Selecting The Best Modeling Dough Compound for Your Child

Selecting-The-Best-Modeling-Dough-Compound-for-Your-ChildCreative play with modeling dough can be an enjoyable activity for children but can cause problems if parents aren’t careful. Knowing how to select the best dough compound for your child’s age and skill level is important. This list of factors will help you make that decision:

How Much Time Does Your Child Have to Work with The Modeling Dough Compound?

When choosing a modeling dough compound for your child, another important factor is how much time you are willing to spend working on the sculpture with them. Some children may need constant supervision when working because it can dry out or break apart if they leave it unattended. Many modeling dough compounds dry out after a certain amount of time, so the most important thing is to make sure you choose one that allows plenty of time for your child to work on their sculpture uninterrupted.


Certain compounds are very flexible while others are much more brittle; if your child plays with her compound on a hard surface and squeezes it with her teeth, you may want to choose a less flexible compound.


Although all dough compounds should wash off easily, some are more likely to stain skin or clothing, so consider which compound you’ll want to use if your child wears clothes immediately after playing with his dough.


All dough compounds are available in different colors; however, some are brighter than others and will be more noticeable if they’re on your child’s hands or mouth. If you don’t want to see bright coloring every time you look at your child, this may not be the product you want to choose.

What Is Your Budget?

Finally, your budget is another consideration when choosing a modeling dough compound such as Mad Mattr. There are ranges of compounds available for purchase at any price point, and some require baking after they’ve been used to allow them to harden.


Almost all dough compounds are very durable; however, some are more likely to leave residue on your hands after use than others. If your child frequently likes to rub his work in his eyes and mouth, this may be a factor you want to consider (if you’re not sure whether your child will do this, talk to his daycare provider or preschool teacher to find out).

Temperature Resistance/Sensitivity

Some compounds contain ingredients that soften when exposed to warm temperatures while some do not; if your child typically plays with his dough outside, the heat may make it tacky and difficult to mold (but this will go back to normal as it cools down).

The use of modeling dough compounds has been used for some time now to assist in instilling creativity in kids. Various artistic disciplines use modeling dough compounds. You can choose the best modeling dough compound based on the above factors, but if you’re not sure there’s enough time or money to complete your project, you may need to re-evaluate your approach and compromise on one of your chosen factors.

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