from both the top and bottom will allow you to most effectively control the amount of sunlight that enters the home. Other cellular shades aloe the option of automation. They allow the blind to open and close on a set schedule. This schedule can be optimized seasonally to reduce the loads of heating and cooling while at the same time maximizing natural light and the comfort of your home. 

Unlike window blinds that are made of hard materials, cellular shades are made of soft paper and clothlike material. Spun lace and bonded polyester are also used but other fabrics can also be used during the process of manufacture. Just like all blinds, cellular shades can reduce solar gain in the summer and provide enough darkness for you to sleep. They are also raised and lowered horizontally using a string. They are however also available in cordless form to avoid any incidents of child strangulation.

So if you are looking to bolster your home with beautiful custom window treatments, while also reducing their utility bill in the process, cellular shades are the best option above every other window treatment.

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Ultra Violet: Pantone color of the year for 2018

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Ultra Violet: Pantone color of the year for 2018

Are you wanting to be on trend with the latest fashion, interior design, and home decors? This year, Pantone is here to tell us what color will dominate all your decoration and that’s –Ultra Violet. This color is described as a thoughtful and proactive purple shade which can definitely add aesthetic-look in everything. Besides the embodiment of the color ultraviolet for spirituality and individuality – what’s more?

In this article, let’s tackle why ultraviolet is the color of the year and how this could be your perfect choice for your next project.

Color Inspiration

The Pantone color institute is a renowned consulting service which forecasts the different trends in color and helps color companies for product development, brand identity, and the strategic assentation and integration of color and palette recommendations.

According to Executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman – the Ultra Violet color is associated with mystical or spiritual quality which infers magic into mindfulness practices. Every shade of purple embodies rich, noting, and transcendent associations and are deeply evocative. It has been known to be associated with wealth, craftsmanship, ecclesiastical power, royalty, and counter culturalism.Pantone-Colors-2018


As the fact that purple color is often associated with artistic expression and plays a vogue history in its turning point – ultraviolet is continuously becoming popular as seen in the first decade of the 20th century. So, no wonder that more and more designers, as well as interior designers, are opting for this color.

The vibrant and rich color of Pantone 18-3838 TCX Ultra Violet – we can conclude that it could be a sign of a rebirth or renaissance of cultural practices in the (not so) near future.

Because of the inherited cool and warm temperature of the color, it can perfectly mesh with other colors. The versatility of the ultraviolet serves as a strong complementary color which speaks to contemporary culture’s mutability. You can associate the color with deep colors like chocolate brown or emerald green. You could also mesh it with lighter shades like blush or celery green.

According to the Executive Director of the Pantone Institute, ultra violet can stand out with so many different colors.

So maybe now you’re wondering – how could you use this color to decorate your homes and transform it into a mystical place? Here are some ways that you could follow to get the most out of the color of the year.

Use it as an accent

Additionally, instead of painting the entire room, adding of rugs, pillows, or layered textiles will surely add a fresher look and keep your interior design on the color trend. Incorporating ultra violet in into the different areas or items in your house could be your ideal first step. Whether a purple pair of pillows, lilac in a jar, or a violet vintage rug –adding this color of the year will surely bring out the inner originality, individuality, and cultural eccentrics of the house.

Adopt Moody theme

Rich fabrics think leather, dark-colored woods, supersaturated dark colors –those are the main factors for creating a romantic and dark theme for your house. Ultra violet color is a great choice if you want to embrace a moody theme for your home; from bathrooms, dining, to the living room, purple hues will surely give a soothing and vibrant lift on the space.
Consider the effect

Keep in mind that incorporating the Ultraviolet with other colors in the proper way will surely help you achieve a great result. If you’re unsure about the combination of the color you’d want for your home, you could contact Professional Painters for help. These painting companies can offer you an extensive task and help you with your home décor painting decisions.

You want your guest’s eyes to gaze the room and not crowded just by looking in every direction – so, as mentioned earlier, start with a few accents before gradually adding more of this color.


Choosing this color of the year – Ultraviolet is perfect for those who would prefer a trend-forward and more muted approach for transforming into the calm, comforting, mystical, and sophisticated home. No matter what color you choose this year, and the following years to come, colors are definitely important.

A Touch of Glimmer in Your Home: Decorating with Metallic Finishes
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Using Wall Tiles for The Maximalism Trend of 2018

Tiles for the Maximalism Trend

For what feels like a lifetime, minimalism has been the go-to trend for homeowners and designers alike. While beautifully timeless and classic, the minimalism trend is slowly being bypassed by a bolder and more colorful look, maximalism. Best summed up as the total opposite of minimalism, maximalism focuses on rich colours, patterns and textures. This lends itself to creative and character filled homes that are bursting with life. But how do you get this same look in rooms like bathrooms or kitchens which are notoriously more difficult to personalize? Well, the best place to start is your tiles. Tiles are the foundations to a whole theme in bathrooms and kitchens, so, lets take a look which tiles can help you to achieve that stunning maximalist home.

Using Wall Tiles for The Maximalism Trend of 2018

Black Metro Tiles

Metro tiles have more than been doing the rounds in the interiors world as of late. Walk in to nearly any commercial or residential building and you’ll likely be met with a metro tile. Metro wall tiles first rose to popularity in the early 1900s thanks to their extensive use on the London Underground stations. These tiles soon became an iconic design feature that is synonymous with this time in history and as such give a gorgeous vintage glamour aesthetic. For a maximalist look, use a black metro tile with a high gloss finish. This gives a dramatic flair that oozes sophistication. Black tiles are best used in spaces with plenty of access to natural or artificial light, so try a grey metro tile for smaller rooms instead.

Definition of MaximalismQuote 
“Maximalism has such an emotional quality to it because you’re
drawing upon things you love. Sasha Bikoff, interior designer”

Patterned Tiles

There’s no escaping patterns at the moment and they show no signs of going away any time soon. Whether it be a funky palm tree, geometric or chevron print, its safe to say that patterns are paving the way of the maximalist trend. Much like a wallpaper, patterned tile make for excellent feature walls. This allows you to focus on those stunning accessories that really make the maximalist design shine.

Herringbone Tiles

You may find the term herringbone vaguely familiar and for good reason. Most commonly found within the wood flooring world, herringbone refers to the name of the layout of the wood planks. One of the best thing about tiles is that you can lay them however you want once you’ve bought them. Herringbone floors have taken over the wood flooring industry and the look is currently doing the same within the tile community. Herringbone tiles are ideal for maximalist looks since they add incredibly fluidity and interest to a wall or floor. In a similar way to patterns, chevron tiles create a point of interest in a room which works perfectly with those striking colours and finishing home decor items. 

Maximalism couldn’t come at a better time. With minimalist homes starting to grow tired and predictable, the interiors world is relishing the chance to work with bold new looks. In the worlds current climate, a little makeover is exactly what were all looking for. So, why not consider maximalism as a theme if you’re planning to redecorate!

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