The Best Tasting Lazy Chocolate Cookies

Betty Crocker Cake Mix Chocolate Cookies

Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pans).

This is the easiest chocolate cookie recipe I have ever made. Wish we had Pinterest when my kids were growing up, they would have been baking every day, but my kids would talk their sister into making cookies for them almost every day. She learned early to make recipes and became a great baker, loved it, still does and she is a great cook. But with this kind of recipe, I would have been buying baskets full of cake mixes since almost everything you need, except fresh eggs and oil. And any variation you would like to add; coconut, nuts, (there yummy) chocolate chips, or chocolate sprinkles to roll cookies in. Use your imagination, let me know what you decide.

So grab a large bowl and spoon, no need to break out the Kitchenaid mixer for this recipe. In that large bowl, mix cake mix, oil, vanilla and eggs with spoon until dough forms. Hum, to easy, yep just like that. Im sure you have seen some of these recipes using boxed cake mixes, so many things you can do with them. Dump cakes are great too, many a time I made these.

Now the only time-consuming part is waiting for the dough to chill so you can roll tablespoons of dough to roll in some sugar. I had some fancy gold sugar crystals to roll them around to coat.

Refrigerate dough 15 to 30 minutes or as needed for easier handling. Shape dough into 1-inch balls; roll in sugar. On ungreased cookie sheets, place balls about 2 inches apart.  I have used powdered sugar with one of my batches during the holidays.

Bake 9 to 11 minutes or until set. Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheets to cooling racks. Cool completely, about 30 minutes. Store tightly covered in a large container or Ziplock bags. Enjoy!!

Another way to use this cake mix is to stir up the ingredients, measure out cookies in a heaping tablespoon and wrap the dough around a Rolo candy, flatten slightly and bake, You will have caramel and a bit more chocolate in every bite!!

Watch for my Oatmeal Cookies made with a Cake Mix!! Can cookies get any easier?

Let me know what recipes you have tried making with boxed cake mixes.
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Cranberry and Pistachio Bars-Copy Cat Starbucks


I was browsing on Instagram and found this recipe for Cranberry Pistachio Bliss Bars which they say is similar to a Starbucks bar that is served. I had to make these since I love cranberries and always have tons on hand.

They are easy to make, I used my Kitchenmaid mixer with the paddle to cream the sugar and butter, then added the ingredients in the order given. These bars are a tiny bit salty-sweet depending on how many pistachios you use when garnishing the tops.

When it says chopped cranberries, I chopped them fine as when you go to cut through the bars large pieces hamper a clean cut.

For the icing and since I don’t like a super thick layer, I only made 1/2 the recipe for the icing, but you feel free to spread it on thick.

I love the addition of the pistachios, they give a different consistency and just the right texture flavor. I don’t think I have ever baked with them. 

Tip: Before you make these be sure to line a 13×9 pan with foil or parchment leaving an overhang to lift out once bars are cool.

Because you leave these bars in the pan to cool, they keep baking and I did and didn’t pay attention to these instructions on baking time, though they needed more time. I used a toothpick to check to make sure centers where a little on the dry side, wrong, should have taken them out when they were a little bit wet. I found the original recipe on “Cookies and Cups” and she has much better pictures than I do.  Don’t you love trying new recipes?

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