Essential Tips for Designing a Modern Kitchen

Even though the economic downfall took a bit of the steam out of the home renovations market, it has definitely recovered and so has homeowners desire to improve or change their space. With this renewed vigor to create unique and welcoming homes, some new trends in home renovations have also emerged. Choosing a company like mannetta industries will allow you to get the best possible results from your home renovations. Some of the most notable trends in home renovations that you will see are detailed here.


Modern Kitchens
Just a few years ago when a homeowner remodeled their kitchen there was a good chance they were going with the rustic motif, featuring warm colors and wrought iron accessories. However, the tables have turned and now the most popular options are modern styles with gray or white cabinetry, countertops that are simple and a space that features a minimalist design. Additionally, you are much more likely to see appliances that blend into space or that are hidden from view to create a sleeker appearance.
Brass is quickly making a comeback. Even though this is not a new material, it has received a bit of a facelift. Bright, highly polished brass is a thing of the past and the modern trend is leaning toward hammered, dull and rustic looking brass. This new look is able to be used in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as in the door hardware and lighting throughout the entire house.

Havertown Petite Kitchen

Updated Bathrooms
Modern trends show that the bathroom is the second most renovated room in a house, only falling behind the kitchen. The trend for bathrooms is moving away from the vintage, wainscoting and claw foot tub style to more of a resort style. This option will feature things such as larger walk-in showers, several shower heads, heated towel racks or floors and bathtubs with jets. For style and coloring, glass tiles will be the most popular option and the entire space will be in neutral cool colors such as off-white, light blue and ash gray.

ASID Showcase House 2014 - Twin Girls

Vivid Colors
Even though kitchen and bathrooms are moving toward neutral colors, designers are thinking something completely different for other spaces in your home. Bright, vivid colors such as orange, yellow and turquoise that were recently popular have now received a new twist. Now they are being designed to offer even more of a focal point with colors such as Rouge Red, Nectarine, Lemon Zest, and Green Flash. Chances are you will begin to see these options on accent walls, as the main color of paint and even on the ceiling or floor. If you are considering a remodel or renovation, it is a good idea to learn about the recent trends that are being used.

Contemporary Kitchen in Fulham

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7 Strategies To Follow Your Budget During A Home Renovation

7 Strategies To Follow Your Budget During A Home Renovation

A home renovation can be a refreshing and stressful activity as well. It can help you get your mind off things, but it can also expose you to immense pressure if you do not plan well for it. It is ideal to have a budget for all the expenditures so that you do not spend more than what you have. But just having a budget is not enough to ensure you don’t spend more. Here are seven strategies to follow your budget during a home renovation.  7-Strategies-To-Follow-Your-Budget-During-A-Home-Renovation

  1. Do It Yourself

An exceptionally effective way of saving money during a home renovation is doing it yourself. If you are handy, you can even do everything yourself. But if you lack some of the required skills, you might need a crew to help put up drywall and lay the tiles. However, you could still reduce their hours, and hence the cost, by demolishing the space, cleaning up the place, painting, and preparing the surface.

If your DIY skills are moderate, and you want to improve them for your renovation, you can always use YouTube. If you are determined, be available to learn the needed skills and take time to do it right. If you lack the required tools, you can rent them from a local hardware store. Additionally, the rental due dates will motivate you to complete the upgrade.

In case you decide to do the upgrade yourself, beware that there are things you can’t do without a license, including moving utility lines and electrical work. If you have the required skills for jobs like setting up load-bearing beams and tearing down walls, ensure you obtain the necessary permit. In addition to protecting you from potential problems, the future inhabitants of your house will be safe.

  1. Reuse Materials

During renovations, you can save money and stick to the budget by reusing materials. For instance, when upgrading the kitchen, you can reuse cabinetry and appliances. If you require more than new hardware and paint to be pleased with your kitchen cabinet doors, you can reface doors to adjust the style or replace them while maintaining the cabinet body and save plenty of money. Be sure to check for amazing kitchen designs that you can implement with your reused materials.

Even though you are unable to reuse any existing materials in your house, you can purchase fixtures and materials from salvage yards, building material auctions, and e-commerce sites. At times, people are moving and require selling appliances that are in perfect condition quickly. You can also find plenty of lumber remaining from a person’s project. In addition to saving money, the search for salvage materials saves the environment from waste and adds some character to your renovation.

  1. Be Smart When Hiring

Prior to hiring professionals for your upgrade, be sure to look around. Beware not to use a general contractor since they can be stressful and costly. This is due to the plenty of organization needed when various skilled workers are involved. When hiring professional help, be sure to use personal recommendations and user reviews so that you can get someone trustworthy.

Be careful when hiring a friend of your friend, unless you have heard from a client who is pleased with their work. Also be careful about hiring family and friends for assistance. They could be great friends but bad contractors, which would ruin your relationship if the renovation turns out bad. But they can be significant assets if they are good at the job.

Moreover, be sure to schedule the project for the off-season. This period follows the holidays just before summer. However, it changes with the region. During the summer, professionals are generally busy with big projects, and the majority of them are unwilling or unable to take on smaller jobs. In addition to getting professionals who are available, off-seasons will also allow you to negotiate for reasonable rates.

  1. Maintain the Home’s Footprint

The most expensive renovations include moving the windows, walls, sinks, and bathtubs. At times, moving a wall entails installation of costly load-bearing beams. However, sometimes it is cheaper to remove a wall than to relocate ventilation for a stove or a gas line. The cost will involve materials costs of cabinets, beams, conduits, counter tops, wiring, plumbing, and more, as well as labor costs for hiring a professional. If the functionality of the space is excellent, making these significant adjustments is not worth it.

