Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2020

Past-Designs -Nolan-and-VadaWhether you’re choosing the perfect engagement ring for a memorable proposal or searching for one for yourself, it’s always a good idea to check the latest trends to gain insight into what’s popular now.

You have the option of choosing between many pre-made styles, or you can opt for custom-made sapphire engagement rings that incorporate all your desired ring features to make things more special.

To help you choose an updated look that you and your loved one will appreciate, take a sneak peek at the hottest engagement ring styles you may end up seeing everywhere in 2020.

Multiple stones3-Carat-White-Sapphire-Engagement-Ring-Madelene-Setting-Nolan-and-Vada

Many people go with the idea that more is better. So the more stones a ring has, the more sought-after and unique it can be, depending on your preferences.

Three-stone engagement rings, for instance, has been a trend that hasn’t stopped gaining popularity since they became fashionable in 2018. The design usually features one large stone mounted on a thin band and supported by two smaller gemstones.

Another style option that uses multiple stones is going for multi-stone bands. These usually offer a wide variety of different stone colors and shapes.

Using more colorsA-1.29ct-oval-cut-blue-sapphire-claw-set-in-a-sleek-diamond-studded-halo-setting.-Crafted-with-18k-white-gold-metal

Colored diamonds and other precious stones are becoming increasingly popular as people start to move away from conventional (and often expensive) transparent stones.

Adding color to your stone is also a great way to express uniqueness and a desire to have your own style.

There are multiple colors to choose from, such as red, green, yellow, purple, and blue, which means you won’t likely run out of inspiration when coming up with your own combination of colors for a custom-made ring.

Halo style rings

Placing a gemstone within a halo setting is a rising trend that is sure to find its place in 2020 as well.

This heavily decorated design draws attention to the center stone, making it appear larger than it actually is. It’s also a ring style that’s highly customizable, and you can even go with other shapes to enhance the illusion effect.

Georgian style rings

Vintage styles are all the rage in 2019, and this trend doesn’t show signs of stopping in 2020. Georgian-inspired rings are making a comeback with their multi-stone design while incorporating modern design elements to make the rings more unique.

You can find anything from metals, old mine cut diamonds, engraved bands, and cluster ring designs that make your engagement ring stand out.

Minimalist rings

Over-the-top rings aren’t for everyone, and there’s a certain allure to minimalist rings that make them blend in perfectly with you or your partner’s everyday style.

Clean lines, thin bands, and inconspicuous ring settings all contribute to making the subtle yet modern look that many couples are beginning to like more.

Rose gold bands

Metal bands in rose gold offer a romantic take on classic engagement rings while flattering all skin tones at the same time. They also send out a bolder statement than platinum or white gold rings.

Emerald-cut rings

The antique vibe of emerald-cut rings, especially when combined with modern design elements, creates a subtle marriage between old and new designs that can make your engagement ring stand out in a brilliant way.

Classic solitaire rings in a unique shape

Choosing an unconventional shape for the gemstone in solitaire ring settings is another trend that is likely to be just as popular in 2020 because of its uniqueness. For instance, you can have the stone in a triangular shape rather than the usual spherical or square shape.

These stunning selection of trends that are likely to be popular in 2020 may inspire you in choosing the perfect engagement ring for yourself or the love of your life. Just remember that trends come and go so it’s often good to choose engagement ring designs that have a lasting appeal.
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The Special Meaning Behind January to June Birthstones

The-Special-Meaning-Behind-January-to-June-BirthstonesHow would you like to wear protection and good fortune around your neck? Knowing you have a unique piece of jewelry makes you feel special and safe. A birthstone has a powerful positive energy that can envelop the wearer. Which, in turn, allows her to exude vigor and vitality.

A three birthstone necklace is three times the power and energy. You can also wear the birthstones of the people you love like your parents or children – making it more meaningful and extra special.

