6 Tricks to Fake an Expensive Style

 6-Tricks-to-Fake-an-Expensive-Style.jMost of us dream of looking expensive, classy, and incredibly stylish every day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about keeping up appearances, as simply allowing us to look more polished and put-together, and giving us the opportunity to leave a great first impression wherever we go. However, not many are aware that your daily outfits don’t need to be actually costly in order to appear expensive.

If you want to look more chic, fashionable, and high-end, all it takes is some smart and intentional tricks that will allow you to fake that effortlessly elegant and expensive style:
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1.      Opt for a neutral color palette

Neutral colors are often considered to be timeless classics, and for a very good reason. Subtle and toned-down shades such as white, beige, brown, gray, and black have a tendency to look incredibly elegant and stylish, allowing you to look much more expensive than when wearing bright, trendy colors. What’s more, if you opt for a head-to-toe monochromatic outfit in one of these neutral hues, such a look can help to elongate your figure while ensuring you appear intentional, put-together, and refined without too much effort. Prioritize-good-tailoring.

2.      Prioritize good tailoring

If you’ve ever wondered how an incredibly simple outfit can look quite so elegant and stylish, the answer lies in great tailoring. As long as you opt for simple cuts and classic silhouettes that perfectly suit your figure, your daily outfits can effortlessly look more polished and high-end. And in case off-the-rack garments don’t tend to suit your body all that well, simply taking that few extra steps to have your local tailor adjust the fit of your clothes can instantly elevate your everyday looks beyond their initial price tag. Wear-simple-bags-and-wallets

3.      Wear simple bags and wallets

True opulence often lies in the beauty of simplicity, something that can be applied particularly well to your most used accessories. For instance, while most women won’t have enough in their budget to invest in designer bags, they can opt for structured leather handbags in neutral colors, along with matching wallets, in order to complete their outfits with the sleekest and most stylish additions. Men, on the other hand, often won’t have that option, which is why they might want to consider choosing elegant money clips for men instead of their more common alternatives. Besides being incredibly handy and practical, such an accessory will help to prevent any unseemly bulkiness in your pockets, allowing you to look more polished and put-together every day. Choose-your-accessories-wisely

4.      Choose your accessories wisely

Apart from handbags and wallets, there are other accessories that can help you achieve that elegant and expensive style. For example, while men can match their dress shoes to a stylish leather belt in order to achieve a more cohesive and polished look, women can opt for a printed silk scarf that will add some interest and dimension to their beautiful outfits. Similarly, sunglasses are a wonderful accessory anyone can wear. As long as you opt for a neutral color and a classic shape, sunglasses can easily elevate your outfits to the next level, allowing you to look that much more fashionable and luxurious every day. Go-for-classic-clothing-items

5.      Go for classic clothing items

When all else fails, you can always attempt wearing those classic, timeless clothing items that are the trademark of a refined style. Whether it’s a simple turtleneck, a well-tailored coat or trench, an elegant blazer, smart trousers, or a crisp white button-down shirt, there are certain pieces virtually anyone can wear, which will undoubtedly look great no matter the outfit. Even though they are considered to be basics, these classic items are the building blocks of any high-end wardrobe that truly never go out of style, but always help you appear more stylish and sophisticated. Pay-attention-to-details

6.      Pay attention to details

While this might seem obvious to some, details are easy to overlook when it comes to fashion. However, simply taking good care of your clothing and footwear can go a long way towards making you look more expensive and high-end on a daily basis. This means cleaning your bags and shoes regularly, ensuring your items are properly washed, ironing your clothes before leaving your home, and taking any other precautions to ensure your pieces always look pristine. Although a small effort, such care is evident to anyone who might examine your daily outfits.

Evidently, looking expensive and luxurious doesn’t necessarily mean wearing designer labels and overpriced garments. The same look can still be achieved with the right color palette, elegant tailoring, as well awesome intentional accessories.

5 Looks for Female Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Want to Wear Heels

 5-Looks-for-Female-Entrepreneurs-Who-Dont-Want-to-Wear-HeelsApart from knowledge and professional expertise, a female entrepreneur is always expected to have an impeccable fashion style as well, which often puts women under a lot of pressure. However, the good news is that the fashion industry is all about comfort these days, which is why top designers and brands mix elegance with sporty vibes in their collections. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, you’re definitely at the right place!

Here are five amazing looks for female entrepreneurs who don’t want to wear heels, so check them out and enjoy!

Don’t be afraid to reach for your hoodie Dont-be-afraid-to-reach-for-your-hoodie

Yes, we know that it seems a bit silly, but you know what? This year’s fashion trends are all about feeling comfy yet super confident in the clothes you’re wearing, which is why a hoodie found its rightful place on our list! In fact, hoodies are everything you need – they’re warm, comfortable, and stylish at the same time, and the good news is that they aren’t reserved just for the lazy days. All you need to do is to match your favorite black cropped hoodie with a pair of sleek trousers (bonus points if they’re silky), and pointed-toe flats. This is a match made in heaven because the polished look of your trousers will balance out the relaxed vibe of your hoodie. A cool designer bag that matches your flats is the only missing piece, so get it right now and rock your fabulous combo!

