Terracotta Painted Pots

I decided it was time to try my hand at some crafts again in my spare time.
Because I love to garden I chose to paint some clay pots from inspiration perusing on Pinterest. There is always unlimited inspiration there, sometimes more than we need to see.I decided by the colors of acrylic paint I had on hand.
Gold, of course, being a favorite, its shiny and I love sparkle, like diamonds!  Terracota-Painted-Pots.
Now for me, anything in crafting has to be fun and easy and fast. So, I started with the basic terracotta pot, painted the rim “gold, letting it dry, I painted again. Then I painted the base with pretty turquoise. After letting it dry, (in the desert you dont have to wait long) I used a coarse bristle brush to make the swashes of gold all the way around. I will finish with a coat of Krylon Clear spray paint to seal the acrylic paint and protect the pot from water damage.
Very Easy!!Pop-Art-Diva-Hand-Painted-Plant-Pots-600x600Pop Art Diva Hand Painted Clay Pots

Check these out she has great ideas, I love the one with black squares, I think I need to buy a basket full of pots. Oh and clay pots aren’t just for planting, you can use them for storing craft supplies, on your bathroom counter,
kitchen, the possibilities are endless. What other uses do you think of?

Source: Pinterest Linked through to blog

Mommy Moment //Handpainted Terra Cotta Watermelon Pot
This watermelon pot is so cute, wish I had seen this idea, but there’s another time. Terra Cotta pots are so easy way to show your creative side and if you need inspiration, just check out Pinterest.
Terra-cotta-pot-closeup-Canary-Street-CraftsI really want to try some with Modge Podge, I saw a great video on how it is done. The one above I found on Canary Street Crafts . These can be done with paper that is printed in reverse and you use, photos or fabric!
And you can find printable’s at the Graphics Fairy  Chalk-Board-Herb-Painted-Pots-Taryn-Whiteaker.

             Design Dining and Diapers // DIY-Herb-Pots
These look so easy and are not only cute but practical  Feel Free To Pin There are so many great ideas, these are a few!
Flowery-Mini-Terra-Cotta-Pots: How-To-Decoupage-With-FabricRunning With Sisters // Flowery Mini Terra Cotta Pots: How To Decoupage With Fabric Have you ever thought about using a pretty print fabric to cover a post, this is done with decoupage. nspiration-for-Painted-Terra-cotta-Pots.
These are great and you could get the kids involved, let them create their own to plant in containers, did you read my article on how teaching kids to plant in containers will build their self-esteem?
Here It Is; “Growing Plants in Containers with Kids”

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Selecting The Best Modeling Dough Compound for Your Child

Selecting-The-Best-Modeling-Dough-Compound-for-Your-ChildCreative play with modeling dough can be an enjoyable activity for children but can cause problems if parents aren’t careful. Knowing how to select the best dough compound for your child’s age and skill level is important. This list of factors will help you make that decision:

How Much Time Does Your Child Have to Work with The Modeling Dough Compound?

When choosing a modeling dough compound for your child, another important factor is how much time you are willing to spend working on the sculpture with them. Some children may need constant supervision when working because it can dry out or break apart if they leave it unattended. Many modeling dough compounds dry out after a certain amount of time, so the most important thing is to make sure you choose one that allows plenty of time for your child to work on their sculpture uninterrupted.


Certain compounds are very flexible while others are much more brittle; if your child plays with her compound on a hard surface and squeezes it with her teeth, you may want to choose a less flexible compound.


Although all dough compounds should wash off easily, some are more likely to stain skin or clothing, so consider which compound you’ll want to use if your child wears clothes immediately after playing with his dough.


All dough compounds are available in different colors; however, some are brighter than others and will be more noticeable if they’re on your child’s hands or mouth. If you don’t want to see bright coloring every time you look at your child, this may not be the product you want to choose.

What Is Your Budget?

Finally, your budget is another consideration when choosing a modeling dough compound such as Mad Mattr. There are ranges of compounds available for purchase at any price point, and some require baking after they’ve been used to allow them to harden.


Almost all dough compounds are very durable; however, some are more likely to leave residue on your hands after use than others. If your child frequently likes to rub his work in his eyes and mouth, this may be a factor you want to consider (if you’re not sure whether your child will do this, talk to his daycare provider or preschool teacher to find out).

Temperature Resistance/Sensitivity

Some compounds contain ingredients that soften when exposed to warm temperatures while some do not; if your child typically plays with his dough outside, the heat may make it tacky and difficult to mold (but this will go back to normal as it cools down).

The use of modeling dough compounds has been used for some time now to assist in instilling creativity in kids. Various artistic disciplines use modeling dough compounds. You can choose the best modeling dough compound based on the above factors, but if you’re not sure there’s enough time or money to complete your project, you may need to re-evaluate your approach and compromise on one of your chosen factors.

Home Renovations You Should Not Do Yourself

Home-Renovation-Image-Julie-WhitmerDo it yourself (DIY) projects are more popular than ever. They’re a great way to ensure you get the exact update you want, and they can save you quite a bit of money in the process.

Paint the walls, switch out light fixtures, and tear out the carpet, but when it comes to other projects, they’re best left to the professionals.

Here are four home improvement projects that you should never do yourself.

Replacing a Roof Home-owners-should-hire-professionals-for-roof-replacements

Roofing systems can be expensive, and it’s easy to see why. They are a home’s first defense against the elements. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of trying to replace their roof on their own only to end up with the very thing they were trying to avoid—a damaging leak.

