Wooden Watches: 10 Engraved Watches From Lux Wood

Watches are the most common accessory worn by people. Watches have evolved a great deal from the time of their inception to now. While some wear watches for the very purpose of being able to tell time anytime, anywhere; some add style to their clothing by pairing the right watch with their outfit. You would find all kinds of watches in stores, whether online or offline; ranging from cheap to very expensive.Wooden Watches: 10 Engraved Watches From Lux Wood

Styles keep changing, and new trends keep emerging. One such trend that is becoming popular in watches is wooden watches. Wooden watches add style and uniqueness to what you wear while also being popular for their environmental-friendliness. Moreover, when we talk about brands that make wooden watches, Lux Woods’ watches top the list. With that being said, here’s a list of 10 best wooden watches from Lux Woods.


  1.   The Oakwood Watch- Chanate

The Oakwood watch for men that is made from Chanate wood has a clean, neat look to it. Since the dial and band are both made of Chanate, it’s a monochromatic watch meant for men who like it simple and elegant. Chanate is a hard and stable wood; resistant to warping and movement- making the watch durable.

  1.   The Gatson Watch- Chanate

The Gatson watch made from Chanate wood is light in weight and pretty comfortable on the wrist. While the watch strap is a lot like the Oakwood watch for men, it differs in the color of the dial which is orange in the Gatson watch. If you want a watch to stand out and gather attention, Gatson should be your pick.

  1.   The Oakwood Watch- Blackwood

Black goes well with all the other colors and still makes for a style statement, and there is no doubt about it. Since so many people love black more than any color, Lux Woods also makes wooden watches in black- the Oakwood watch using Blackwood.

  1.   The Kerr Watch- Chanate

If a square-shaped dial is your thing, then the Kerr watch made out of Chanate wood, which Lux Woods makes, can be perfect for you. While the dial is clear black, the strap of the watch is brown with some black here and there- pretty much like any watch made from the signature Chanate wood.

  1.   The Parkchester Wood Watch- Red Pau Rosa

The Parkchester Wood watch made from Red Pau Rosa is different from the regular Chanate wood; if you’re looking for a more unique timepiece. While the band of the watch is a mix of brown and red, the dial is black. This is one amazing combination that makes this watch get out of stock quite easily.


  1.   The Gatson Wood Watch- Olive Wood

The Gatson Wood Watch for women is made from Olive wood which makes the strap of the watch light brown in color. The dial is petite and has stick markings, which make the dial look very clean and simple. Yet another feature that is unique to this watch is the dark blue colored dial that goes quite well with the light-colored watch band.

  1.   The Kerr Wood Watch- Chanate

The Kerr Wood Watch for women made form Chanate is by far the most sold watch for women. It owes its popularity to the unique design that flaunts a very sleek watch strap and a square-shaped dial. While the watch strap is a mix of dark brown and ash grey, the dial is black in color, making it perfect for minimalists.

  1.   The Gatson Wood Watch- Chanate

The Gatson Wood watch is popular for its beautiful, clear-white dial with stick markings for both hours and minutes. The band of the watch is made from Chanate wood, giving it a dark hue. The dial and band of the watch create a contrast. This makes the watch an even more amazing choice for women who prefer light-colored dials over dark ones, like black.

  1.   The Parkchester Wood Watch- Red Pau Rosa

Pretty much like the Parkchester Wood Watch made from Red Pau Rosa wood for men, this one is an amazing alternative for women looking for wooden watches in colors other than shades of brown and black. While the watch is reddish brown in color, the dial is black, with small stick markings.

  1.   The Bendemeer Wood Watch- Blue

The Bedemeer Wood watch is a vintage-style watch with a smaller dial than usual Lux Wood’s wooden watches. While the watch is made from Chanate wood, the dial is eye-capturing since it’s a beautiful, bright yet a darker shade of blue. The dial of the watch is shiny, good for daily use as well as on special occasions.

This is a list of the best wooden watches from the Lux Woods collection. Wearing wooden watches is undoubtedly a great decision to make if you care for the environment. What’s more is- they even add engravings to the watches and let you customize wooden watches. Whether you buy one for yourself or plan to gift someone special, a Lux Wood watch would be a great choice.
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