5 Tips For Heating Small Apartments In Budget

 5-Tips-For-Heating-Small-Apartments-In-Budget.Keeping your home warm and comfortable is perhaps the biggest challenge for homeowners in winters. Things get even harder for apartment dwellers who do not want to invest a massive amount for permanent additions in a rented space. Fortunately, there are some proven measures you can still try to heat your small apartment without getting hefty utility bills. Let us explain some tricks and hacks that can help you keep your living space warm within the budget.

Cover drafty doors and windows

Keeping the warm air inside and the cold air out can make your small apartment a cozy haven. Luckily, it isn’t rocket science, as you only need to seal the leaky areas with caulk or tape. You can even cover the windows with a thin plastic sheet to make them extra secure. Use weather stripping along the door frame to prevent leakage of warm air from inside or entry of cold air from outdoors. Placing a towel against the door bottom is an easy quick fix.

Buy a programmable thermostat

You can go high-tech this winter and invest in a programmable thermostat, a smart device that enables you to control the temperatures. It can go a long way in cutting down the utility bills. Even if you spend a bit, you can easily remove it and take it to another apartment. So it is a smart investment for homeowners living in rented spaces.

Invest in an electric heater

An electric heater is the best option if you are looking to warm up your small apartment without burning a hole in your pocket. You can pick a small fireplace heater to get the look and feel of a real fireplace in your living space. Since these are space heaters, they work well for walled-in rooms as in apartment spaces. Just curl up at your favorite spot and make the evenings as cozy and comfortable as you want them to be.

Switch to quilted curtains

Another good idea to insulate your place and cut down on heating bills in the winter is by investing in quilted curtains. They seal the windows further and prevent the entry of air from outside. The fabric may cost a bit, but you will not have to spend a lot for a small apartment. While you opt for thicker curtains this winter, look for a pretty pattern to enhance the decor.

Use sunlight to your advantage

Even as you have quilted curtains at your place, draw them open when the days are sunny. There isn’t a better way to warm up small spaces than let the sunlight flood. It not only makes your home cozy but also kills the germs that breed in dull and dark corners. You end up with a healthier living space that exudes positive vibes as well. Moreover, you pay nothing for this free source of heat.

Cutting down the heating bills for a small apartment is easier than you think, and you do not have to compromise with your comfort. Just follow these simple tips, and you are good to go!

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