Christmas Jewellery Gifts 5 Elegant Choices For Women

 Christmas-Jewellery-Gifts-5-Elegant-Choices-For-Women.Now that we’re in the season of goodwill, most of us may have already ticked off nearly all the names on our Christmas gift list. Oftentimes, what remain on this list are the names of the people who matter the most to us, such as the love of our life. If you are stuck on what to get for your beloved, here are a few elegant jewellery gift ideas to consider

  • A Lutetia Silver Bracelet – Women love silver as it goes with everything, and the best of these bracelets can easily be purchased from a leading sterling silver online retailer. They guarantee a Christmas delivery up until the 23rd, but we recommend not leaving it that late. This elegant bracelet resembles elongated teardrops connected together to form a semi-rigid bracelet that feels good on the wrist. There are 3 sizes; standard, long and extra-long, making for the perfect gift for the woman who can have it all!
  • Liquid Silver Bracelet Or Necklace – This is an elegant multi-strand collection that is heavy and chic at the same time. It has a lobster clasp with two sixes, petite and standard. This is an unusual item and the silver is highly polished, making for the perfect statement piece. You can buy the matching piece for her next birthday!
  • Chunky Silver Bracelet – You can go for a superb bangle made with two strips of solid silver that are gracefully entwined, with a concealed opening at the back to slip the bracelet on. For those into womens chunky sterling silver bracelet, this beautiful creation will take pride of place in their jewellery collection and it can be worn to any event.
  • Rhea Silver Cups Bracelet – This is so unusual, with small silver cups joined together to make a beautiful bracelet that every woman would love to have in her jewellery box. There are several lengths and you can also get her a matching necklace if you really want to make her day! The online sterling silver jewellery retailer has many special offers as we approach the festive season and they can deliver in time for the big day, when you can present her with this exquisite piece of silver jewellery.
  • Silver Bead Earrings & Necklace – This comes as a set and looks stunning; 8mm solid silver beads dazzle the observer, lighting up the wearer’s face with a silver glow. There isn’t a woman alive today who wouldn’t want this set in her jewellery box and we fully concur! Each bead can weigh 2g and with a post and butterfly back, the necklace feels great when worn. Each earring is a single matching bead, making for the perfect set that can be worn on any occasion. You could buy the necklace and add the earrings on your anniversary, which would complete the set.

 Finding-beautiful-jewely-for-her Image Source: Unsplash

There is still time to browse the leading sterling silver jeweller or online retailer, where you will find hand-made silver jewellery of the highest standard and affordable prices. The woman in your life deserves the best and knowing her jewellery tastes as you do means you will choose the perfect piece to place under the tree.

Diamond Jewellery: How To Choose The Right Pieces For You


Image Source: Unsplash

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, at least that’s what De Beers say, and their mega-successful marketing campaign that started in the 1940s sure has made a mark on the world. Diamond jewellery is something every woman loves. When you are looking to acquire a special piece, the custom jeweller is the person to contact.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of creating custom diamond jewellery.

  • Certification – Every diamond should have a GIA Certificate (or equivalent governing body) that list the properties of the stone, which is a guarantee that the diamond is natural. Diamonds are an investment, which is one of the reasons these alluring gemstones are so popular. Of course, a diamond can only be appraised after the cutting and polishing process and the jewellery-maker handles certification, which is presented with the finished piece of jewellery.
  • Decide On A Budget – The second question a jewellery maker will ask is, ‘what is your budget?’ You should already have an idea how much you wish to spend. Take a look at the blue diamond engagement rings Australia or your country’s top jewellers offer. Have a look at their completed hand-made pieces to get an idea of what is possible. If you are on the hunt for the perfect diamond engagement ring and you want to match with the wedding band, the custom jeweller can help you choose loose, uncut stones for the basis for the design.
  • Don’t Settle For Second Best – If you are about to become engaged, the ring is a symbol of your love and anything other than custom solutions should not be on the table; if ever there was a time to personalise jewellery, this would be it. The custom jeweller specialises in diamond engagement ring and whether you prefer something Art Deco or a traditional diamond solitaire, the jeweller can start by showing you some images, and the design starts there.
  • Buy Wholesale – Forget buying loose gemstones from a retail jeweller; prices are high, whereas if you approach the bespoke jewellery maker, you get access to the best quality diamonds at wholesale prices. You may want to check with a diamond wholesaler Melbourne jewellers get their precious stones from. Apart from professional advice, the expert jeweller can picture the cut when looking at a raw diamond, and how big you go depends on your budget. Pink Argyle diamonds are popular choices for engagement rings and a top custom jeweller would often have them in stock.
  • Maximise The Sparkle – The cut is the important aspect when it comes to a diamond’s sparkle factor, and there’s no one better qualified to advise you than the bespoke jeweller. Whether the Brilliant Round or the Empress Cut, the diamond’s properties matter when selecting a cut.

Jewellery Image Source: Unsplash

It might be a diamond engagement, wedding or eternity ring; whatever the occasion, personalized jewellery is the best way to create the ultimate ring with a special meaning. It would be something to treasure for the rest of your life. Start with a Google search to find a custom jeweler in your location and take the first step toward the perfect diamond engagement ring.
Keeping Your Silver Jewellery In Excellent Condition
Ways to Introduce Engagement Rings

A Guide To Choosing & Caring For The Gemstone In Your Ring

A-guide-to-choosing-and-caring-for-your-gemstone-ringImage Source: Unsplash

If you are planning to tie the knot soon, your thoughts will turn to the wedding ring and that involves making choices. Of course, one of the most important options is the gemstone that you wish to include in the ring, and there are quite a few precious stones that are found on this planet.

