3 Benefits of Cosigning Your Kid’s Loan

Is your child going to need a loan in the near future?

Maybe it’s a student loan to attend college or a mortgage to purchase a home. They may just need a small loan to buy a car.

Whatever the case, you should consider cosigning that loan for them. 3 Benefits of Cosigning Your Kid's Loan

3 Reasons to Cosign Your Kid’s Loan

Being a cosigner is definitely a big responsibility, but there are at least three very good reasons to consider being one for your kid.

1. Teaching Them the Process

There is absolutely no shortage of lenders these days, so even a millennial like your child should have no problem finding someone who will give them the loan they need.

The problem is that if your kid doesn’t know what they’re doing, they could walk away with the money they wanted but also an unfavorable rate they know nothing about.

While it’s always best to understand how lending works before so much as even applying for a loan, there’s no law that this is a requirement for accepting one.

That’s why it’s often a good idea to cosign your kid’s first loan. By default, this makes you an integral part of the process. You can go over every step of it with them to ensure they understand what it is they’re signing their name to.

While your signature will help them achieve a more favorable rate, your involvement may be the only reason they don’t accept an extremely unfavorable one.

2. Giving Them a Better Rate

The main benefit of having a cosigner is to earn a better rate on a loan.

This is always helpful, of course, but it can make all the difference for your kid. As a millennial, they may not have very good credit or no credit to speak of at all. So without your signature, they will receive a very unfavorable rate.

Many lenders won’t even offer a loan to people who don’t have an established record of good credit.

3. Helping Them with Their Education

Taking out a student loan has become just as much a part of going to college as choosing a major, signing up for classes, and buying books.

Nonetheless, that certainly doesn’t make them any more affordable. In fact, going to college is becoming more expensive every year.

Of course, federal loans – the most popular option – don’t always cover all the costs involved. If your child plans on going to medical school or has some other dream that requires more funding, they may need private loans to cover the difference.

So it should come as no surprise if your kid asks you to cosign on the loan – or, realistically, loans – they need to go to school.

These can be more expensive still, making it all the more important that they have a cosigner.

Talk to Your Kid About Cosigning

Make sure you talk to your kid about acting as their cosigner long before they begin considering a loan. The last thing you want is for them to secure unfavorable terms simply because they didn’t know how much you could help.

With one simple conversation, you can enjoy the three benefits of cosigning a loan for your kid that we just discussed above.


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A Trusted Guide to Help You Choose the Best Birthday Gift

Birthday gifts are a great way for individuals to express their love and sentiments. These gift items are versatile, charming, and ideal for every type of special occasion or event. However, there are a variety of gift baskets available in the market today. This makes it quite a challenge for shoppers to make the right choice. If you want to find a birthday gift that will suit the occasion and your needs, these tips will help you make an informed decision. Presents

Set a reasonable budget

Gift baskets come in a variety of prices. This mainly depends on the gift items that are included in the basket. Therefore, it is important to determine the amount of money that you want to spend. This way, you will be able to concentrate on baskets that are within your price range. A budget will help you avoid overspending. In addition, you will save time by narrowing down your options to baskets that are within your budget.

Choose a theme or occasion

Gift shops usually categorize their items according to the theme or event. This works to ensure that buyers have an easy time checking out available options, save time, and make the right purchase. Most online stores have a huge inventory and choosing an occasion or theme will make it easier for you to get what you want. This will allow you to browse all the available birthday gift options and choose the best gift basket for your loved one.

Consider the recipient

When choosing a gift basket, you should always have the recipient in mind. This will help you to personalize the gift depending on the personality and preferences of the individual you are sending it to. It is important that you spend time with the individual or talk to them to help you select the best birthday gifts for her.

Reputable retailer

When choosing your gift basket, it is crucial that you purchase from a highly reputable retailer. This is important to ensure that you get what you want and protect your interests and money. It is advisable that you get crucial information about the retailer before making any payments. Always go for established gift basket stores that have been in business for a long time. This will ensure that you have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Shop around

You should take your time to shop around and choose the best basket gifts. You should never be in a hurry when making your purchase to avoid buying something you will regret later on. It is best that you make a list of at least five items you want the gift basket to have. It is not a must for you to purchase the most expensive items. This is because price is never important for your love ones, but what matters is the meaning that the gift carries.

