5 Tools Every Creative Girl Needs

5 Tools Every Creative Girl NeedsDo you express yourself creatively? Maybe you’re a photographer or a guitarist, or maybe you create art with your hands or your voice. In any case, we’ve got some great technological tools for all you lady creators out there.

Here are 5 tools that will help you express yourself to your heart’s content. It doesn’t matter whether you create art as a hobby, or if you seriously dream about doing it as a career. You’re sure to have a blast using these 5 amazing creative tools.

1.      Studio Microphone

You can use a studio microphone for all sorts of different things!

If you’re a singer or a musician, you can use a studio microphone to record yourself singing or playing an instrument—or both! A studio microphone can record sound at a much better quality than your standard cell phone or DSLR microphone, and it won’t record all that ugly white noise that you’ll have in lower-quality mics. You can find high-quality studio mics for less than $150! Consider it a must-have if you or a loved one is a singer/songwriter and you plan on submitting audition videos to colleges or talent agencies.

You can also use a studio mic for recording your podcasts and vlogs. The sound makes the difference between a professional-quality video and an amateur one, so a good studio mic will take your online productions to the next level.

2.      Drawing Laptop

If you’re an illustrator, then you definitely need to bring home a drawing laptop. What exactly is a drawing laptop? A drawing laptop is any kind of laptop that has a touch screen on which you can make digital illustrations. Most drawing laptops allow you to draw with precision using a stylus pen.

A good drawing laptop should have great hardware so it can handle big creative programs, like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The best drawing laptops have foldable screens so you can place the laptop in a “canvas-like” orientation to make drawing easier.

A drawing laptop isn’t just good for artists. You’ll love a drawing laptop if you’re a college student, too! A drawing laptop is definitely a college essential. When you’re taking notes in class, you’ll be able to use a drawing laptop to take handwritten notes. Lots of studies suggest that when you take notes by hand, you’ll retain the information a lot better than if you typed notes directly on a word processor. With a drawing laptop, you’ll be able to take handwritten notes but you won’t have to spend any extra time transcribing them from paper to computer.

3.      Tri-Fold Cosmetics Mirror

Are cosmetics your art form of choice? Then get a tri-fold cosmetics mirror for your bedroom! A tri-fold mirror is perfect for your room because you can fold it up when you’re not using it to save more space. Get one that’s fashioned with LED lights so that you’ll always have the best lighting to apply your makeup and style your hair.

4.      Grammarly

If you’re a writer, then Grammarly is one of the best creative tools you can add to your arsenal. Grammarly is an app that automatically detects errors in your writing, including spelling errors, grammatical errors, word choice, and wordiness. After you’ve written something—whether it’s a blog or piece of creative writing—just post it into Grammarly and it’ll quickly review the whole document.

You can also download Grammarly as a browser extension. If you download it to your browser, you can use the Grammarly corrections while you’re typing emails, social media, or Google Docs. It’s a great way to sharpen your writing skills and gain some insight into your own writing style.

5.      Portable Mirrorless Camera

If you’re a photographer or filmmaker, you should get a high-quality mirrorless camera, like the Sony Alpha a7. What’s great about mirrorless cameras is that they’re much more compact than a standard DSLR, so they’re better for taking on vacations, hiking trips, or backpacking trips.

If you own Sony lenses, you can easily attach them to the Sony Alpha a7 body. But you can also attach Canon lenses by using a Canon lens attachment. The adaptability of the camera gives you tons of options on how you can shoot and take videos.

There you have it, ladies! Embrace your individuality and express yourself with one of these great creative tools!
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The Best Digital Tools to Help With Your Church Electronics

When running the electronics systems of your church, there are many digital tools that can help you with electronic complexities. From design software to reference tools, there is no shortage of software and websites that have been set up to help you improve your knowledge and electronics handiwork. The Best Digital Tools to Help With Your Church Electronics

  1. PCB Design Software

PCB design is one of the most important components of electronics, and so it is important that you realize the complexities of PCB design and are able to put this into practice. Although many beginner electricians invest in pre-made PCBs, if you want to design your PCB to reflect a specific use or purpose within your church, you may consider investing time and effort into designing your own PCB. To do this, inexpensive PCB design software such as CircuitStudio can help you to develop your own PCBs with pre-created layouts that you can then base your own designs on.

  1. Reference Tools

If you are inexperienced in the world of electronics, you may want to expand your knowledge of more complicated areas and skills so that you can increase the number of jobs that you are able to do. Luckily, there are many digital tools that you can use to fulfill these goals, including online reference guides, which give you detailed instructions on everything from design factors to construction and manufacturing. With these guides in hand, even beginners can make a start on improving their knowledge and start to carry out the basics of church electronics.

  1. Calculation and Conversion Software

When performing electronics duties for your church, there is a range of different calculation and conversion tools in the shape of digital software that can help you with lots of different activities. These include Torque conversion calculators, where you can convert your designs into different measurements, and Parallel Resistance calculators, which can help you to work out the ultimate resistance between two points. Although these tools are for a range of purposes, many electricians are heavily dependent on these in their toolbox as they can help you to establish measurements and calculations that can help to make your work more accurate.

  1. 3D Printers

The best 3D printers are digital tools that can help individuals who focus on electronics as they can help create models that will make the design of your electronics look more attractive. This is especially important when it comes to unseemly aspects of electronics such as exposed wires, where it can cover these up and make the surrounding area look smart and professional. Not only this, but 3D printers also have multiple purposes and applications for your church, such as creating tools and plastic items that you can put to multiple uses, and if you want to learn more about cheap 3d printer check out.

