Tips for Teaching Young Children Street Safety


As a parent, you’ve got a big job keeping your child safe, especially in the 21st century. You want your child to practice independence, but it can be dangerous. Especially when it comes to letting your child out into the world to cross the street. Getting hit by a car is the third leading cause of death for kids between the ages of 5 and 9, with kids up to the age of 15 at a greater risk of getting hit than other age groups.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your kid walk to the park or wait for the bus on the corner! It just means you have to teach your child the right way to behave every time they’re near a street.

How to Behave When Waiting for the Bus

The school bus can make life much more convenient for your family, especially if you have children at multiple schools or you have to get to work. You just have to make sure you teach your child the right way to wait for the bus so you don’t have to worry about disaster striking while you’re inside the house.

Educating children on how to behave at a bus stop includes:

  • Telling them to look both ways before crossing the street to get to the bus stop.
  • Showing them where to stand so they stay at a safe distance from the curb.
  • Telling them not to walk towards the bus until it has come to a complete stop.
  • Telling them never to walk behind a bus.
  • Reminding them to stay away from the wheels of any vehicle.

Make Eye Contact With Drivers

Whether waiting for the bus or crossing the street to the park, there are a lot of tricks to teach the little one to stay safe. That includes looking both ways and crossing on corners and designated crosswalks, but one tip you may not have heard is to make eye contact with drivers before crossing.

In a study, drivers stopped 68 percent of the time when walkers make eye contact before crossing the street. Only 55 percent stopped when eye contact wasn’t made by the walker.

Teach your children to stop at the corner, and before proceeding across the street, look into the vehicle and make eye contact to increase their chances of crossing safely.

Practice Routes They Walk

Many of the dangers on the road include other drivers, but it’s not just cars you have to worry about. Children can easily get lost or arrive at their destination late, causing everyone to worry about their arrival while waiting. Not to mention, the possibility of being kidnapped by taking an unknown route.

One way to make sure you know exactly where your child is at all times is to practice the routes they walk. That way, you can choose the safest route to school or another destination, and you know exactly what steps to retrace should something go wrong. It’s also a great way to instill confidence in your child that they can walk alone safely.

Put Devices Down

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of texting and driving, but did you know that distracted walking can cause a lot of damage too?

If your child is distracted by their phone while walking across the street, they can get hit, but they can also walk into stationary objects and even trip and fall if they are distracted.

Communicate the importance of keeping their phone in their pocket or in a backpack. Have them put it on silent before they leave the house, and consider using apps to encourage your child to use their phone only when it’s appropriate.

Set a Good Example

One of the best things we can do for our children is to work on becoming the best role model we can be. When it comes to road safety, that means showing your children the proper way to behave when walking near traffic.

Spend more time walking places with your child so they get to practice walking with you. Walk to the gas station, practicing how to look both ways before crossing the street and make eye contact with drivers. If they practice how to behave with you, they’ll be more likely to behave that way when they’re alone.

You don’t have to be afraid every time you let your child leave the house to go to school. Follow these tips and you can teach your child independence while giving yourself some peace of mind.
Tips for Teaching Young Children Street Safety
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4 Ways to Treat Your Silicone Reborn Doll The Right Way

4-Ways-to-Treat-Your-Silicone-Reborn-Doll-The-Right-WayLike with real kids, there are so many fun activities that you can do with your silicone reborn babies. You can change their clothes, feed them, move them around, put them to sleep and so on.

Unfortunately, like a real baby, the silicone doll is susceptible to certain substances and actions. If you mistreat your child, its skin, body, and limbs may get damaged in the process.

But don’t worry too much; we have a solution for you!

We created this fantastic short post that will help all silicone reborn doll parents.

Stay with us!

  1. Properly holding a silicone child

Lots of parents like taking their kids outside. Unfortunately, given that these are dolls and some people find it uncomfortable when adults carry them in hands, this may cause some commotion in public. The problem is even more significant if they think that your reborn baby is a real child, and you’re holding it improperly. So, you should definitely learn how to hold a real child! Silicone reborns have a similar body to that of a real child. You can carry it all along with your hand with its head firmly on your shoulder and biceps. Make sure not to hold it unnaturally as this will instantly cause people to freak out.

  1. Preparing a feeding formula

Feeding is one of the most popular role-play activities that silicone doll parents like to do. For this, you don’t even need a liquid; all you need is a bottle which you will press against its small lips. Still, people usually like to have the full experience. This is why they will fill the bottle with some liquid and then pour a little bit of liquid in the baby’s mouth. Water is always a good choice, but you also have the option of preparing a special doll formula. This formula has some similarities to the baby’s milk and is meant to look white. Basically, you can take anything that looks like milk and is think enough. An excellent choice is a watery glue that will be mixed with some other liquids.

  1. Exposing baby to water

You need to be very careful when exposing your baby to water. The cloth body doesn’t take too much of this liquid, and if used excessively, mold may appear on it. It can also affect the integrity of the cloth itself. While washing is ok, make sure to do it only with silicone parts. Also, do it in moderation as you don’t want to rub the paint off the skin.