It’s really best to hire a professional for the job. They will make sure everything is installed properly. You can even look into roof financing options that will make the replacement more affordable.

Electrical Work

There are some electrical home improvement projects you can do on your own. Changing outlet covers and replacing light fixtures are two DIY projects that most homeowners can handle, but when it comes to in-depth electrical work, you need to hire a professional electrician.

Dealing with electricity can put you in danger of being shocked. A bad electrical job can even cause a fire and destroy your home. If you’re looking to install an outlet or a light fixture where there isn’t one, or the wiring in your home needs an update, don’t do it yourself.

Major Plumbing Repairs

Electrical work is especially dangerous for a homeowner. That isn’t the case with major plumbing repairs, but doing it wrong can end up costing you a lot of money.

Without the right plumbing repair or replacement, you could end up with a leak, or worse yet, flooding your home. All that water can result in mold growth and costly remodeling repairs.

A few plumbing projects that should be left to the professionals include:

  • Toilet installations
  • Shower and tub installations
  • Water heater installations
  • Valve and tube replacements
  • Sewer pipe work

Structural Changes to Rooms

Tearing out a wall sounds like the easiest DIY project of all. You just need a sledgehammer and a strong arm! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Before you tear down the wall, you have to consider what’s inside it. There could be electrical wires or plumbing located in the wall. If you’re living in a two-story home, you could be dealing with a load-bearing wall. In order to make sure you don’t end up with even more costly repairs, it’s best to leave knocking down any walls to the professionals.

When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to call in a professional team to assess your project. It costs less in the long run to do it right in the first place than it does to botch the job and end up calling a professional to fix it anyway.

What Are The Essential Tools For Home Repairs
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if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.
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5 Ideas For Tiered Cosmetic Stand

Create-Pretty-Tiered-Trays-with-glass-plates-and-glueCreate pretty tiered trays using wine glasses, cups and plates for displaying trinkets in your home. A rewritten post from 2013. I was looking on Pinterest and found cute stacked cosmetic trays, I had craft moment making an Up-cycled Makeup Stand , as a craft project and a need to organize my makeup.
Completed-Makeup-Tier-TrayAs I visit Pinterest, (a habit I have) and I’m sure others do too, I found some pretty makeup organizing ideas and remember finding a book at the library that was full of ideas using dishes you already have at home to make serving trays and the like with just hot glue. Or if you want it to be permanent you could use UV6800.  I wish I could find that book again, that was about 10 years ago.

You can actually make temporary tiered trays, then put them in the sink with hot water and remove the hot glue, put them away for another day and creative moment when you need something fun or pretty.

A lot of my inspiration came from photos on Pinterest

Three Tier Tray made of Glass
Melissa Smith on Pinterest

3 glass plates, 2 tall shot glasses from PierOne and blue marbles (Christmas Tree Store) to make a pretty makeup display.  Just use a hot glue gun to secure them all together and you have a stylish way to display and organize the makeup you use every day.

Artsy Chick Rules

Artsy Chick Rules // A pretty 3 tier tray made for jewelry. Using old plastic plates, glasses and chalk paint and E-6000 adhesive.(Use outdoors as there are heavy fumes). I sealed the entire tray with a Pearl Coat Spray Paint.

How to Make a DIY Candlestick Jewelry Stand
Crafivity Designs

Crafivity Designs // So simply but elegant. This one as you an see if for jewelry.
A fun idea that comes from Craftivity Designs for a simple and inexpensive jewelry tray inspired by none other than…Kate Spade with all the cute plates they create.

Confessions of A Do It Yourselfer

 Confession of Serial Do-it-Yourselfer  // Making the jewelry tower with thrift store cups, saucers and plates including some candlesticks for the pedestals.  Oh-My-Heartsie-Makeup-Tray
I went to the thrift store and found 3 plates and 2 wine glasses, but when I got home and started working with the space I had to use on my desk, I decided on just using 2 plates with the one wine glass.  To have more surface area on the bottom plate, I set the wine glass to the back.
This way I have access on the bottom for larger items.

 Oh-My-Heartsie-Makeup-Tray-2 The project took me all of 5 minutes, once my hot glue gun was heated. If you would want your pieces to be permanent you could use an art glue like E6000 Craft Adhesive, 3.7 Fluid Ounces ( available in craft stores).
 Completed-Makeup-Tier-Tray I have seen so many great ideas but I wanted something simple and elegant at the same time. There are so many possibilities with glass plates, wine glasses, candlesticks, bottles, cups, dishes and plates. They can be white, clear, patterned, faux silver platters or any combination including wood of course or all the new tinware you can find.

I have seen the cutest serving trays made stacking plates and cups for parties that are disposable.  I would love to see polka dot dishes made into a tiered stand. The possibilities are endless!! It would be great for creating one for cupcakes or Petit fours or small desserts for parties. Any kind of dishes that you can stack and that would be stable could work!!

What dishes do you have you could use right now to create something fun.
All you need are a few dishes, odd wine glass and a hot glue gun and or the the E6000 230010 Craft Adhesive for a permanent cement

There are so many possibilities you can see in the Pinterest Board. Use melamine dishes, summer prints, or even at the holidays very inexpensive plastic-ware could be used.  Leave it to your imagination, what would you create? 

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Have you seen these kinds of serving/stands created?
What kind of ideas do you have?

I entered the Craft Challenge and added this project to the Craft Challenge over at Redoit Yourself Inspirations

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