4 Important Benefits of Taking a Paternity Test

Find My Ancestors Using a DNA Test Kit2018 was the most popular year for purchasing at-home genetic testing kits. And whether it is for ancestry or paternity testing, the number will likely to continue to rise as technology gets better.

In this article, we’ll talk about the main benefits of taking a paternity test, which differ from an at-home ancestry test. An ancestry test can predict paternity, but it cannot guarantee it completely.

Read on for some compelling reasons to take a paternity test today.

1. Peace of Mind

Every family has secrets, and you may have been living most of your life wondering if your paternity was one. Or, you may have lived with the thought that the child you know as your child may not actually be your child.

The only way to get a 100% accurate answer to that question is through DNA paternity testing. The peace of mind it can offer is priceless.

2. Inheritance Issues

If an individual dies without a will, and there are issues in which the paternity of the children are in question, a paternity test can help resolve these issues. A paternity test while the father is still living is preferable, as they can then put the issue to bed before the father passes away.

Still, determining paternity can be an extremely important aspect of inheritance and determining who gets what in the event of the person in question’s death.

3. Custody

Like it not, custody issues often arise when parents decide they no longer wish to be together. As a result, the paternity of the father is often called into question, especially if he wants custody of the children or child.

In this event, a paternity test will settle any issues or doubts that the father is actually the father so that the court can then proceed with the hearing.

4. Medical Histories

If you’re unsure as to who your father is, not only can this create identity issues, but it can also create further issues pertaining to your medical history. There are some diseases that are directly linked to heredity, and without knowing this for sure, you may not fully understand the implications of the diseases or be prepared to deal with them.

A full medical history of your father will give you a better idea as to your genetics. It will also give you a better idea of what to look out for as you grow older.

Getting a Paternity Test

A paternity test can be court-ordered, or something you seek on your own to satisfy your curiosity. Either way, it is important to establish paternity in a variety of situations, not to mention for your own well-being. Knowing who your father is can strengthen your sense of self, and make your identity that much stronger.

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