Five Great Beauty Products You Need In Your Lime Crime Makeup Bag

A well-stocked makeup bag brings you from day into evening and back again. Everyone needs a makeup bag with products specifically for them. These wonderful basics are a must addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Use them to help add color, bring in a youthful glow and add layers of confidence to your overall look. Each item is one that everyone can use all day long as their needs change. They’re also items that can be used all year long. Versatile makeup is one way to respond to changing conditions with ease and use makeup that goes with anything you wear. Five Great Beauty Products You Need In Your Lime Crime Makeup Bag

A Good Makeup Brush

All makeup must be handled with care. It needs to be put gently. A good makeup routine begins with the right kind of makeup brush. Makeup brushes allow anyone to put on makeup with just enough pressure to get the look they want. Find a good makeup brush that fits well in the hand and provides the ability to create delicate lines and careful control. Keep the brush in a separate compartment away from the other items in the bag so it stays in the best shape as needed each day and night.

The Right Lipstick

Lipstick helps lips come alive with color in every way. Many women have a specific kind of lipstick they would like to use as the season’s change. In spring, they may opt for more understated shades. Summer and fall make the ideal time to go bolder and show off a lovely smile in the process. Any makeup bag should have at least several types of lipstick on hand at any given time. This includes a base coat as well as other forms of lipstick such as lip liner that adds even more welcome detail.

Elegant Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow draws attention to any woman’s eyes. Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty-free line of make-up, offers many different types of shadow. People can find different kinds of eye shadow palettes from Lime Crime that work during the day with any wardrobe staple. Eyeshadow is right for a day at the office when giving a presentation. It also works for an evening on the town when people want something that stands out in a crowd. Any makeup bag should have at least two or three types of eyeshadow. Doing so makes it easy to head out quickly knowing that each person has what they need on hand.

Concealers for Any Skin Type

Anyone can have a less than ideal skin day. Breakouts happen. No one wants to go around with skin that looks tired and worn. People also do not want to walk around with any kind of blemish. Concealers are right for any sudden and unexpected skin condition. A quick application of concealer removes the offending problem, rejuvenates the skin and helps anyone stride forward with a sense of relaxation knowing they still look their best. All makeup bags should have at least one trusty concealer on hand in case of a sudden skin issue.

Effective Sunscreen

Sunscreen may seem like something to worry about only during the summer. In truth, sunscreen is a necessary item all year long. Harsh sun is just as possible in the winter as it is during the hot months. Good sunscreen helps ward off wrinkles and offers protection against the effects of aging. Keep sunscreen on hand when outside all year long. Put it on when heading outside to help provide moisture and reduce the chance of getting any kind of sunburn. Sunscreen comes in many forms from sticks to creams. It fits in any woman’s makeup bag with ease.

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