  1. Getting a nursery

A nursery is a big commitment that some reborn parents decide to get into. If you love these babies and to properly take care of them, you might consider getting a nursery. Unfortunately, some people are too hasty when making this decision. They might’ve bought a silicone reborn baby, started playing with it and even created a nursery only to realize this was a short fab for them. As a result, they will get stuck with a room that serves no purpose. Be mindful when making this decision as it is a big one. A good solution is redesigning part of an apartment to fit this particular need. This way, you can experiment a bit before making the final decision and fully committing to the idea.

Final words
There you have it! By following these 4 easy to follow tips, you’ll be prepared for your new reborn baby made of silicone. Treat it like a real child and everything will be fine.

Enjoy your time together!

Author’s bio: Bebê Reborn Original is the newest online shop for realistic babies in Brazil. Founded in 2019 the store has already become famous for its affordable prices and reborn babies of the highest quality.

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5 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Overcome their Fears

Set an Example

If at all possible, one of the best ways to destigmatize an event in a child’s life is to demonstrate that the activity isn’t dangerous. Whether this means jumping off a diving board into a swimming pool, or trying a strange piece of food first, setting an example for your child is a simple method for comforting them and assuaging their fears. Note, this technique is particularly effective with toddlers and young children. Monkey-see, monkey-do after all. 5 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Overcome their Fears

Prepare them for Real Emergencies

Children –– and people in general –– are often most afraid of what they’ve never encountered before. As such, kids can sometimes be confused about what constitutes a dangerous situation and what doesn’t. Given that fact, parents can help put their children’s minds at ease by preparing them for genuine emergencies. Once a child is able to differentiate between the mundane and the threatening, they’ll have more confidence in themselves as a result.

Build Up to It

In the past, parents may have employed a tough-love approach to help their kids overcome their fears. Yet, this isn’t always the best way to handle a delicate situation. Instead, it’s often a better play to gradually introduce your child to irrational fear and allow them to slowly get accustomed to it. Just as parents teach their child any lesson –– whether it be about money, or love, or in this instance, fear –– starting small is typically a good idea.


Parents can remove a lot of the fear a child associates with an object, activity, or place by educating them about it. Take, for instance, the doctor’s office. Many children naturally feel anxious about going to see the doctor. There are lots of unfamiliar people, sights, sounds, smells, and instruments there. Yet, if you take the time to help your child get to know their pediatrician –– along with the equipment they use like a stethoscope or luer adapter, for instance –– you’ll likely find that their fear will dissipate as a result.

Be Patient and Supportive

It’s important to remember that no one deals with stress and anxiety in exactly the same way. So don’t get frustrated with your child if they harbor an irrational fear for longer than “normal.” Being patient and supportive is an essential aspect of good parenting. And though it can be difficult, it’s what’s best for you and your child.
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Mommy Makeover: Things to Remember Before Undergoing One

Mommy Makeover Things to Remember Before Undergoing OneCosmetic surgery is one of the fastest-growing medical niches out there. And the reason for the creation of this field is mainly to empower people by making them feel good about their bodies. Among the most popular procedures is the mommy makeover. Simply put, it is a procedure aimed at women who want to regain their pre-pregnancy appearance. The goal of the procedure is to help these women stay confident and fit. While the procedure is popular, a lot of people have the misconception that it is just about vanity. However, one must note that undergoing a cosmetic procedure can be about strengthening your self-esteem. It can also be about correcting bodily dilemmas that may otherwise affect one’s overall health. So there is nothing to feel guilty or regretful about!

Mommy makeovers in Utah are a series of procedures that target different parts of the body. Timing is crucial here—moms must be certain that they are not planning to have kids anymore; otherwise, the effects of the procedure will be undone. It is a procedure one must go for if they want to experience lasting effects. If you want to know more about the procedure, here are some of the things that will give some insightful explanations.

 On the Procedure

As mentioned, mommy makeovers are usually a series of procedure conducted to help lower costs and maximize recovery time. The mixes and matches of the procedures depend entirely on the goal of the patient. More often than not, mommy makeovers can be a combination of the following: tummy tuck, arm lift, breast lift, breast implants, and liposuction. Some patients even choose one, as they believe that it is just what suits them. You are not supposed to undergo everything. You will just have to pick the ones you think you need.

For mothers who want to reclaim their pre-pregnancy shapeOnly for Mommies?

Despite the name of the package, mommy makeovers are not just for mothers who want to reclaim their pre-pregnancy shape. So those who just want to stay fit and do something to improve their body can actually undergo the procedure. But before you undergo the procedure, you will have to be firm with your decision. Your surgeon will ask you a series of questions to help you decide. Furthermore, it will help to consult your physician to understand how your body can cope with the new changes.

Understanding the Recovery Phase

The recovery from the procedure will depend on the number of procedures you have undergone. It will also rely on the activities and things you engage in post-surgery. So as much as possible, do not engage in strenuous activities. You will also need to maintain good health through proper diet to speed up recovery time.

Reclaim your confidence. Feel good about yourself. Consider undergoing a mommy makeover. Such a procedure is something that will make you realize that you always have the chance to strengthen your self-esteem and cultivate a healthy sense of beauty. See to it that you will only work with reliable surgeons.
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