Romantic Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Romantic-Ways-to-Celebrate-Your-AnniversaryIf you’ve got an anniversary around the corner, you may be looking for an exciting way to celebrate this milestone. Each anniversary should be a true celebration because it means the commitment you made still stands. Thankfully, according to the New York Times, the divorce rate is actually down. Nonetheless, every anniversary is a great accomplishment and should be commemorated accordingly.

It’s important to show how much you care about your partner throughout the year, but make sure you also pull out all the stops for your special day. Here are a few romantic ways you can celebrate your anniversary.

Dress to impress

No matter what you end up doing, you’ve got to make sure you look incredible. If you and your spouse have a family now, things are probably pretty chaotic most of the time. You might just be rocking whatever’s comfortable, and that’s totally fine for everyday wear, but your anniversary should be different!

If you know you’re going to be going somewhere nice—or even if you’re just celebrating with dinner and a movie—buy yourself something that you feel amazing in. For women, consider an outfit that’s simple, but chic, like a black blouse, straight-leg jeans, and brightly-colored shoes or sparkly jewelry. For men, maybe surprise your spouse with something fun, like a nice button-up shirt and fancy bow tie. Even though your spouse probably thinks you’re lovely just the way you are, putting a little extra thought and effort into your look for the evening is a great way to show how much you still care.

Spice up your love life.

Marriage is a life-long partnership, and sometimes things in the bedroom can get a little stale. For your anniversary one romantic way to celebrate is by booking a private suite and whisking your loved one away for the night. If you’re worried about the kids, you don’t need to go very far, consider supporting a local bed and breakfast.

Although the best intimate encounters are often spontaneous, a little planning can go a long way. You don’t have to be too adventurous to spice things up. Consider going online and surprising your significant other with some sexy lingerie. From adorable lace teddies to crotchless panties, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for on Spicy Lingerie’s website. Pick something that your spouse will love and that will embolden you to have the best anniversary yet.

Go out to dinner.

If your spouse usually handles the dinner reservations, consider taking the reins this time. Check out your local culinary guide. It’ll have the latest foodie news, including whether there’s a new restaurant opening or a guide to delicious places that are lesser-known. If you want to get your spouse involved, just ask what style of food they’d like to eat. How fun will it be to experience a brand new restaurant together? Having new experiences can really keep the romance alive. If you’re worried that the new restaurant won’t live up to expectations, make sure you have your spouse’s favorite ice cream parlor or bar planned for afterward.

Take a theme to the extreme.

You might have just cringed when you read the suggestion of themed anniversary date, but just keep reading and you might change your mind! The 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s often get romanticized in movies and on TV. If your significant other has a favorite decade, run with it. Ask your spouse to dress as vintage as possible, and go out on the town.

If there’s a historic bar or restaurant in your area, like the Green Mill in Chicago, grab drinks and listen to some jazz. See if there are any old movie theatres playing classic movies. If not, play a classic movie once you get back home and eat some popcorn. Record your whole night with photos, and then have them printed in an album in black and white. Your significant other will swoon at your creativity.

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The Widow’s Guide to Staying Safe and Mentally Sane

The-Widow’s-Guide-to-Staying-Safe-and-Mentally-Sane.The loss of a spouse is one of the most difficult life experiences someone can go through. You’ve planned so much around their wants and needs. Without them, you’re probably feeling very lost and inert. Resiliency comes with time.

You need to be patient with yourself because grief is not the same for everyone and can seemingly change from day to day, even years after the death of a loved one. It’s important to continue to try to take care of yourself, even when it’s difficult. Here’s a guide to staying safe and mentally sane after your spouse has passed.

Find a new kind of security.

Being alone isn’t the best feeling, especially if you’re a woman. Without your partner to provide comfort, safety, and security you’ll need to make a new plan, so you can relax and worry less. One of the best solutions for feeling safe within your own home is purchasing a POE surveillance system. This kind of surveillance system can be put up inside and outside— due to weatherproof housing. These cameras can cover a large amount of space day and night, so you don’t miss anything.

Worried you’ll have to keep an eye on your cameras to really know what’s going on? You’ll be able to rest easy because you’ll receive a message alert on your phone and computer if your surveillance system detects anything out of the ordinary. With a playback feature, you’ll be able to easily find the time of day or night you want to check. If you’re not sure where to buy, NewEgg—a top online electronics retailer—will be able to help you find exactly what you need at a competitive price. A surveillance system is obviously no replacement for the feeling of security that another person provided, but it will ultimately keep you protected, and hopefully help you sleep more soundly.

Find someone to confide in.

Grief can feel like a burden you have to bear alone. Even though other people loved your spouse, your loss can feel solitary, unique, and isolating. You don’t need to go through this experience alone, even if you feel the need to be “strong” for your family. In order to fully cope with your grief, you may want to seek grief counseling.

If you’re in the vicinity of Washington, D.C., the Therapy Group of DC can be a great resource to help you through. They can aid you in navigating the emotional impact of grief, the physical effects of loss, help you break through the foggy-headed feeling, and help you cope with changes in your daily schedule. Life won’t ever be the exact same, but due to the expert work of the Therapy Group of DC, you’ll find strategies so that you can live a new life to its fullest.

Keep moving.

It might seem impossible to move forward at the moment, but make sure you try to keep moving physically. Physical exercise is not only important to your physical health; it can also be a key component in mental health. Exercising releases endorphins, which can help you view the world in a more positive light.

Even if it’s just stretching or yoga, finding a physical connection to yourself and your environment can help you stay present. Since grief lives so much in what has been lost and the memories of the past, anchoring yourself can bring you in the “now.” Having a physical purpose can do wonders when it comes to “staying sane.”