Dress up your jeans like a true fashionista Dress-up-your-jeans-like-a-true-fashionista.

No matter what people are talking about, the only truth is that a good pair of jeans will never go out of style – even when it comes to the business environment! In case you didn’t know, having style doesn’t have to mean heels and dresses exclusively – it’s all about matching the unmatchable and making comfort your top priority, which is why preferred styles shifted towards the iconic jeans. For example, a cool pair of boyfriend jeans is a true wardrobe staple, so don’t be afraid to play around and match these with the controversial ugly sneakers everyone’s been raving about these days. These are a massive hit in the industry, and the fact that they’re so comfy makes them even more wanted. An ordinary V-neck T-shirt or a plain black turtleneck will be more than enough to complete this combo. So, if you’re up for a simple yet effective outfit, this is the one you should go for!

Transform your couch sweats into going-out pantsTransform-your-couch-sweats-into-going-out-pants

Speaking of comfort, we mustn’t skip the athleisure trend which is still going strong today. Of course, we aren’t saying that wearing yoga pants in the business environment is desirable. We can all agree that this may be a bit too much, but guess what? Your couch sweats can be easily transformed into going-out pants, but remember that the entire combo depends on the top you’ll choose. So, if you want to create a perfect balance between chic and casual, all you have to do is to pick an elegant loose-fitting button-down and pair it with your fave sweat pants. As simple as that! As for your footwear, a pair of ordinary white sneakers will do the trick and provide an extra dose of comfort, which is what every female entrepreneur needs in her life!

Half-tucked loose-fitting shirt to the rescueHalf-tucked-loose-fitting-shirt-to-the-rescue.

As mentioned above, loose-fitting shirts are an excellent addition to any casual combo, and we can freely say that these can save the day whenever you’re in a rush and have no time to think about your clothing combos. First of all, you can match such a shirt with the aforementioned boyfriend jeans and a pair of leather flats for a simple yet effective everyday outfit. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something even comfier yet much more attention-grabbing, you should probably opt for a colorful pair of silky wide-leg pants (aka pajama pants). Trust us when we say that you’ll absolutely adore this combo, and you know what? It’s quite eye-catching at the same time, so you won’t remain unnoticed wherever you show up!

A simple maxi dress is a real game-changerA-simple-maxi-dress-is-a-real-game-changer.j

Last but certainly not least, a maxi dress is another wardrobe staple every female entrepreneur should have in her wardrobe, and you are no exception. Truth be told, this garment is everything you can ask for in terms of both comfort and coverage, so give it a try if you already haven’t and you’ll see what we were talking about. As for prints, floral ones are always a good idea, but you won’t make a mistake even if you pick a monochromatic one. A cute, thin belt will emphasize your waist and enhance your figure, whereas knee-high leather gladiator sandals will allow you to feel super stylish yet so powerful at the same time. If you ask us, that’s exactly what every business lady should look for!

As you can tell, each of these five looks is beyond perfect for every female entrepreneur who doesn’t want to wear heels on a daily basis. You won’t make a mistake whichever you choose because these are super trendy yet so comfortable, so pick one according to your preferences and wear it today!
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What’s the Perfect Women’s Spring Jacket?

For many, the hunt for the perfect spring jacket is an enormous task. The lightness of the fabric has to be just right, and so does the cut. It’s also completely down to personal taste when it comes down to what it will work with. Therefore, what makes the perfect women’s spring jacket is not only a matter of taste but also a number of factors that have to be on point. Choosing-a-light-weight-spring-jacket-in-a-light-color.

Something that can layer

Source: Pinterest

The first ‘real’ day of spring, by which most people mean the first day it really feels like spring in terms of temperature, often gives a false sense of security. The first day you can go outside without having to throw on layers or a hat and scarf can leave you feeling all too optimistic about the months to come. Realistically, spring can throw a multitude of weather changes into the mix, and so something like a women duffle coat will provide warmth without compromising on style.

Women's Slim Fit Duffle Coat Gloverall
Source: Pinterest

A complementary color

Spring is often the season that people dust off their lighter and brighter garments from the back of the wardrobe, and get more experimental with color. Ideally, a jacket that works with your wardrobe will see you throughout the season. For some, a jacket that is pale or beige not only creates the feel of springtime but can also be relatively neutral on top of brighter outfit combinations. Whereas, for others, the lighter fabric is enough to suffice as a spring jacket. Picking a dark color in a lighter fabric can be just as complementary.

From day to night

A classic trench coat
Source: Be Dazzle Life Pinterest

Now the weather’s getting warmer, you’ll be spending evenings in the beer garden and days out in the sun. Wearing a jacket that can easily transition from the daytime to the evening means you can spend all day enjoying the lighter evenings without the need to switch it up to a nighttime look. However, the temperature might not quite be up to summer’s standards, and so what you wear will need to stay stylish while keeping some room for layers underneath. The trench coat is often seen as a springtime staple, and luckily it’s no longer just about the beige, French-style coloring. This season you’ll even find black, PVC-texture trench coats which can easily transition into a night time look.