The History of Birthstones

During the fifth century, Christian scholars believed that the twelve gems in the breastplate of Aaron represented not only the tribes in Israel but the twelve months of the year as well. These months are then connected to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The scholars formulated each gem represents an astrological alignment that brings therapeutic benefits for the wearer. Before, people thought that wearing one stone for each month would bring maximum benefit. Eventually, the practice evolved to a more personalized one – that is, wearing only the stone that represents their birth month.

In 1912, Sears published the official list of all birthstones and the months they represent. It is the list that jewelers and buyers refer to until today. To make buying a three birthstone necklace a joyful and exciting experience, here are the meanings and the energies attached to them:

January – Garnet

The person who is born in January is the decision-maker in the group. A beautiful red stone named Garnet symbolizes it. January persons have the powerful combination of being analytical and compassionate.

They can make any chaos come to order with a blink of an eye and yet still has love left to comfort and care.

February – Amethyst

February-born people will have the honor to wear the beautiful-hued member of the Quartz family, which is Amethyst.

It exudes a calm and mellow vibe that is perfect for deeply spiritual people. The wearer is usually a gentle soul who loves peace and harmony more than anything else.

March – Aquamarine

From the name itself, you can infer that this stone has a close affinity to the ocean. Aquamarine has a powerful purifying presence.

March-born people, just like the water, can wash away all negativity. She can inspire people to be honest and mindful. She also has impeccable communication skills.

April – Diamonds

Diamonds are known for their superb strength and dependability. These are traits that best describe people born in the fourth month of the year.

They are known to survive any challenges with much grace and poise. It is indeed girl power, personified.

May- Emeralds

The Emerald birthstone symbolizes unity, love, and compassion. People who were born in April are known for their unconditional love and peaceful reconciliation powers.

They have a gift for uniting opposing forces and reconciling painful separations. These Emerald babies are perfect matchmakers.

June- Pearl

Pearls are known in history as a stone that exudes innocence and magical powers. They are perfect for the uniqueness of people born in June. These loving individuals are very much in tune with the natural world and have a way with animals.

A birthstone brings the wearer the power to make a positive change in the world. Wearing them as a necklace can make anyone feel loved and unique – a beautiful feeling that can be shared to make the world a better place.

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What Is The Purpose of an Engagement Ring and Wedding Band?

Commitment is a bond that you create with somebody, you think you can spend your life with. An idealistic commitment can be in two ways, engagement and wedding. These two are the most important event in one’s life. People want it to be dreamy and extremely amazing.

Engagement is the first step toward commitment. When you find that one person, that you think, fits well will with you. you find the perfect another half you have been looking for, and you decide to stay with them.

This commitment of engagement has a significance of the ring. You finally decide to be with that one particular person, you get on your knees and propose them with a ring. At this point, you want everything to be perfect. And most of all, you want the ring to be the best, that you can find.

The next big step of your life is the wedding. It is a whole new chapter in one’s life. Where a person enters a roller coaster ride with their other half and enjoys the perks of life. At this stage, on a wedding day, the happy couple exchanges ring. These couple rings are significant and show commitment, love, and affection.

The couple holds a vital place in a relationship. And each couple wants them to be beautiful and exquisite. The main purpose of a couple of rings set on engagement and wedding is to show the commitment, promise, obligation, vow and respect of their relationship.

Here are some of the couple rings, that is best to use of such fortunate occasions.

Stainless Steel/Titanium Steel Cz Rings Couple Rings Set

This is a dream and a comfortable ring. It is a beautiful ring. The width of it is 5mm and that makes this couple ring set perfect for both men and women. It is an elegant ring set, that is not too heavy on the studs or the detailing. And that simplicity of this ring, along with minor details and a stud in the mid, makes it decent and amazing.

It is a titanium-based gold ring. You do not have to worry if it needs any adjustments. We provide you a lifetime warranty for the rings.