You’ll always have beautiful memories of your spouse. It’s safe to say they would want you to live safely and mentally well. Keep yourself physically safe with a surveillance system, stay active, and make sure you’re talking to someone about your loss.

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You Need To Make Sure You Get The Right Life Insurance


It is important for people to take steps to protect their most valuable assets. Of all of the assets someone could possibly protect, the most important is their life. This is where life insurance comes in. Specifically, life insurance is a form of protection that people take out to protect the income they currently earn. For example, if someone were to unexpectedly pass away, how would his or her family survive? That individual would no longer bring in any form of income for his or her family, so how will his or her family be able to continue to pay the bills? For this reason, people need to make sure they take out the right life insurance policy.

The Conditions of the Policy

When someone is looking for life insurance Newark DE, it is important to read the fine print. Specifically, under what conditions will the policy get paid out? For example, one of the most common sticking conditions for life insurance policies is suicide. Some policies will not pay out the benefit if an individual were to die by suicide within the first few years of the policy going into effect. This might be an issue for someone with a history of mental health disorders. This is only one of the many reasons why people need to check the conditions of the policy closely.

The Size of the Policy

One of the most common mistakes people make when they take out a life insurance policy is not buying enough life insurance. In order to calculate how much coverage someone needs, they need to calculate the amount of money they are going to earn over the perceived course of their careers. Then, this amount of money needs to be discounted back to today. This is the amount of coverage people need with a life insurance policy. For help with this calculation, it is a good idea to work with trained professionals.

Find the Right Life Insurance Policy

These are a few of the most important factors people need to consider when they are looking for life insurance. Without a doubt, there are lots of options out there for life insurance similar to other forms of protection include home and auto. For this reason, individuals need to make sure they work with a trained professional who can guide them in the right direction. Everyone needs to make sure their families will be protected with a life insurance policy.
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5 Ways to Save Money on Family Expenses

5-Ways-to-Save-Money-on-Family-ExpensesEven though it does not sound even remotely romantic and idyllic, sometimes, you have to run your family like a business. This mostly refers to the way you spend your money because it can all get very overwhelming. Schooling, travel, day to day life, and even living expenses are all a bit too much when combined. This is why we are offering some simple ways on how to save money on family expenses.

Cut on your food expensesOne-of-the-biggest-expenses-is-of-course-learn-to-cut-on-your-food-expenses
One of the biggest expenses is, of course, food! An average family of four spends from $500 to even $800 and $900 on groceries each month. More than half of this is actually groceries you need for meal preps, breakfast, and basic daily needs. However, there are ways you can cut down on food as well. First of all, try buying fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only is it healthier and tastier, but it will also cost less than frozen goods. Another easy tip is to make a list when going grocery shopping and stick to it. This will reduce too much food in your fridge, which may eventually even go bad. Planning your meals ahead, and storing the leftovers for later is another easy trick. One more thing you can do is use coupons, and check the prices in different stores, to see where you can get cheaper items.

You probably think there is no way around banking expenses, credit cards, and loans. However, there is an easy way to save a bit here as well. One thing you should definitely look into is a handy unlimited cash back credit card. It allows returns up to 6% on all of your costs. They mostly include food, travel, gas, and even fashion shopping. Check with your bank which cards give you the option of cashback, and get back a percentage of what you spend in cash. Since we are talking about banking, opening up a savings account, and teaching your children about saving is a good tip. You can also create a monthly budget based on your needs and stick to it.Planning-your-trips-and-booking-early-on-is-a-great-way-to-save-some-money-and-find-cheaper-offersSave money on travel

Travel is one of the most amazing experiences you can have with your family. But, it can be pretty expensive, which is, of course, not a reason to give up because you can save some money without giving up the fun. Planning your trips, and booking early on is a great way to save some money, and find cheaper offers. If possible, being flexible with your travel dates can also save you a lot. Avoid going in peak season, since the prices of accommodation, plane tickets, and even food and drinks are higher. Remember that even the destinations that are not popular can be beautiful, so don’t follow the trends blindly. Another great advice is to plan activities beforehand and try to choose sightseeing, hiking, and many others that don’t require a lot of money.
Monthly household expenses are not a joke. Water, electricity, heating, internet, and many more can take quite a lot of money. When it comes to phone and Internet bills, make sure you choose a deal that suits your needs. Saving on electricity is also easy. Just turn off the appliances and lights when you are not in the room, and if possible, consider getting solar panels. Those are expensive to install, however, future expenses are minimized. Your heating bill can be smaller if you turn down your thermostat by just 1%. It will save you around 10% on your monthly bill.

Another important aspect you should consider is transportation. Opt for a more fuel-efficient car, if public transportation is not a possibility for you. However, if you can use it, book your tickets in advance. Not only will this save you money, but it is more eco-friendly.

Thrift shops and garage salesA-great-way-to-save-money-is-at-Thrift-shops-and-garage-sales

Most people have certain prejudices about second-hand goods when in reality it does not have to be as bad. Buying used books or pieces of furniture is a great place to start. This is a great way to find unique, vintage pieces if that is what you like. Toys, bikes, scooters, and many other fun children’s items can also be bought in thrift shops. As for garage sales, you can both visit and organize those. It is a great way to earn extra money and get rid of the things you don’t use anymore. You can get tools, dishes, and art on such sales, which is a great way to upgrade your house.

Changing your living habits slightly will not make a big difference in your life, however, your wallet will thank you. This way, you can invest in other family necessities, and be more economic along the way.
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