4 Ways to Pamper Yourself in Tampa, Florida

Embassy Suites by Hilton Downtown TampaImagine spending the afternoon sipping on healing tonics while you soak in mineral water, then indulging in your love of treasure by treating yourself to a one of a kind jewel necklace. Envision living it up on a yacht as you savor shrimp and filet mignon before dancing under the stars to your favorite song. Materialize your fantasies in Tampa Bay. From the boutique to internationally known, many luxurious Tampa hotels are designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Find Your Fountain of Youth

Tampa Bay has always been a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Florida has attracted visitors seeking healing waters for centuries. As the legend goes, Native Americans gathered around Florida’s therapeutic waters before Ponce de Leon searched for the “fountain of youth.” Today’s hydro massages and hot stone massages combine modern technology with ancient knowledge. If you want to get back to nature and find your bliss, try a healing massage at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa.

Upgrade Your Look with Help from the Beauty Experts

Tampa is full of options when it comes to pampering yourself. Certified estheticians are available throughout the area to ensure complexion perfection. There is a beauty expert waiting for you around every corner, whether you desire a manicure and pedicure that shows off your new peep-toe pumps or want to perfect your eyebrows.

Treat Yourself to One of a Kind Treasures

Historical Hyde Park Village’s brick walkways are lined with a combination of locally owned specialty shops and national retailers. While you are there, try out a new look at an upscale salon or prepare your mane for a night out on the town at the blowout parlor. You may want to stay for special events, such as live music and al fresco dining.

International Plaza and Bay Street are known as the crown jewel of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Don’t call it a “mall.” It’s much more than that, full of high-end retailers, fancy restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

There are over 100 stores and restaurants in the open-air Shops at Wiregrass. Located in the heart of an affluent neighborhood, these carefully chosen shops complement a luxurious lifestyle. Finding an exclusive treasure has never been so easy.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds with Fine Dining

Photo via Flickr by Sangre-La.com

Tampa is home to many fine dining options, but dining on the water provides an unmatched ambiance. A dinner cruise aboard the yacht StarShip is the best option for sailing around Tampa Bay while watching the city lights. Your picture-perfect vacation will be documented with a complimentary photo service on a yacht designed to cater to you.

Now that you know about Tampa Bay style pampering, are you ready to find a luxury hotel or resort? HotelPlanner.com makes booking rooms with AAA, military, business, and senior discounts effortless. They find low group rates and accept separate payments. Each hotel is reviewed by discerning guests. No need to stress and spend your precious time worrying about accommodations, you have a getaway to plan.

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Make Taking A Shower A Most Enjoyable Experience

Taking that morning shower or showering after a workout can be a very mundane activity, looked upon as a task that just needs to be done. Get in, get out, and get it out of the way. This activity, though, can be made much more pleasant if you’re stepping into your own custom steam shower. Make taking a shower a most enjoyable experience.Steam Showers Increase The Value Of Your Home

If you’re not too familiar with steam showers that you can personalize in a number of different areas, check out what some dynamic, leading manufacturers in the industry, like Thermasol, have to offer. People checking these showers out for the first time are surprised, and often amazed at how they can put their own shower together to get exactly what they’d most enjoy having in the shower area.

Thermasol, again, is a fine example of a company that really turns out superior products, giving the customer a world of options in which to select from. Their procedure is a step-by-step process to building your own custom shower, ultimately resulting in a fabulous system you can be happy to say you put together yourself. In this order, your selections on their particular site are as follows:


Control & Steamhead: the many options here include:

  • MicroTouch Control
  • Signature Control:
  • SignaTouch 5″ LCD Control
  • ThermaTouch 7″ LCD Control
  • ThermaTouch 10″ LCD Control
  • Total Wellness Package
  • Wellness Shower Package
  • Wellness Steam Package

Exterior Control: Modern (15 choices) or Traditional

Fog-Free Mirrors: choose from Avant, Cupola, Eclipse, or Rhombus

Shower Speakers

Shower Light: a wide variety of housing colors surrounding the round light

Shower Seats: Folding or Corner Install

Why steam showers?

There are many great reasons why homeowners opt for steam showers when newly building or doing a bathroom remodel. A couple of them relate directly to physical benefits. Steam helps you relax, improves circulation, and helps reduce muscle pain. Steam opens up the body’s pores and helps to release toxins through the sweating process. And steam has been known to help people get better quality sleep.

You can easily envision this. Instead of just getting up, stumbling into the boring old shower to get that part of the day done, you head to your new custom steam shower for that experience. Your digital shower’s design helps to create an environment of perfect water temperature (that you control), sound (through your waterproof speakers), steam and light. Who needs an expensive spa membership when you’ve got all this right in your own home? And this isn’t just some random special occasion. It can be every day, at any time, even more than once daily if you feel so inclined!

One other attractive feature to perhaps consider. Steam showers increase the home’s value by 31%. So that would be a wise investment, that would, in theory, pay for the new steam shower many times over.
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5 Picture-Perfect Islands for a Relaxing Florida Vacation

We have hectic lives, and there comes a time when we need a recharge. It’s vacation time, maybe for some personal rest and relaxation or a romantic getaway for two. Florida’s beautiful beaches and keys are a popular destination, but with a little more than 4,500 islands to choose from, that can appear a daunting choice. To give you a start, here are five picture-perfect islands that offer to relax, low-key vacations.