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6mm Simple Promise Rings for Couples in Stainless/Titanium Steel

This is another promise rings from the section of couple rings. It is an elegant and deluxe design. It is a titanium steel ring. We make sure the quality of the ring is amazing. The 6mm Simple Promise Rings for Couples in Stainless/Titanium Steel is gold plated. The main and the elaborative feature of it is the cube of zirconic studs on one ring. This ring is perfect for your perfect girl.

The design of the couple ring set is eye-catching and people love is for being comfortable and good quality. You will like this incredible set of rings for your big day. You can easily shop them at the shop, find your rings.

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Silver&Gold Tungsten Couple Rings his and hers

This tungsten couple ring set has a combination of silver and gold both. You will find this couple ring set not only attractive but decent, simple and comfortable. The design of this couple ring is perfect for the couples, who do not want anything flashy.

You can surprise her with these rings. She will love this sophisticated, decent and beautiful ring by you. The great quality and the lifetime warranty is a promising factor in buying the couple ring set from here. You can shop it at the link given below.

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Matte Finish with Gold Polished Edge Stainless/Titanium Steel Couple Rings

This silver and golden couple ring set will have your heart. This titanium steel set has a matte finish and also has some detailing on the edges. The edges are glowy and polished. This is another piece from the couple ring collection. And this one is the most sophisticated and exquisite.

You will want this wonderful ring set for yourself and your loved one. On the auspicious occasion of your life, make sure you have the best of everything.

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These are some of the couple rings that you can wear and exchange with your other half, on engagement and wedding. These occasions hold an important place in one’s life. And to make it even better and more memorable, you want your rings to reflect how committed and happy you are. When you take the wedding vows, of staying together, all your life, this ring will remind you of all the beautiful memories you had; and the vows of staying together.

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Keeping Your Silver Jewellery In Excellent Condition

When it comes to keeping your silver jewellery in excellent condition, there are lots of things that you can do to keep it looking fantastic. If you need advice on maintaining your silver jewellery, below you will find plenty of it that will help you to keep your jewellery shining brightly, just as it did the day you bought it.

Follow the advice below on taking care of your silver jewellery, and it will stay bright and shiny for a long time to come.

Remember That Silver Tarnishes 

When you wear silver rings every day, it is easy to notice when your jewellery starts to become tarnished and in need of a good clean, and the items you keep in your jewellery box will also tarnish over time, whether you wear them or not. Silver sulfide is the black tarnish which forms on silver, making it look dark and dull, and you will need to clean this off from your jewellery periodically to keep them shining brightly.

Store Your Jewellery Correctly

When you are not wearing your jewellery, you will want to ensure that you store it correctly to keep it in excellent condition. A jewellery box is a must, and you should choose a place in your home that is not too humid and where there is no draught. Even if you keep your silver jewellery in a plastic bag when it is not in use, it will still tarnish over time, so as well as storing your jewellery correctly, you will also need to clean it regularly as well.

Clean Your Silver Jewellery Regularly

You will want to give your jewellery a quick clean, and the more regularly that you do it, the easier the job is. You will want to take out all your jewellery and give it a clean with a soft cloth to remove and dust, dirt, or moisture that may have accumulated. You can get silver polish in your local supermarket and apply this with a soft cloth and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then take a different soft cloth and clean off all the polish and give the jewellery a good buffering until it shines brightly. If you give your jewellery a quick clean every three or four weeks, you may only need to use polish on your silver a couple of times a year.

Remember To Take Your Jewellery Off

One of the worst things that you can do with most types of jewellery is not taking it off when doing specific tasks such as exercising and cleaning or even sleeping. It is essential to remove your silver jewellery if you are exercising or sleeping to prevent dirt and grime from building up and leaving the jewellery lacking its shine. When you are cleaning, it is also vital that you remove your jewellery as detergents and cleaning products can also damage your jewellery and dulling the shine considerably.

If you take the time and make an effort to look after your silver jewellery, it will remain sparkling as the day you bought it for many years to come.
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