Here are a few ways that you can choose the central gemstone for your wedding ring.

  • Personal Taste – Probably the most popular way to choose a precious stone; we all have unique tastes and whether you prefer clear diamonds or ones of amber, there are custom jewelers who will design and hand-craft the ring to your precise specifications. The list of precious stones is indeed long and you can browse with Google Images until you find a stone that ticks all your boxes.
  • Birthstone – This is another popular way to select the gemstone for your engagement or wedding ring. If you are born in January, garnet is the stone for you. Emeralds are for those who have their birthday in May and their rings are often designed with a central emerald surrounded by pave diamonds. July is the month for rubies; you can find stunning natural ruby for sale Australia or a reputable custom jeweler in your country is offering.
  • 3D Computer Imaging – This state-of-the-art technology enables the custom jeweler to create a 3D image of any precious stone; that can help you picture how the ring will look with any type of precious stone. When you approach a custom jeweler, you would first have a video call, which allows the jeweler to gain an understanding of what you are looking for.
  • Following Family Tradition – Your family might have a gemstone such as the ruby, with generations choosing ruby for engagement and wedding rings; sapphires, emeralds, garnet and even jade, are common preferences for families. If your family has a gemstone, talk to a leading custom jeweler who can acquire the uncut stones and create the perfect ring.

Work Out Your Budget

Once you have decided to commission a wedding or engagement ring, you need to work out your budget, as this will help the jeweler. Of course, some gemstones are more expensive than others and whether you are looking for uncut pink diamonds or a large sapphire, the custom jeweler can access the best quality stones at trade prices.

Gemstone Care

Gemstone-Care.Image Source: Unsplash

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Warm water with a dash of mild detergent is suitable for cleaning all gemstones. Be careful with chemicals, as they can tarnish a gemstone – if in doubt, consult a custom jeweler, as they know how to clean precious stones. Of course, diamonds and other gemstones are incredibly hard, yet the surface can be scratched, so do take care when wearing your ring.

The great thing about having a ring made by a custom jeweler is that you get to choose every aspect of the ring and with your favorite gemstone in the center, your engagement ring will always be special.
Jeulia Jewelry is Magical
5 Tips On Buying Jewelry That Will Last
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Jeulia Wedding Jewelry Sale 2022

Jeulia Jewelry is Magical

Jeulias-Jewelry-is-Magical-Quality-jewelry-at-an-affordable-price.I wanted to share with you about Jeulia Jewelry, I was inspired by the beauty when I visited their website, there are so many choices in thier selection of jewelry. They carry jewelry for everyone, men, women and children. I was impressed with the reviews on YouTube and through bloggers personal reviews.

I am sharing the ring in gold tone as it better reflects the beauty

What I found on their website is the quality in their workmanship and materials they use. And the stones they use are created in a lab and are very high quality. They are an 8 hardness compared to diamonds that are a 10 for mineral hardness. Which makes their stones more brilliant with the sparkle of diamonds and much better than jewelry made with Zirconium stones.  Jeulia proprietary stone is hand-cut and faceted in-house to shine brilliantly and provide a beautiful sparkle with bright, vibrant color. It can also be created in colorless form, which we use in our  jewelry to simulate the amazing fire and brilliance of a natural diamond.Hardness-of-Jeulias-Stones

  • Top quality AAA Jeulia’s Sapphire stones always go well with 925 sterling silver rings. Have a resplendent sparkling and reflect rainbow gloss in the sunshine. Nickel-free, Lead-free, Cadmium-free and An allergic, tarnish resistant and will not easily change color.Jeulis-Split-Shank-Cushion-Cut-Sterling-Silver.
    For the ring I am sharing the Item #Item Number: JEWE0572 in Silver
  • This ring the Primary Stone is1/2.65ct. 💍 Side Stone:90/1.04ct.
    This ring has a cushion cut which means it has rounded corner opposed to corners, Halo is a pillow-shaped frame of small diamonds (its “halo”) around the round corner cut sapphire really sets off the beauty of this ring.

This is the very mentality of Jeulia; they create premium, artisanal jewelry that embodies both who you are and what you stand for.

I am a huge reader of reviews on YouTube and found many honest reviews. When I can, I will be placing an order for one of their rings and maybe a bracelet. I would love a tennis bracelet. I have a lot of handmade silver bracelets and earrings and being the metal is Sterling Silver, I could wear it everyday and not worry about tarnishing or that it would turn my fingers or arm green. Not in one video did I hear anyone say that the jewelry would turn green.


Jeulia Jewelry would be a great selection for Mothers Day, Birthdays, Engagements, Promise rings, men’s rings, and children’s jewelry.

I know this from experience that when traveling, I leave any diamond jewelry home incase of loss or theft, you just never know and with cost of insurance for your expensive jewelry to be insured, there are rules for keeping those expensive pieces insured, i.e., taking them into the jewelry every 6 months for inspection and cleaning. So why not leave your keepsake jewelry home and invest in lesser expensive quality jewelry. “You dont want to take anything you would hate to lose.”

Value: And for a couple just starting out and just making the commitment of marriage you can find numerous choices for promise rings or engagement rings that are beautiful and as in videos, the women are completely happy with a choice from Jeulias and are proud to wear everyday, keep in mind Value cost of Jeulias vs diamonds.

Jeulia’s has a policy that when you receive a ring or piece of jewelry that you not remove the tag before trying it on as the piece cannot be returned with out it still in place. There is a card that comes in every purchase that is a warning.







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