Choosing the perfect gift for your loved one is never an easy process. This is because of the countless gift items available. Even if you know the interests and likes of the recipient, you may still encounter hurdles during the purchase process. It is crucial that you start planning early and listen for any hints that the recipient may give. When buying gift baskets for your girlfriend, sister, friend, mother, or wife, you should always take into consideration their interests and passion.
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Learn How to Toss Your Bean Bags in Five Steps

Beanbags are fun to play with, especially with the tossing involved. Tossing is the key element of this game. Lack of a good toss will cause your bean bag to land on a wrong point, making you lose many scores. Beanbag tossing techniques require a lot of practice as well as a bit of training. The technique can be learnt but practice is left to the individual to do. Bean Bag Games

Basic steps to tossing the correct way

Just like any other game, for example bowling, bean bag tossing requires ultimate intention.  There are many tossing styles that one can learn to enjoy the game better. However, until you understand the basic steps of the tossing strategy, you cannot be the best. The steps include:

  • Prepare – This first level involves both mental and physical workings. Focusing on the toss without getting distracted even by your opponent is vital. Focusing on the holes of the bean bag toss boards is importantfor making your scores. The most important discipline is to set your sights purely on the hole without looking away until the beanbag lands there. Learn to toss in three simple steps:
  • By placing your thumb in the center of your bag
  • Then curling your index finger around the corner
  • Finally, allow the index finger to support the lower side
  • Step – Many players use this to step before they toss, ensuring that their toss is coming from the legs, not the arms. As you plant your opposite leg firmly on the ground, bring back your throwing arm. This is a technique known as plant leg as the other leg remains stationary to provide balance.
  • Swing – Gently swing your arms but do not throw the bag at this point. If you carelessly chunk the bag at this point, you are bound to miss the hole. Instead, think of how you can gently toss the bag so that it drops on the board from afar. Learning to measure your swing is very critical as it will help you figure out the speed for each toss.
  • Release – Learn the release timing for the success of your shot. Releasing too soon will cause your bag to flop on the grass while releasing too late will hit someone standing behind you. The general rule of thumb you should learn is to let go of the bean bag when your aim is at a 90-degree angle with the armpit as well as your shoulder. Remember, in case the board is full of other bags, you will want to create an arch to your toss so that you may slip your bag through the hole without taking any of your opponent’s bags with you.
  • Spin – Adding a simple spin to your bag will help it slide across the board’s surface. With this slide, hopefully, it can spiral into the hole.
  • Finally, follow through – By maintaining a focus on the back of the hole after the bag has left your hand, you may be able to balance and aim like you are creating a muscle memory to improve the next throw.
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Picking Your Level of Luxury

We all deserve the chance to get away and truly feel like we’re being pampered. Daily life can be a real grind, and it’s hard to find a moment to relax, much less a full few days. Sure, staycations are cheap, but they aren’t really that rewarding unless you just really want to do nothing more than not work with your paid time off.  If you have the time and money to really take a look at your luxury travel options, you’ll find that there’s no one-size-fits all model for taking an elegant, relaxing vacation that you’ll remember forever. There are levels of luxury, and you should feel comfortable picking the one that works best for you.Picking-Your-Level-of-Luxury

What matters most

We all have deal breakers when we’re going on vacation. Some people won’t go camping without indoor plumbing or even a fancy RV. These people are known as “glampers.” Other people won’t take a plane anywhere unless they can get seating that’s better than basic coach. Some travelers want a certain type of pillow at their hotel. The list of deal breakers can be endless, and some demands are harder to meet than others.

Do you want a room that looks out upon the beach? Then be prepared to pay for the view. But if you don’t want that view, maybe you should spend that money on a room with a hot tub instead. Consider how much you’re going to use each available amenity. Sure, hotels with room service are nice, but if you’re on a special diet and can’t eat most of the food on the menu, then it’s not worth paying extra for a place with 24-hour room service.

Hidden fees

One possible dealbreaker you should look out for? Resort fees. Hotels of almost every star rating charge them. They may not show up in your initial bill, but you have to pay the resort fees before you leave the hotel. “Resort fees” are a catch-all term for services like free drinks or use of the hotel’s fitness facility. You’re going to pay the resort fees even if you don’t use all the amenities, which is one reason some people really dislike them and will do anything they can to avoid them. Other people consider them just a part of travel, and that’s a good mindset to adapt when you’re headed to places where resort fees are almost impossible to avoid.

If you’re staying on the strip in Vegas, go ahead and budget an extra $20, $30, or even $40 a day for services you might not even use. They’re a really common way to get extra money from tourists visiting hotspots, so you’ll also see resort fees pop up in places like Mexico or the Caribbean. To avoid surprises, make sure to do plenty of research before you give out your credit card number. Let’s say you’re looking for luxury resorts Cabo, but the language on some of the websites is unclear. By all means, feel free to call and ask if the property charges resort fees. If you want luxury, you’re going to have to pay at least a little extra for it, but that doesn’t mean you should let resort fees sneak up on you.

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