How To Use Animoto To Create Digital Videos

If you had a better way to promote your brand or product would you be interested?
I have a few suggestions you can use Animoto to create videos to share with your customers and it’s easier than you seem to think.

  • You can actually use Animoto to transform memories into digital videos for marketing
  • You can use Animoto to for marketing and branding in just a few minutes with easy videos
  • You can download them to save and share

One of the unique things about using videos on your blog and particularity on Facebook. Facebook users are spending millions of hours watching videos so why not use Animoto to create some fun videos that outline your brand, service or products to market.

Getting started can be a daunting task but with Animoto you can create a video in a very short period of time.

Here is step by step to get you started:
1. Visit Animoto
2. Create an account for Free
4. Choose create
5. Follow step by step instructions on screen

You can upload current videos, add text or you can create a video using your photos into stylized videos. And there are already templates you can choose from for your creations.

Creations Using Animoto

Animoto subscribers have access to a surplus of video clips and images at no additional cost
 Make great videos. Easily.

You might ask why use videos:
It is a great way to grab the attention of viewers with short digital videos with your message. They can be inserted into blog posts, shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Stand Out On Social Media

Not only can you use these digital videos for promoting the business you can also use them in classrooms for discussions or to share a past event. Using Animoto you can preserve memories of family events say for from holidays, weddings or kids birthdays.

How Long Are Videos: You might ask how long can these videos be, well from 10 to 20 seconds. And you have the opportunity to edit your videos. With the premium upgrade you can create longer digital videos.

Marketing: And back to marketing and sharing, your video can be saved to your “camera roll” to share on Instagram and to Facebook.

Animoto Phone App: On another note, Animoto has a phone App you can use to create but digital videos on the go to access pictures you have stored to that you on your phone.

Learn About Cloud Video EditingThere are many video applications available

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Make a video with Getty stock!

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