Tips for Being a ‘Cool’ Mom Even in the Summer Heat

There’s nothing like the summer heat that wilts everything from your hair to your energy, especially when you’re a mom doing double duty keeping yourself and the baby cool. Not only do you want to stay cool, you also want to look cool while doing it. In this article, you’ll find a few tips for staying cool, looking cool, and keeping you and your little one safe in the extreme heat of summer.

Turn on Those Fans

Whether it’s in your home, in the backyard, or out with the baby in her stroller, fans can go a long way toward keeping you both cool. The heat is dangerous for a baby, so it’s best to keep them as cool as possible on your walks. listed their top stroller fans here for mothers to be able to choose only the very best for their bundles of joy. These fans work to keep your little one cool no matter where you are. As for when you’re at home, turning on those window fans will go a long way toward keeping Mom and Baby cool in the heat of the summer as well.


Dress for Coolness

While it could be tempting to dress in jeans and a T-shirt when out and about on a hot summer’s day, you’re better off dressing to be cool. You can look great in a nice pair of tailored shorts, a nice tank top and a pair of chic (and comfortable) sandals just as easily. Better yet? Wear a cute sundress. You do want to be careful once the sun sets, however, since it might get nippy in some areas. Make sure to take a blanket for the baby and something to cover your own arms. A ruana is perfect for those chilly nights or even for an early morning stroll with the baby. A ruana is similar to a poncho, but lighter. Ruanas are cozy enough to wear even in the summer months.

Shed Those Socks

Opinions vary on this tip. Some people swear by cotton, breathable socks to keep them cool, while others swear by no socks at all. The choice is yours, but shedding those socks in favor of flip-flops or going barefoot seems to have its advantages. Going barefoot helps your feet from getting sweaty, which in turn helps you from getting hot. Make sure that you put shoes on before you head out on the town or to take a walk around the block with the baby.

Put Up that Hair

Long hair is amazing, but during the summer, it’ll feel like it’s giving you a heatstroke. Of course, you don’t want to cut it, because winter will come again. Instead, purchase some barrettes, and fashionable hair ties to keep it off your neck. You can find bows, ties, and other accessories to match any of the summer outfits you have.

Stay Hydrated

One great way to stay cool and look cool during the summer is to stay hydrated. The more water you drink, the cooler you’ll be, and the better you’ll look. Not staying hydrated is not only dangerous, but it’s also bad for your skin. Make sure that you and your little one stay hydrated during the summer months, so that both of you are safe and happy.

These are just a few of the top tips out there for staying cool and looking cool doing it as a mom. Remember, it’s extremely important for you and your baby to take every precaution when out and about during the summer months. Dehydration and sunstroke are no joke and need to be taken seriously.

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  1. Great tips. We use a fan on our deck. It does double duty. It keeps us cool and it helps to keep insects away as well. And let just say, there is nothing better than a cute and comfortable pair of flip flops. Thanks for sharing and for co-hosting at #omhgww.

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