Merritt Island

Image via Flickr by mathewingram

If relaxation for you means adventure, Merritt Island may be the perfect fit. Home of the NASA Space Center, Merritt Island has more than rockets. It’s located on Florida’s east coast and boasts a selection of activities. Whether you’d like to dream of and discover astronauts and space travel, enjoy a quiet getaway into the 140,000-acre Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, or try your hand at parasailing, this island will satisfy the adventurer in you.

Longboat Island

If a more low-key, elegant vibe describes your perfect getaway, Longboat Island will fit the bill. With fine dining such as the acclaimed French restaurant Maison Blanche, this scenic island is perfect to bring lovers together. Enjoy the day golfing, or lounge on its 12 miles of white sand beaches. Then, unwind with a stroll through St. Armand’s Circle.

Captiva Island

If enjoying the outdoors is how you unwind, Captiva Island might be the right call. Do some kayaking and paddle boarding before hitting the local scene for a cup of coffee, a browse through boutiques, and a slice of pie from Key Lime Bistro. Located near Fort Myers, Captiva Island offers an array of activities, including biking, sailing, and cruises to rekindle your romance or work off stress. For a quick adventure in the woods, Cayo Costa is just a boat ride away.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island, Captiva’s sister island, offers a relaxing, fun atmosphere. Seashells abound along the sandy coast. If you’d like to know more about the shells you find, you can visit the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum where they also have live exhibits. After spending your morning on Sanibel Island shelling or hiking through the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, you can enjoy fresh seafood at the Sea Breeze Cafe.

Matlacha Island

If even quieter is better for you and yours, Matlacha Island could be your go-to destination. Located west of Fort Myers, Matlacha Island is a tiny, artsy town offering an array of galleries like Lovegrove Gallery and Gardens. Historic Pine Island is a short distance away and has a bike trail which stretches Pine Island’s length. After an easy day spent paddling the calm backwaters, biking, or hiking through Pine Island’s Calusa Heritage Trail, you can visit Matlacha Island’s Great Licks Ice Cream Shop to recount the day’s adventure and maybe plan tomorrow’s.

We all need a getaway from time to time to recharge from our hectic lives and reignite our romances. Visiting one of these picture-perfect islands in sunny Florida could be just what you need. Your relaxation awaits.
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Coloring Your Hair For The First Time? Essential Things To Keep In Mind

Coloring Your Hair For The First TimeAccording to several beauty experts, hairstyle enhances your persona! Your haircut, texture, and color impact your confidence and overall appearance. Today, many people color their hair without giving it a second’s thought! They blindly follow the fashion trends, not realizing what’s perfect for them. Every face has a specific character and appeal that gets accentuated with the hair color. Are you planning to color your hair? If yes, you need to consult an expert colorist to understand what hair color matches your hairstyle and facial composition.

People often shy away from the idea of consulting a professional colorist. The reasons vary from one person to the other. One of the primary reasons is, some people feel that ace colorists consultations are costly, while others fail to find the best one! Today, you can come across professional colorists, who charge a decent price and provide expert beauty solutions. To know more, you can get in touch with Beth Minardi.

However, there are specific factors to consider before you color your hair for the first time. They are as follows:

  1. Get it done from a reputed salon under a professional colorist

Hair color is ultimately a chemical treatment! Even though the best hair colors come with a “no ammonia” guarantee, still the composition has specific chemicals. Your hair texture will react to these chemicals. An inferior quality hair color makes the hair texture coarse and dry. Also, generic salons make the mistake of allowing the hair color to touch the scalp in small portions. It can result in scalp irritation and persist for a long time. To avoid all these hassles, it’s a smart call to consult an expert hair colorist and get your hair color done from a leading salon. That way, you will be under safe hands.

  1. Hair color should match your overall look

Every person exudes a distinct look! It can range from looking classy, elegant, bohemian, casual, careless, sporty, and many more. It’s essential to choose a hair color that matches their look. For instance, if you are a reserved person, shy and dress in a refined way, you need to choose a hair color that adds gravity and depth to your look. You can’t opt-in for “blonde” hair color for the maximum hair volume. Your colorist will assess your overall look and suggest the best shade.

  1. Be careful with quirky highlights

Partial blue, green, violet or golden highlights are common today! But think twice before blindly following the trend. Consulting a hair colorist is essential. They will help you decide your quirky and unique hair streaks in a way that it doesn’t make you look out of place.

  1. Get detailed aftercare routine

You need specific aftercare routine after hair coloring; it is a must. You need to stay away from the harsh sun and other light rays. Also, there’s a particular shampoo and conditioner that you should use. An expert colorist will guide you on this entirely. 

Hair coloring needs care and attention to details. If you want the best results and keep your hair safe, shining, and healthy consulting a professional hair colorist is essential. You can also sport the best color that complements your look, style, and persona.