How to steal the limelight in winter by following some cool fashion ideas?

 How-to-steal-the-limelight-in-winter-by-following-some-cool-fashion-ideasIt may sound unrealistic but in winters you have a wider range to choose clothes from. Many people take summers as their fashion season but, in actual winter can be the real king. There are many types of clothes that can help you in enhancing your personality.

Those items that can make you look like a fashionista are going to be the center of attraction here. Pick up some cool ideas from there and then rock the look.

The best you can wear for winters

There are a lot of items that can increase the prestige of your winter wardrobe. Some of them are:

  • Let boots be the show-stealer: To wear boots in winters with any skirt, long coat, jeans, and other bottoms will make you look the best out of all. You can have low or high-heightened boots to steal the limelight. Moreover, if it’s snowy or cold outside, then the boots are surely going to help you by providing the much-needed warmth.
  • Belt your coats: You may get bored by wearing the coats or jackets in the same style daily. Why not make them stylish using belts? To wear belts on coats is such a cool idea to go with. It will refurbish the look of your coat and it will look like a newly purchased cloth. The fabletics workout clothing stuff has the potential to ace your looks also giving you the much-desired comfort. The icing on the cake is that it has the flexibility to rock itself with any type of coat. It is a must-have in your wardrobe. Recommend this idea to your loved ones as well.
  • Say yes to Fur: Fur was earlier extracted to be used as a warming element in winters. But, gradually it has been seen as a fashion statement symbol. Clothes made with fur make you look like a dapper. You can feel the ecstasy wearing fur with any type of cloth. You can rock a fur stole, fur collars, or fur mittens to live your winter look. It will inspire others also to copy your look. But, will they be able to match your sparkling look?
  • Nod for a happening hat: apart from boots, a hat can also enhance your looks by holding your hand in the winter season. It will not only provide you warmth but will also raise your styling standards in front of everybody.
  • Go with scarfs: Scarf is an accessory that every woman lives for. No matter what the season is, scarfs will continue to give you the required support by giving you a niche look. They are available in so many pretty and vibrant colors. The best way to use a scarf is by tying it around the collar. You can embrace your looks by attaching it with a long coat or any other desirable stuff.


It has been seen already what types of clothes will suit your personality in winter. Add this stuff in your bag and you will witness astounding applauds by the people who will get inspired.

3 Fashion Accessories for Any Occasion

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Top Fashion Trends for 2020

 Womens-fashion-trends-2020The year 2020 promises a lot of good tidings in many sectors, fashion being one of them. Designers who have been working tirelessly for the last decade are gearing up to showcasing some of the best and to some extent outrageous designs that the world is yet to see. You can sample some of these outfits here, on the Outfit Finder fashion review. On this site, you will find all manner of outfits’ reviews ranging from women, children to men’s designs. To make things easier for you, here are some of the top 2020 fashion trends that might catch your interest. 

  1. Shoes over pants

Pulling this look will surely have you turning people’s heads on the street. This trend involves having your heels with straps wrap around your jeans, slacks or cigarette pants just above your ankle. If you pull it off correctly, it is a classy look that you can do for both casual and official meetings, depending on what you wear above. You have to get these straps right and the matching outfits otherwise you will end up looking like a Chinese monk, from a Shaolin temple. Not that they look bad anyway.

  1. Lady dresses and chunky boots

Women have realized the need to wear boots, and are doing so in style. Unlike men who wear these rugged shoes when venturing on rough terrains, women are pulling amazing looks right on the streets. Along with some fancy dresses of bold patterns or just your normal block, you can then finish the look with some jungle or army boots and have you going for any occasion. The boots look too heavy though. You can always find some custom-made ones that will not have you dragging your legs at the end of the day. 

  1. Bucket like bags

A woman handbag is her best friend and companion. When it comes to these bags, you are sure to find all manner of sizes and designs, but you haven’t seen anything like the bucket-style ones. Originally, Louis Vuitton designed such bags back in the 1930s to help keep wine and champagne fresh, but designers have turned these around and made them a classy women handbag. They are characterized by a long narrow body and a round shape. You can choose from a variety of designs to match your outfit. These bags can go with basically any outfit that you decide to wear making them quite versatile. They also have a lot of space in addition to being quite cute, so you won’t have to worry about your stuff. 

  1. 1970 fitting suits and jeans

While the fashion space seems to be dominated by ladies’ designs, men too haven’t been left behind. Of late, there have been trends of men going back to the tight-fitting jeans and suits with colorful patterns and designs. With all the hullabaloo of fitness and healthy dominating the men’s scenes, you are likely to see designs that suit the slim body desired by most people these days. If you are still carrying some fat in the wrong places, you better start hitting the gym or that morning run. 
A Guide to New York City Fashion Events
How to Wear Feminine and Fashionable Vintage Styles Like a Pro

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Summer is the best season to wear dress and be cool, besides, a fine dress will show you perfectly!

