Announcement: Something Old Something New Coming

 Last week you might remember I started a Saturdays Update post and as I have been thinking about it, my ideas could involve you, yep I woke up thinking how I could improve this weekly post into something that could be equally beneficial to my followers and I came up with it, “Something Old Something New”. corny I know but hear me out as it involves a Linkup. Watch For It

I read a lot, yeah no not romance or mystery book, I read about blogging, like what is SEO, when and how many times to share to social media, that sort of thing, I have done it for years and what I am about to tell you won’t be a surprise to many but for a newer blogger, it would be.

Here we go;

If you are trying to improve viewers and visits to your blog, some people wonder if the look and appearance of their blog would have something to do with getting people to come to their blog and they think that they need to get a new theme or make esthetic changes. Well, that might be true, in some cases, but for the most part, the “experts” say, and this is where my research comes in, that changing the esthetic appearance isn’t what is important to get more followers, its the content of your blog.

It is what you have already spent a lot of time thinking and writing about. So let’s explore, here’s what the “experts” say’ and I have a guru that I have fallen in love with, (not literally) but when it comes to advising on blogging, yep. His name is Neil Patel, he is the author of “Neil Patel Digital”! You really need to check out his site, but I’ll warn you, it can be overwhelming, explore in tiny bites.

He says that old blog posts mature over time, and based on the 10’s of thousands of visitors you would get over time from search results is what is key. And if you want a really in-depth read you can find it here: Bring Old Blog Posts Back to Life: 5 Strategies that Work

But for now, let’s get to the point, as my husband says, lol

Now for my “Something Old Something New“, how about I offer a Linkup that you share (2) article’a that is buried in your blogs belly (archives)?  Sound good? So starting Saturday morning Mar 2nd. I will have a new Linkup that you can share those 2 “old” posts remember they need to be old, like several years old, maybe 5 years old and that was popular at one time. I know this is a bit different than you are used to or using history from Inlinkz to linkup but trust me, give it a try, see if you get new traffic to an old post! There will not be Giveaways or Parties Allowed!

Like these 2 “Growing Plants in Containers with Kids” and another “Save up to 50% off on Craftsy Classes” And so this does not get crazy for me, I will limit entries to 50 that means only 25 blogs can link up and it will be closed at that time. =Limit to 2 posts per blogger!  Old!! Right?

After our first party, I will pick some of the older blog posts to feature, so it goes, Bring Old Posts Back to Life!!! And in the meantime, my followers will get to see who links up for a chance of a visit. 

So to get ready for this event, I recommend that you refresh 2 old posts, maybe new pictures, change up the wording by adding a bit of new information, then update and come and share!! Dont change the publish date that will mess up the whole reason we are doing this.

What are your thoughts? Are You Game?
Want to be notified when this party will starts, be one of the 25 bloggers to Linkup? You will receive notification before the party goes live!
Be one of first, signup now!
Starts Saturday Morning 10:00 AM PST

8 Replies to “Announcement: Something Old Something New Coming”

  1. I love this idea! I’m in the process of going through old posts, changing the links and pins to match my new domain name. Thanks for letting us know about this!

  2. I love this so much! I actually share a lot of my old posts on link parties. I’ve been updating some of the photos and pins. They are some of my favorite posts! Looking forward to your linkup!

  3. Hi Karren,
    This is such a great idea. I just saw the post and tried to link up but I missed the deadline. I hope you do this again because I would like to share some old posts. I am looking forward to hearing how this works for you and the other bloggers who linked up.

  4. This is a great idea to revitalize those old posts. Thanks for hosting! I don’t have anything 5 years old but I have some that are around 3.

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