DIY Projects

DIY projects are made from re-purposed materials, new products, paper, beads, cans, dishes, flowers, cloth or wood.

Hollwood Mirrors
Benefits of Having Makeup Mirror with Lights Around It Makeup mirrors are a common piece of furniture in every household. People these days are very particular that they need to present themselves well and so they are very careful when they dress up. Initially it was only women, who were very fastidious about the way they carry themselves. But the […]

Home Series: 3 Benefits of Having Makeup Mirror with Lights ...

Pantone-Colors-of-2016 5 comments
It is amazing to me that each year we go through different trends for home decor, changing from fabrics, colors, textures, styles and its hard to keep up with all the changes, not to mention trying to change your home to fit into the “trend of the year”! But I am sharing with you a few of the newest trends […]

Home Decorating Trends For Pantone 2016-Color Changes, Textures and Styles