Black PVC Trench Coat
Source: Vogue Pinterest

On top of that, spring is also a great time to wear shorter cuts of the jacket. Biker and leather jackets can now safely be worn without the risk of feeling too cold when venturing outside. These can easily be worn from day to night be wearing a chunky-knit cardigan underneath with a scarf over the top for when the evening finally draws in. Leather can also add an edgy twist to an evening dress or dressier apparel, which means you won’t have to dash home for a more sensible coat.

Womens Biker Jacket
Source: Pinterest

Whatever the ‘perfect’ spring jacket means to you, be sure to pick something that enables you to make the most of the exciting change in season. Gone are the evenings that require endless, bulky layers and the trips outside that require second-judgment.

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What to Wear to Appear More ‘Trustworthy’ in Zoom Meetings

What-to-Wear-to-Appear-More-‘Trustworthy-in-Zoom-MeetingThe coronavirus pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives, significantly changing our daily routines, and redefining our regular workdays. Nowadays, remote working has become the norm for most professionals, with video communication tools like Zoom becoming the only way we could consult our teams, have meetings with partners and clients, and even conduct conference calls.

However, the fact that most of our work is now done from home doesn’t necessarily mean we are allowed to completely relax and let ourselves go. In fact, looking polished and put-together is as important as ever, as it allows us to convey a sense of seriousness and expertise during business calls.

To that end, here are some style tips that will help you appear more professional and trustworthy in your Zoom meetings:Smart-blazers-as-the-safest-optionSmart blazers as the safest option

Elegant blazers and smart suit jackets are among the most popular businesswear options, and for a great reason; they allow you to look more professional and refined, without needing to put much effort into your outfit. What’s more, tailored jackets can be a good option for any setting, whether they’re paired with a simple T-shirt for a business casual look, or even combined with silk camisoles and blouses for a more formal environment.

And while the nature of online video calls usually leaves freedom for any choice of bottoms, a great recommendation would be to still opt for suit trousers or a pencil skirt, as you normally would. Although the lower part of your body might not be visible on Zoom, such a power outfit is bound to give you more confidence and self-assurance in your meetings. Elegant-shirts-as-an-easy-alternative.Elegant shirts as an easy alternative

If your job doesn’t require a higher level of formality, or you simply feel like wearing tailored blazers is too much for a work-from-home outfit, there are many other ways you can appear polished and professional in your Zoom meetings. For instance, a crisp white button-down shirt is a wonderful choice you can never go wrong with, regardless of the professional setting.

Similarly, a neutral turtleneck or a classic shirt with a subtle print can be great options for more casual meetings, while flowing and more structured elegant blouses in subdued colors could work great in stricter business settings; it truly all depends on your job, as well as your personal taste and style.Gorgeous-dresses-for-a-professional-lookGorgeous dresses for a professional look

Whether you are looking for a quick and easy solution when getting dressed in the morning, or you simply need more variety in your business attire, dresses are always wonderful outfit options to have in your wardrobe. And depending on the exact cut and shape you choose, they can also be perfectly suited to any occasion.

For that reason, it would be a great idea to invest in some beautiful womens dresses from Australia that come in a wide variety of different colors and styles, allowing you to look professional and trustworthy in any Zoom meeting. From printed floral dresses perfect for casual calls to structured pencil dresses in neutral shades ideal for formal meetings, you can truly find a gorgeous dress to fit any setting and dress code requirement.Dare-to-experiment-with-brighter-shadesDare to experiment with brighter shades

While darker, more subdued colors might generally be the only acceptable option for formal environments, Zoom meetings have changed this aspect of businesswear as well. Not only do many feel like working from home requires more relaxation and comfort, but most of us have also realized that such dark colors tend to wash us out and make us look unattractive on camera.

That is why you might want to consider adding more versatility to your outfits through different colors, from subtler pastels and lighter neutrals like cream or beige to brighter and bolder shades. Apart from making you appear more energetic and alive, these colors will also help to keep all the attention on you, something necessary during most Zoom meetings.Dont-forget-about-the-finishing-touches.Don’t forget about the finishing touches

In order to convey seriousness and trustworthiness, it might also be a good idea to complete your professional outfit with business-appropriate accessories. For instance, jewelry such as elegant watches, thin necklaces, and dainty earrings will always help to create a put-together and refined look.

While other elegant accessories like silk scarves could also be wonderful for elevating a work outfit, don’t forget to put on a bit of subtle makeup, and make sure your nails are neat and tidy as well. Even though these aspects seem small and invisible on camera, they always aid in creating a more professional and polished appearance.

As the outfit you choose is incredibly important for presenting a more serious and professional personal image, it would be wise to consider the beneficial style tips mentioned above next time you decide on an outfit for your Zoom meeting.

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