Everything You Need To Know: Moonstones Engagement Rings

Although moonstone is not your regular gemstone choice for an engagement ring, but it is rising in popularity and for good reasons. Moonstone’s luminous beauty and classic coloration makes for an unusual but elegant engagement ring choice. Many moonstones feature inclusions which provides their iridescent flash that makes the ring special. Although, compared to traditional alternatives, finding moonstone rings can be challenging, but there are many shopping options out there.

 Everything-You-Need-To-Know-Moonstones-Engagement-RingsIf you are thinking of trying a moonstone engagement ring, here are some information you need to know first.

Moonstone didn’t just become popular gemstone today, but has been so throughout history. The Romans believed that it had originated from the hardened rays of moonlight. In fact, many ancient civilizations worshiped a lunar god. For example, Thoth, the god of wisdom, writing, science, magic, art, and judgement was a moon god. So was Khonsu, the ancient Egyptian god of moon and time. The Mayans worshiped the god Ix Chel. Although, in recent times, the Art Nouveau movement has made moonstone for engagement rings and generally for jewellery become popular again. Nowadays, it is associated with spiritual jewellery pieces and more so for engagement rings.

Moonstones have become one of the most popular options for people who want to base their engagement ring design around a unique, fairy tale theme. If an engagement ring inspired by the starry night sky, or inspired by the moon itself is what you’d like, moonstone might be a great option for you. Their iridescent nature can be a great option for these ideas and it can even be coupled with other night sky elements for an even lovelier look. For example, you could include bright, sparkly diamonds in the design to give the effect of stars, or you could have the gemstones star set.

If you are thinking of getting a moonstone for your engagement ring and wedding rings, keep in mind all of the practical elements of the gemstone. Moonstone has a 6/10 score on the Mohs scale of hardness for gemstones. What this rating means is that if you are planning to get moonstone in a ring will wear daily like an engagement ring, you have to be sure it is well protected. Usually, the best way to protect it from knocks from general daily wear is to ensure the setting is sturdy and secure, which is the reason most moonstones are set in a run-over setting that sees the metal completely surrounding the gemstone. For some great examples, you can take a look at some of the rings from the engagement ring gallery on the PenFine website.

Usually, moonstones come in three cuts; round, oval or pearl cut. They can be cut to be faceted or cabochon, so there are plenty of options available to you. Individuality is one good thing about moonstones, so if you want something that is quite unique, this might be the best option for you.

Moonstones come in two color varieties, which are blue moonstones or rainbow moonstones. But as a result of their glossy nature, they can produce a wide range of colors, which gives you even more options to choose from. You could choose a stone that gives off a lot of purple coloration or go for one that has a cloudy or clear appearance or if you prefer the stone’s natural effect, you choose a stone that shows off the natural inclusions of feldspar in the stone.

Whatever your choice is, moonstone always stands out. Another great thing about moonstones is that they work perfectly for engagement ring designs that feature several metal finishes like polished couple with a satinised effect or pin mop. So if the idea of a few finishes on your ring is something you love, this can make your ring look very lovely and special.

Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings And Eternity Rings: How To Wear Them

How-To-Wear-Engagment-Wedding-Rings-and-Eternity-Rings-From-Hirsh-of-LondonWhen it comes to all the rings available on the market for different points in your relationship, things can get a little confusing. There are several special occasions in marriage at various points but when it comes down to it, the rules are very simple.Engagement-Ring-Wedding-Rings-And-Eternity-Rings-How-To-Wear-Them

Are you thinking of popping the question soon or maybe you are after that super special eternity ring to signify the years in your relationship? If so, then you by checking out nearby shops as well as online shops, you will find some stunning rings that would fit beautifully on your beloved’s finger.

Which Hand For Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings And Eternity Rings?

Choosing the right rings maybe half the battle, but knowing how to wear them, in fact, is extremely simple.   

