Places To Visit in London On Fathers Day

London museums the old man will love this Father’s Day

In case you needed a reminder: Father’s Day is coming up, 16th June to be exact. Finding dad-friendly presents can be tough. You’ve done the “best dad” mugs, bought him countless novelty socks and enough shirts to last him a lifetime. So why not plan a day to remember this Father’s Day in the capital?

Whether your old man is a history fanatic, keen on culture or a lover of science, London is brimming with a fantastic range of museums that suit any interest.

British Museum

The world-famous British Museum might be an obvious suggestion but for good reason. Located in the Bloomsbury area, the British Museum is one of London’s biggest and most visited attractions. First opened in 1759, the British Museum exhibits rare and historic global artifacts, including the Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon sculptures.

The museum has over 8 million objects in its collection, with roughly 80,000 of these on display giving dad plenty to explore. For any dad who loves history, the British Museum not only offers wonderful artifacts to ponder but a wealth of education too.

Natural History Museum

Does your dad think of himself as a bit of a David Attenborough? Then the Natural History Museum is the perfect place to take him this Father’s Day. With the Dinosaur gallery and the spectacular blue whale model, the Natural History Museum will allow you and the old man to get lost in the history of life on Earth.

Based in South Kensington, the Natural History Museum is close to the Science Museum and the V&A museum, if you want to visit more than one attraction. They also offer private guided tours, so you can really make Father’s Day personal and give your dad memories he’ll cherish forever.

Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A)

As previously mentioned, the V&A is a neighbor to the Natural History Museum. Dedicated to art and design with 3,000 years’ worth of artifacts from across the globe, the V&A is sure to impress the old man.

From the Islamic and Asian art exhibitions to Medieval Renaissance galleries, the V&A is great for the culture and design lovers alike. There are also regular events held at the V&A as well as temporary exhibitions you can check out.

London Transport Museum

If your dad is a transport enthusiast, why not treat him to the London Transport Museum? Based in Covent Garden, the museum explores the connection of transport with the social and cultural history of London.

Highlights include the iconic red London bus and the world’s first Underground steam train. To top off the Father’s Day treat, stop off at the souvenir shop and treat dad, adding another miniature model to his collection.

Museum of London

If you’re looking to take your dad on a trip to London for Father’s Day, why not learn about the history of the city and stop off at the Museum of London? Packed with historic objects and exhibitions that take you on a journey of London’s past, making it a great activity for Father’s Day.

The museum is located in the City of London, next to other top attractions such as St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London. Stopping over? Check out Dorsett Hotel, City, which is primly located between all three sites.

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A Collection of the Best Ways to Shine Out Your Personality Through What You Wear

You don’t need to attend New York’s Fashion Week each season or only shop at the high-end clothing stores to know that what you wear is important. What you wear reflects your personality and your level of comfort with yourself and where you are at, physically and emotionally.Your Personality Through What You Wear

You can add cute rings and other accessories to accent your mood and your outfit, but the actual clothing is what sparks personality.

Here is a collection of the best ways to shine out your personality through what you wear.


Men – When men wear suits, the nice, 3-piece or just a jacket and matching pants and button up shirt, they are seen as well adjusted, authoritative and trustworthy. Even if they forgo the tie, they are still respected.

The men are also assumed to be more proficient at their jobs, successful in life, and create more income than men in regular jeans and a T-shirt. And the biggest assumption of all is, men are better in all areas than women.

Women – When a woman wears a fitted suit, she is seen as confident by most standards. There will be some who think she should dress like a woman, but a tailored suit on a woman, where they pants fit just right and the jacket is also forming-fitted, but not tight, gives her a confidence boost.

Women should wear women’s suits and not try to fit into a suit made for a man. If you are going for a look of “manly” you would still want to wear a women’s suit, just change the color to something darker and what a man would not wear. Most men do not wear yellow, orange or red suits.

Dressing to Impress

Depending on what you are wearing and where you are going, many people think they need to dress to impress someone. This could be a future spouse, a supervisor or boss, or someone you would like to get to know better.

Dressing to impress implies you are trying to be noticed and want the person you fancy to favor you because of your clothing. If this is what you are thinking, you will miss the mark no matter what you are wearing.

People are impressed by the quality of the person, not the quantity and value of their clothing. Of course, what you are wearing is the initial “eye catcher”, but in order to maintain a relationship, you will need more than fancy clothing.

Naturally, you would want to wear something completely different when you are dressing for a job interview versus a ball game or event for singles. Dressing to impress can be achieved in many cases by simply wearing what you are comfortable in and to make sure your clothing is clean.

Bright Colors

When you wear bright colors, you are projecting a personality of fun and lightheartedness. This is good when you are out with your friends, with your family or participating in any number of activities alone.

