DIY Projects

DIY projects are made from re-purposed materials, new products, paper, beads, cans, dishes, flowers, cloth or wood.

Redecorating Its Actually Not As Hard As You Think
Pxhere Every now and again we all like to change our scenery at home. Whether it be a change of cushions, a new sofa, or a whole new design. You could spend hours scouring the web for beautiful designs, looking for the perfect color schemes and finding that statement piece of furniture. Did you know that the color of your […]

Redecorating: Its Actually Not As Hard As You Think

4 Ways To Style Your Home With Black Chrome Furniture 7 comments
4 Ways to style your home with black chrome furniture  Getting ready to give your home a makeover? You might be looking for design inspiration from various sources such as interior design magazines or Pinterest. If you’re looking for a different style for your house, you might want to consider buying black chrome furniture. Chrome furniture has already been popular […]

4 Ways To Style Your Home With Black Chrome Furniture

Oh My Heartsie GIrls Weekly Linky Party For All Blogs To Share Their Latest Posts 7 comments
Latest trends – “overdone” home décor is in again!  Proper interior decoration is what makes a house a home. It is what gives your home an identity and that warm fuzzy feeling that gets you excited when you are about to get home. Home decoration ideas are influenced by many things such as nature, history and past events. Homeowners can […]

5 Ideas in The Latest Trends in Home Decor “Overdone”

Are You Left Handed and Would You Like To Learn How To Knit
Learning to knit if you are left handed  There are several health benefits to be had from knitting. These benefits include a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure, as well as a reduction in stress levels. Of course, these benefits often only start to apply once you have actually learned to knit. This is something that many left handed […]

Are You Left Handed and Would You Like To Learn ...

Memorial Day Remembering and Star Melon Cake 9 comments
Welcome to Oh My Heartsie Girls Friday Features This week featuring Memorial Day! Memorial Day Message My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do…For your country ~ John F. Jennedy  Enjoy Friday Features-Have a great weekend!!!  Each week I have the great privilege to spotlight blogs that linked up from the last […]

Friday Feature Linky Party