  • Just got engaged? Wear the ring on your fourth finger of the left hand.
  • Now you’re married? Congratulations! You should now wear the wedding ring first underneath the engagement ring as it’s believed to be closer to your heart.
  • Want to celebrate a milestone in your relationship? We are super happy for you. Get your beloved an eternity ring. Ultimately, this one has no rules and is completely up to how the wearer chooses and wants to display the ring.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are just among the exquisite things that signify the uniqueness of your connection as a couple. For eternity rings, it’s not uncommon to have people wear it on the opposite hand to stop any confusion and add balance aesthetically. Having too many rings, on one hand, may begin to look cluttered and maybe too much to some individuals. So, it really does depend on your personal preference and how you feel. Eternity-Rings

Engagement Rings

If you want to discover a little more about engagement rings, they have been around since the Roman era and have always symbolized the woman’s engagement to a man. When did diamonds in engagement rings become popular? The first diamond engagement ring wasn’t so early and was started back in 1477 by an archduke. After the aristocrats followed suit, it got popular and now is a convention in engagement rings today. In case you’re looking for an engagement ring, check out the custom engagement rings London jewellers are offering.

What About Wedding Rings?

After placing your wedding ring below your engagement ring, it’s safe to say that this represents the promise of your unending love and future together. Often exchanged on the wedding day during the vows, it’s popular for both spouses to wear them in public. They come in an array of designs and materials. However, you will notice that gold and platinum are the most preferred metal for wedding rings.

What-About-Wedding-RingsWant to double-check if you’ve placed the ring on the right finger? The fourth finger of the left hand is where the wedding ring should be placed as in Latin it was thought to have connected directly to the heat. This romantic gesture has prevailed and made its way into modern culture as we know it today.
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Birthstones and Their Meanings

Learn-About-Birthstones-and-Their-MeaningThere are twelve semi-precious stones that have been designated, one for each month, as the stone that represents that particular month, which is believed to possess certain powers. If you are unsure of your birthstone or would like some more detailed information, here is a list of the 12 birthstones and some details about what they represent.

  • January – Garnet

This attractive stone is usually a shade of red and offers the wearer a level of protection, while also increasing self-esteem and boosting energy levels.

  • February – Amethyst

This stunning purple gem is associated with a balanced mind and can bring peace and tranquillity to the wearer, plus the amethyst is said to help a person stay focused. February-Amethyst-Birthstone

  • March – Aquamarine

This stunning bluestone has associations with the ocean and many mariners wore aquamarine to ensure a safe return to land. This stone stands for love, hope & friendship and is ideal for the creative person who wishes to boost their positive energy.

  • April – Diamond

Yes, this is the month of the most precious stone of all, and if you are planning to design a unique diamond engagement ring, there are specialist jewelers that offer a high level of unbiased service, making sure that the ring is exactly what you have in mind.

  • May – Emerald

This stunning green stone represents wisdom and good health, while some believe that a person who wears emeralds can have an insight into the future. The emerald is also thought to help the wearer develop tolerance and patience.

  • June – Pearl

The pearl has long been a firm favourite for people from all walks of life and is said to represent passion and purity, which can also reduce fear and anxiety in the wearer.

  • July – Ruby

This deep red stone symbolizes harmony and offers the wearer protection. It is believed to offer a level of energy to the wearer. In ancient times, the ruby was thought to offer protection against evil spirits and was often worn by those who have a deep spiritual sense. If you would like to view some stunning jewelry that includes a ruby, check out the amazing selection to be found at https://www.certifieddiamondnetwork.com.au/, who happens to be one of Australia’s leading jewelers.

  • August – Peridot

The least known of all the birthstones, the peridot is a beautiful lime-green stone that offers the wearer spiritual protection, especially at night, when the stone seems to glow. This unique stone symbolizes peace, happiness, and good fortune and is said to reduce feelings of anger, bringing a level of calmness to the wearer.

  • September – Blue Sapphire

The symbol of purity, wisdom, and faith, the blue sapphire is a popular choice to combine with diamonds in an engagement ring. If you would like to design your own engagement ring with an assortment of diamonds and blue sapphires, talk to a custom jeweler, as he can design and create a ring that is truly a one-off.