Although you might feel like have to rely on your skills and expertise to improve your church’s electronics, there are digital tools that can both help you to improve your knowledge and help you to make the best of your current skills, such as digitizing your designs.
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How To Use Animoto To Create Digital Videos
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JD.com Makes History by Launching First Government Approved Drone Flight

JD.com has made history by being the first retailer in Southeast Asia to launch a drone flight for its deliveries. This launch is a breakthrough and a significant milestone for this retailer. The drone launch now opens doors for more e-commerce trading not just in Indonesia but Southeast Asia as well. The flight path for the drone is subject to regulatory approvals which are underway. The announcement was made at the World Economic Forum meeting. The launch was witnessed by representatives of the Air Navigation, Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation.

The Test Flight

The drone’ test flight was done on January 8th in 2019. This was done in West Java. The drone departed from Jagabita Village and then flew to the MIS Nurul Elementary School in ParungPanjang. The drone was carrying books and backpacks which were delivered to the elementary school. This was part of the donations that Jingdong makes to schools. Jingdong as a company has been involved in various philanthropic activities to empower and give back the community where they operate. Notably, the company has made use of technology and nationwide networks to provide timely support to areas that are hit by earthquakes and other natural disasters.JD.com

JD.com Portfolio and Partnerships

Jingdong in collaboration with JD.ID, one of its partners were among the first companies to introduce top quality e-commerce solution to Indonesia. JD.ID launched its operations back in 2016. Today, the company serves over 20 million customers. Their services are well spread out across the nation. In total, their network has ten warehouses strategically located across the islands. This helps them to serve 6,500 counties across 483 cities. The launch of the drone will enable Jingdong to make timely deliveries across many islands. It is also a major plus for their logistics-related services. The company can now focus on expanding its reach across other cities. This is a welcome move by the citizens of Indonesia, who can now enjoy more reliable and prompt deliveries. The launch of the drone is in line with Jingdong’s goal of delivering 85 percent of their orders on the same day. The company also intends to do more than just making deliveries. The drone will also be used in support of humanitarian efforts such as providing food and other needs to disaster-prone areas.JD-delivery-drone

Over the years, Jingdong has also established other strategic partnerships and alliances. Key among these is the WEF Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The partnership has helped JD.com to develop policy frameworks and make milestones in the advancement of their science and technology initiatives. Jingdong and WEF have worked closely to ensure the launch and the success of drone technology. Robotics and Drones by JD

JD.com Historical Moment and Future Projections

Jon Liao, JD.com’s Chief Strategy Officer, expressed his sentiments during the launch of the drone. He said that it was a great honor for them to contribute to the making of history. He expressed that the future looks bright and that the drone deliveries are bound to have a profound impact on the retail sector in Indonesia. Moving forward, the company will be working closely with the Indonesian government and other partners such as WEF. This is in an effort to offer more convenience to the citizens. The successful launch of the drone puts Indonesia among the top countries in Southeast Asia that have been able to leverage the drone technology to improve the delivery of products, vital medical supplies and humanitarian goods in remote areas. The technology is set to be transformative, and it is a major milestone in the retail and humanitarian sectors.

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3 Reasons Why Digital Side-Hustles Are a Great Idea

3 Reasons Why Digital Side-Hustles Are a Great IdeaImage via Pixabay

It’s always nice when a hobby ends up being more than just a casual way of passing the time and having a bit of fun. For many people, the golden ticket would be finding that a hobby of theirs — something they genuinely enjoy doing — has the potential to be profitable to the point of allowing them to turn it into a full-time job.

While it’s a bit unlikely that you’re going to be able to get to this position with your stamp-collecting or embroidery hobbies (but hey, never say never), there are certain “hobby” activities that fill the bill perfectly.

Digital side-hustles, specifically, are a brilliant way of spending a bit of your free time here and there, in a way that might eventually yield a significant income and even future career prospects.

So, whether you’re an online marketing master, or just like the idea of running a blog, here are some reasons why digital side-hustles can be a great idea.

They typically have very low startup costs

If you wanted to start a traditional brick and mortar business, you’d need to acquire a physical property to run them out of, and then you’d need to be present at the location on a more-or-less daily basis, or else you’d have to hire staff to do the job for you.

You’d then need to worry about managing stock, and handling all the various other physical logistics that would be involved with the business.

This would all cost a substantial amount in quite a short space of time.

Digital side-hustles, by contrast — things like web-based freelancing, affiliate marketing, and blogging — have essentially no startup costs, outside of very fundamental expenses such as website design, hosting, and marketing to your niche.

You can do them from anywhere

Another great benefit of the digital side-hustle as opposed to the more traditional entrepreneurial venture, is that you have freedom of location and freedom of movement.

This can be a major selling point to anyone with a family, or even just people who have an adventurous spark and like the idea of being able to hit the road as and when the mood takes them.

With these kinds of side-hustles, you can travel to foreign countries, or work from the comfort of your bedroom, while still progressing your small business venture in a productive manner.

Your schedule can be as flexible as you need it to be

Most jobs and more conventional side-hustles will fix you into a certain schedule or routine, which will typically involve you being present in an office or other professional premises for the bulk of your day.

If, however, you have children, or you enjoy — or need — a more flexible style of life, a digital side-hustle may be the answer to all your prayers.

Typically, these kinds of hobbies / small business ventures will allow you to be immensely flexible with how you use your time. You can work in the morning, or at night, or even weight your work to fall mostly on certain days of the week, leaving you with more free time on others.

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