10 Household Objects You’re Forgetting to Clean

10 Household Objects You're Forgetting to Clean

We all know that as much as we don’t feel like it cleaning our homes it’s a necessity. Sometimes we leave the cleaning to Trustworthy Cleaning Services.  We all have our go-to list: vacuuming, dusting, laundry, and dishes, but how many things in our home are we forgetting about! There are hundreds of tough to reach places, some in which include things that we use for our personal hygiene. Here is a the top 10 things that are forgotten about.


Let’s skip the horrifying details of what can get caught in your loofah and cut to the chase. Start by using only a natural loofah, shaking it out after each use and storing it in a cool, dry place (not in the shower). If you don’t want to soak your loofah in bleach to ward off germs, try immersing it in a pure essential oil blend for a few hours

Toothbrush Holder:

Go ahead, peer inside and check out what your toothbrush is resting in. You are likely to find discoloration, grime, and even MOLD. Hot water, a clean cloth, pipe cleaners and antibacterial mouthwash are your go-to weapons for combatting these germs.

Kitchen Sponge:

This guy’s made to soak up germs and bacteria, but who wants to clean their dishes with a germ-laden sponge? Get on a regular routine of disinfecting your daily scrubber with a bleach soak that is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria

Cutting Board:

Whether you’re partial to wood or are completely pro-plastic, you have to keep your cutting boards clean. Wooden cutting boards, unlike plastic, can’t be tossed in the dishwasher. Pick one of these five ways to keep yours clean and practice washing them regularly


If your fridge hums like a 747 jet plane, then it may be time to clean those refrigerator coils. Clean coils keep your fridge cool, but dirty coils cause your appliance to kick into overdrive and send your energy use through the roof

Washing Machine:

This machine takes on a heavy load to ensure your clothing stays clean, but it’s important to go back and clean it as well. Vinegar is the magic potion that will make your washing machine fresh and clean, so your clothing will stay that way, too.


Bedroom sheets are washed on a regular basis, yet the pillow usually rests without a regular cleaning. Avoid dust mites by throwing your pillows in the washer with hot water and drying them on a low heat setting

Ceiling Fans:

Ceiling fans are like dust magnets, yet they’re often overlooked when the Pledge comes out. With a little help from a step stool and an old pillowcase, though, you can swipe away the dirt without leaving even a dust bunny.

Mops and Brooms:

We clean things, but what about cleaning our cleaning things? Mops and brooms sweep up dust and dirt, which get caught in their bristles, and there’s no sense in sweeping your floors with a dirty tool. Brighten up your mops and brooms and make them last by replacing mop pads or washing them


Touched by everyone and cleaned by no one, these handy household necessities are great at collecting bacteria. Grab a microfiber towel and disinfectant and get to wiping down those knobs. Feel free to tackle your light switches and electrical outlets while you’re at it too.

Remember these 10 neglected items the next time you are cleaning the house! I know after seeing what they looked like in my home they will never be missed again! Yuck!
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