Are Vape Liquids Be Better For Your Health Than Cigarettes

Are you still using the conventional way of smoking? If so, you are behind the clock. It is high time for you to join the vapers side and enjoy your smoking sessions and at the same time improve your health. Research has shown that recently the use of vape mod technology devices has steadily increased particularly among the youth.

As opposed to smoking, where it involves the burning of the tobacco, vaping involves heating up of the concentrates resulting in the vapor output. Interesting right? Also, the concentrates used in the vaping devices come in many pleasant flavors. These e-liquids are lab tested meaning that they are safe for use. More so, the aroma that comes with them is quite pleasant as compared to the one that comes from the combustible cigarettes. Besides the pleasant aroma, below are some of the reasons why e liquids are better for your health as compared to tobacco;

  1. Gets Rid Of Tooth Stains

One of the effects of smoking is that your teeth become stained due to the harsh chemicals (tar and ash) found in the cigarette. One’s oral health is very vital and has a significant effect on their general health. Tooth stains mean that you are not only providing room for more bacteria to thrive but also will have to part with some cash while visiting the dentist. Therefore, if you do not want your teeth to get stained than vaping is the way to go. The output from vaping is steam and the e-liquid flavor used in the vape devices.

  1. Say Goodbye To Yellow Fingernails

Have you ever wondered why cigarette smokers have yellow fingernails? Well, let’s be honest, yellow fingernails are often perceived as being dirty and ugly for lack of a better word. When an individual holds the cigarette using their fingers, oxygen is not able to properly circulate within the fingertips hence the yellowing. Additionally, the tar and nicotine found in the cigar are also contributing factors. However, with vaping, it is impossible to experience such as there is no nicotine residue as the output is vapor and the e-liquid flavor smell.

  1. Reduced Chances Of Getting Cancer

Sadly, cancer has claimed the lives of so many people, and everyone is doing their best not to fall victim. Many smokers are aware that smoking may result in cancer hence the switch to vape. E-cigarettes contain a lower level of carcinogens compared to traditional cigarettes. Therefore, at least one can be able to enjoy their sessions knowing that there are not at a higher risk of acquiring the killer disease.

  1. Helps Individuals Quit Smoking

Stopping an addiction has proved to be quite tricky for many people, specifically smoking addiction. The nicotine in cigarettes is the substance that makes people want more and more of the cigars all the time. However, with vaping, most of the concentrates have reduced levels of nicotine, meaning that one can satisfy their cravings by inhaling a few puffs. Eventually, some end up quitting smoking entirely which is a plus to their health.

Electronic cigarette
Peer-reviewed Article on E-Cigarette Use Among Adolescents Not Susceptible to Using Cigarettes


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