Styles for Different Age Groups

Finding Styles For All AgesFashion-for-different-age-groups

With spring just around the corner, it is the perfect time to do our due diligence and style up for it. It’s a glorious season which deserves to be welcomed with the fashion equivalent of a red carpet. The runway predictions for the spring and summer season have been truly inspired, and more importantly inclusive. Inclusivity is essential, because fashion should be accessible and relatable to men and women of all ages – as they say, ‘style at every age’.

To that end, we have done our part at bringing you the best possible suggestions for your spring wardrobe additions, so let’s bring a breath of fresh style air to everyone’s closets.

The millennial gals The-millennial-gals

When in your twenties, feel free to experiment. Feel free to incorporate different styles into a single outfit, mix and match various bold patterns and embrace trendy pieces. Pleated skirts are still going strong, but why not play with them and add a stylish graphic sweatshirt, even one with a hoodie. Fast fashion brands such as Zara have come out with a great selection of just these pieces, so make sure to add that pop of color – athleisure style.

The contrast between romantic and athletic will give you a relaxed yet polished vibe, and if you’re on the market for something incredibly trendy, there is no accessory that will work harder for you than a pair of white ankle boots. This is also a time to play with color-blocking, so definitely give this recurring trend a go.

The casual chic 30s  The-casual-chic-30s

Women in their thirties have the ability to take the best of both worlds – mix trendy pieces with timeless ones and create on-trend looks which still exude a level of seriousness – an adult vibe, if you will. The checkered pattern has proven to be one of the most dominant ones this season, both on the runways and off.
dresslily Autumn Stock Season 2020
An oversized double-breasted blazer is one of the best investments to make this spring. It’s both conservative and playful, and with a pair of dark straight-leg jeans, it can be the embodiment of both business casual, even more so if you throw a gorgeous bodysuit in a neutral hue into the mix. Bodysuits are incredibly useful as they can serve as that understated staple garment that allows you to add as many layers and colors as you want, and still look stylish. Classic pumps and a designer bag – a key investment in your 30s are highly recommended for that semi-serious and utmost chic look.

The classy 40sThe-classy-40s

We can’t help but notice that women, as they grow more mature, also tend to favor timeless pieces and begin to lean towards carefully curated fashion which often finds minimalism as the final stop. That’s why we could not be more thrilled that wide leg trousers in neutral hues as well as classic culottes are having such a massive comeback, particularly with fast fashion retailers. They can be worn with the chicest floral loafers or mules, classic heels in a contrasting color and even minimalist tennis shoes and still look stunning.

Now, one can either go with the old but new preppy style with a long white shirt and a crew sweater, or you can take an even chicer route and opt for a plethora of breezy blouses in neutral hues and top the looks off with long fitted blazers. The contrast in the length of the blazer and the culottes will give every look a stylish twist.

All the future moms All-the-future-moms

Thankfully, the days when all the styling options future moms had revolved around boxy, shapeless Mumu-like dresses. Now, most maternity jeans are more stylish than those ‘regular ones’ and it’s time to add a pop of color in the form of gorgeous long maternity tanks. Show that baby bump with pride, and the length of the top will do a great job at concealing the waist insert on the jeans, making you look flawless in turn. Mid block-heel suede ankle boots (even murky floral ones) can be a total outfit enhancer. Throw a stylish sweater or even a blanket shawl over, a chic tote in hand and you will be one stylish mom-to-be.

Boys will be boys  boys-will-be-boys

For all the fellas who still reference lines from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and want nothing more than to channel their movie heroes, we have great news – Hawaiian shirts are back. True, they might look a bit over the top on the runways, but you can simply go with a pair of jeans, and ‘stay in character’ with a pair of loafers instead.

For those of you who’ve outgrown this phase, it’s time to embrace suits, whether fitted or slightly slouchy and oversized.  Of course, there is door number three, if you’re not feeling that neither novelty shirts nor suits are really representative of your style persona. Behind door number three hides the mighty athleisure which gives you the chance to rock tracksuits with blazers, sneakers with wide leg trousers and a white tee, old-school denim jackets. With athleisure, the world is your oyster.

The little ones The-little-ones

Finally, let’s not forget about babies and toddlers. There are entire departments and stores dedicated solely to making these little humans look as stylish and trendy as their parents. From retro dresses that will make your little girl look like a mini version of Audrey Hepburn, to checkered suits that will make the boys look like members of the royal family, there has never been such a great time to upgrade your little one’s wardrobe with a touch of chic instead of simple onesies and sweatshirts like now. If you intend to shine, you need to be coordinated with your beloved little ones, so make them look as sleek as you are.

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