You will not want to wear bright colors to work or visiting a friend in the hospital. Bright colors are trend-setting most of the time, but you won’t be able to match a color in the next two seasons.

Abstract Patterns and Prints

If you enjoy bold patterns and prints, that may not make much sense, then your fashion sense is known as bold. You like to take chances in most of the aspects of your life.

This type of fabric will tell people you are open and speak your mind. You are expressive and creative and don’t like to be told what to do at each step of the way.

Slogan T-shirts

You are not afraid to express yourself, and you do so with the choice of shirts you wear. You may also enjoy drawing attention to yourself in a way most others do not.

Although you are not inappropriate with your T-shirt choices or where you wear them. You are respectful of others and express your opinions in a humorous manner to avoid conflict.

You know better than to wear one of your T-shirts to a funeral or a job interview and that is part of what sets you apart from the rest of the slogan T-shirt crowd.

Fancy Dresses

As a woman, you want to flaunt that you have been working on getting in shape and healthy. You may wear a sleeveless dress to promote your new, sculpted arms or a shorter skirt to highlight your shapely legs.

Wearing a fancy dress may be the only option, depending on what you are attending and where the venue is located. Weddings, funerals, and office gatherings should find yourself in a nice dress. A ball gown is not always necessary, you can save them for a formal affair like a fundraiser for your favorite charity.

Men can wear their very best for weddings, funerals and charity affairs; however, it is more acceptable to be dressed down as a man than a woman.

Tight Fitting Clothing

For those who wear tight-fitting clothing, you are projecting a conservative vibe about yourself. One may assign you the label of narrow-minded, and you would be the one to stick close to social norms.

Loose Fitting Clothing

One school of thought on individuals who wear loose-fitting clothing is that they are conservative, open-minded, and you come across as someone with liberal thinking and values.

Of course, these “rules” about clothing are not steadfast and set in stone. You can wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident without worrying about what others think.

There are a few places you will want to dress your best and not go against the grain. This would be job interviews, meeting your new partner’s parents and friends, funerals and may be an important meeting regarding your business future.

All the other times, wear what you want and how you want to wear it. Clothing is a part of each individual. Unless you are attending a private school, you will be able to dress like what and who you want.
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Korean Beef
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5 Unique Ideas To Set Up Your Wassily Chair

5 Unique Ideas To Set Up Your Wassily Chair

The Wassily chair has a very unique make a build. It defies the typical midcentury modern chair aesthetic by being al chrome edged lines and classic black seating. So, many homeowners don’t really know how to incorporate it seamlessly in their homes. This is why further we’ve compiled some excellent ideas on how you can set it up in your home interiors with flair. Let’s take a look:

  1. Fill up that empty corner

5 Unique Ideas To Set Up Your Wassily ChairClothes and Pizza

If you’ve got an empty corner in your home that you just don’t know what to do with, then simply set up the Wassily chair in it for both functional as well as a visual effect. The chrome and black aesthetic of the chair can also be accompanied by some accent furniture and accessories like the ones featured in this image. They can either complement the color scheme of the chair by being just as modern or you can choose contrasting accessories with vintage metal accents like the ones in this image.

  1. Try out a formal set-up

Herne W York

The thing about the Wassily chair is that it has a very formal vibe. It rarely ever looks like a casual chair if you don’t construct a decidedly informal ambiance around it. But you can use it in all of its formal glory by creating certifiably officious surroundings like the ones featured in this image. The unique stature of this chair stands out in all its glory by being used in pairs and situated around a simple table set-up with a very formal backdrop to make it feel ceremonial.

  1. In an office of sorts

In an office of sorts with the Wassily chairInterior Style

The Wassily chair has the kind of body and design that would look epic in an office environment. The sleek chrome lines of its structure, the slanted seat, the comfortable backrest, and the unique designing – everything would look pretty amazing in an office space. It can either be used as a freestanding object or you could even use a cluster of these to surround your in-house coffee or conference tables.


  1. A modern living room design

A modern living room design with the Wassily chairDana Dame Wood Photography

The overall design and make of the Wassily chair is the epitome of modern chic. It’s neat, sophisticated, clean, and absolutely stunning. And you know what? It would make an excellent addition to a living room of a stark, modern variety – just like the one featured in this image. You can use its simplicity-in-complexity concept to embellish plain surroundings with flair and panache.

      1. 5. Paired up

    with the Wassily chair

Paired up with the Wassily chair

Galleria Bellucci

More often than not, the Wassily chair is used in pairs because not only does it enhance its impact, but this decision also makes it feel more approachable. So, whenever you have the need for accenting, a pair of these chairs can make a huge impact on your surroundings. Just look at this image for inspiration – it definitely sets the tone right.

So, these are some of the different ways that you can incorporate the Wassily chair in your home interiors. We hope this helps unlock your own ideas for some clever layouts.

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