  1. Sell Old Fixtures

If there are things that do not make you happy, like ceiling lights, replace them. But ensure you sell the old fixtures instead of disposing of them as garbage. To finance some parts of the renovations, you can sell these old fixtures and materials on sites like OfferUp, Craiglist, or Facebook Marketplace. Old appliances, hardware, kitchen cabinets, doors, and other materials could appeal to someone else who is looking to reuse old materials. Also, you can sell metal junk to scrapyards.

  1. Balance Low-End and High-End Materials

Get the most value out of your money by buying statement items, like a statement stove or quartz counter tops. However, save money when it comes to other places that have less impact. Style inclinations and the project will determine this balance. You can choose to spend more cash on hardware and less on cabinets and doors. But be sure to avoid extremes and not go too fancy and lose money by setting up cheap Formica counter tops.

  1. Earn Rewards

Utilize reward credit cards to cater for the budgeted expenditure and immediately pay off the card with the budgeted cash. This will allow you to earn rewards with your card and even go on a free vacation with your family. What could be better after working hard on your renovation? Another ideal way of earning rewards is to buy gift cards from grocery stores that provide benefits for spending money, like savings on future grocery or fuel buys.


However hectic a renovation can be, these seven strategies will make things easier. You will not only save a lot of money and stick to the budget, but you will also create something that is worthwhile.

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Thinking of Renovating Your Kitchen Keys To The Season in 2018


If You Are Thinking of renovating your kitchen? Keys to the season in 2018

Every year opens new doors to opportunities and changes. If you want to change your current layout, remodel a specific area of your house, or simply want to refresh the look and feel of your house, now is the best time.

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in everyone’s home. It is a special area where the family gets together while enjoying delicious dinner, talk about how everyone’s day was, and so on. This is why keeping it clean and aesthetic is very important – but what’s in for kitchen renovation this 2018?

In this article, ready your sense of style and creativity with these important keys to unlock and improve your kitchen’s overall look and function.

Innovating Looks Through Kitchen Devices and Appliances

In this world where technology conquers almost everything, kitchen technologies are also evolving. It doesn’t have to be in the form of gadgets and appliances. As of today, the modern kitchen tends to have integrated technologies in every function, from fridges to faucets, to the lighting –this is the definition of a smart kitchen.

A kitchen needs to evolve in terms of its design and additional gadget or technologies for the homeowner’s convenience. For example, the modern home renovation appliance market offers motion Sense-equipped kitchen faucets that have the ability to sense the presence of your hands and automatically releases water. There are also refrigerators that can alert you when your stock or grocery item runs out or coffee makers that are programmed to make coffee the moment you wake up.

Integrated technology really improves kitchen functionality and offers convenience to homeowners.

Image Source Flicker

Blend Your Style and Design To Suit Your Taste

The look and style of your kitchen can be contemporary or vintage, official or informal, homey or high-tech – no matter what type of style and design you choose, selecting the right components is important. From cupboards, counter-tops, cabinets, to the different home appliances or devices, everything must be checked.

This 2018, white or grey colored cabinets are still in because of its clean look. This color creates a deep rich luxurious atmosphere and full-on elegance in your kitchen.

Pimp Your Kitchen with Countertops

The main and most important components of the kitchen are the countertops. These workhorses should and must withstand any tear and wear during any kitchen process. When choosing to renovate high gloss kitchens in JHB this 2018, you need to consider the physical features of the countertops as well as it’s surface’s aesthetic appeal.

It is better to opt for the ones that offer water-resistant, easy to maintain, and hard-wearing.

Making Your Cabinets Standout

These days homeowners are demanding solid colors and shades of grey along with traditional colors along with darker stained wood tones

There is also another option when renovating your kitchen and much less expensive than replacing cabinets and that is cabinet resurfacing But it does take an experienced painter, don’t take the chance of an amateur for this type of job. Modern-Backsplash-Is-Hot-in-kitchen-renovations

Modern Backsplash Is Hot This 2018

When someone enters your kitchen, the first thing they would see is the backsplash. This year, if you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, consider first the backsplash. The good thing is, there are wide options for backsplash in the kitchen industry that has now opened. From different versions and texture of tiles to waterproof wallpaper or even engineered hardwood.

Having a stunning backsplash when doing kitchen renovations in Cape Town can offer a wonderful counterpoint and wide space to your kitchen – so, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  

Kitchen Renovation-3
Image Source: Flicker

Flooring Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Standout

One of the big eyesores, if it is not maintained well or updated, is the kitchen’s flooring. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen for personal liveability purposes or for property selling, then you must update your kitchen floors. The kitchen industry as of today offers new innovative methods to create a luxurious look in your kitchen floors. You can opt for flooring tiles that are eye-catching with geometric patterns. Adding materials like heated panels, peel, and stick vinyl-made tiles, or cork is totally an ideal way to add an extra aesthetic to your kitchen.

Proper Lightning and Personalized kitchen joinery

Of course, having proper lighting is essential in your kitchen and adding custom-built joinery is also a good way to go. Hiring professionals that have the right resources, tools, and knowledge on kitchen renovations is an ideal way if you don’t have the skill for DIY. Customizing kitchen joinery and other components like handles and taps will bring more flair and character to your design. Plus having someone who has renovation skills saves you an ample lot of precious time in formulating your new arrangements.

Opt for professionals to transform your ideas and designs into reality.


Taking note of the aforementioned keys before deciding to renovate your kitchen should definitely help you achieve an effective home renovation while saving up your budget – So, are you ready to refresh and remodel your kitchen?

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