7 Most Beautiful Red Flowers That You Should Add To Your Garden

A red flower is the traditional symbol of love and romance. Red flowers are almost loved by everyone and they always symbolize pure love. Thus, whether you want to propose someone or convey that you care for him or her, a bouquet of red flowers will do the trick. In fact, red flowers can not only brighten your relationships and bonds but also your garden. But, before you go ahead to incorporate red flowers in your life, check out the following most beautiful red flowers that will leave you mesmerized:

Red Rose
Needless to say why roses are crowned as the most popular flower in the world. It is because of its unmatched beauty and aroma that roses are considered as the symbol of love. Sending roses to someone you love can sweeten your bond with that person and bring happiness in your life. Red Rose


Although Zinnia blooms in a wide range of colors, you cannot stop swooning over the red Zinnias. Zinnia is an uncommon flower native to Mexico and is also found in abundance in South America. These flowers are small and so bright that it stand out of the crowd very prominently. Apart from its beauty, red Zinnias stands for constancy.

Red Zinnia
Source: Wikipedia


It is an easy-to grow wild flower that signifies and death and rebirth. These vibrant red flowers is a foolproof way to infuse happiness in your loved one’s life. You can send these flowers to your loved ones and make them feel special. You can also grow them in your garden and bag appreciations from your known ones. Red Poppies


Celosia makes a great flower to be grown in your garden. These flowers are beautiful that bloom all summer long. They are also used in decorating a garden or a wedding venue. These beautiful blooming flowers are also used for medicinal purposes. Celosias signify humor and warmth. Dry Celosia flowers also make a great dried flower arrangement.

Red Celosia
Image: Burpee Seeds


Dianthus flowers are one of the best red fragrant flowers that you should definitely grow in your garden. Dianthus flowers are colorful, vibrant and possess a spicy fragrance. Although Dianthus are available in a rainbow of colors, red Dianthus are mesmerizing and soothing to both your eyes and soul.

Red Dianthus
Image: Burpee Seeds


Dahlias are beautiful flowers as bloom in a variety of shapes and colors. Due to its diversity in shape and colors, the meaning of Dahlias vary. But, in general, these flowers symbolize elegance and dignity. Thus, if you want to really turn your garden into a paradise, embrace and grow red Dahlias. Dahlia-red-blossom


Hibiscus is a versatile flower which is admired all across the globe. Nor that it is beautiful but also useful. Yes, Hibiscus flowers are highly used in cosmetic products and Hibiscus tea is considered very beneficial for health. Red Hibiscus represents love and beauty. Thus, adding a Hibiscus plant to your garden is a surefire way to brighten your surroundings.

Hibiscus pexels-photo
Image: Pexels

You can also send these flowers to your loved ones as gifts from online flower shops. Suppose you want to send a bouquet of red roses to someone in Mumbai. All you have to do is to avail a same day delivery from the best Mumbai flower shop. These were some of the most beautiful red flowers that you can grow in your garden.
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