  • October – Opal

This stone can change colour, depending on the light and is a symbol of happiness and hope.

  • November – Topaz

This stunning stone offers the wearer strength and intellect and comes in many colours, including red, blue, green and orange.  Topaz-offers-the-wearer-many-different-colors

  • December – Turquoise

This stone brings the wearer good fortune and happiness, while also symbolizing friendship.

If you are planning a surprise gift for your partner, why not include her birthstone in an exquisite piece of jewelry for that perfect gift?

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This is Why Platinum is a Popular Choice for Engagement Rings!

This-is-Why-Platinum-is-a-Popular-Choice-for-Engagement-RingsNowadays, choosing a metal for the engagement band is considered just as crucial as finding the right gem! While that’s said and done, platinum has been growing in popularity as the ideal choice for engagement bands. Platinum is not just scarce but also comes with a large variety of benefits! It is a malleable, dense, and non-corrosive metal known for its ability to withstand large quantities of Hydrogen. Its durability is one of the biggest reasons behind its popularity and falls right behind its lustrous quality. Here’s taking a look at some of the reasons that make this metal so very magnificent:

The metal is extremely rare: Many people don’t know this fact, but platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and is found in very few places around the globe. Its extreme rarity makes it a desirable choice for wedding bands. Since it’s so rare, it’s also expensive. However, its long term benefits are so many that you might want to overlook the price, mainly because you’re looking at a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

It is naturally white: The natural color of platinum is white, and it doesn’t change its color over time. When added to any gem, the metal gives it a white shine, something that is not as prominent in other metals. When placed with a diamond, it will not cast any color and ensure that the diamond sparkles in the light. Since the metal goes so well with almost all colors, styles, and outfits, the metal is hugely in demand in this modern age!

It has unparalleled durability: Pure platinum, aka a metal which is 90-95% platinum will neither fade or tarnish. In fact, the natural white color of platinum lasts forever. The metal doesn’t change shape over time, thereby securing gems properly for over a lifetime. When people buy platinum metal engagement rings, they sign up for something extremely durable and resistant to damage from daily use. When getting the ring cleaned, all you have to do is ask for regular polish and your platinum will shine as if it were new. To ensure durability, look for the 950 hallmark, which means that the band you’re going for has 95% platinum.

It is hypoallergenic: When buying an engagement ring, people tend to forget about skin allergies. In fact, most people are unaware of metal allergies until a ring is placed on their finger or until their skin comes in contact with metal. Since platinum is exceptionally pure, it acts as a natural hypoallergenic that is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. However, it is recommended to go for platinum with over 90% purity to enjoy its many benefits.

It hardly needs to be maintained: Platinum is a very durable metal that doesn’t lose its vigor with daily use. When compared with other jewelry metals, it comes out as the most durable. While metals like silver and gold need to be taken to the jewelers for maintenance regularly, platinum can stay with you at home for years! Whenever it scratches or loses shine, which won’t happen frequently, take the ring to the jeweler for a simple polish – the result will be a ring as good as new!

It’s the perfect symbol of love: Platinum is rare, precious, and lasts a lifetime – if that doesn’t define a wedding, nothing else will. Considered to be the most valuable of all metals, platinum is durable, low maintenance, and perfect for someone who will be wearing a ring 24/7, or until the end of time!

When trying to buy platinum metal engagement rings, try to keep in mind the following points:

  • Check the hallmark for the 950 mark
  • Finalize on either cobalt or ruthenium as an alloy so that the band is durable
  • Don’t forget to compare prices
  • Ask for an assurance card or certificate
  • Ask for a wax mold of the ring before finalizing the style

Going for platinum as the final choice for an engagement ring is a pretty good idea. It has a modern appeal and looks good with almost everything. Whether buying a ring for a man or a woman, platinum will not disappoint. It pretty much compliments any wear – you only need to focus on the ring style to make your better half super happy.

Last but not least, if you’re a die-hard romantic, you should know that a platinum ring will go down generations. So, if someday you want your great, great, great-grandson to propose with a family heirloom, you may want to put down the money now.
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